Amna Ilyas: The mysterious beauty of the fashion industry

      Amna Ilyas do not just go into a space: The progress in the cafe with a long-legged, playful grace reminds his podium, the interestedly to change more than a few glances in his direction. His own view is cold, blind view of practice to deal with the model by ignoring attention. She throws him the keys on the table, said hello in this world, hoarseness, but find that we are in a Non smoking area and made me go to the smoking area when it turns away.

If I was worried about this interview today, I'm really petrified. I spent hours last night to discuss what to wear today and I wrote a list of impressive issues but that will be enough? Ilyas may still be not a concept, but with titles like "Queen of Couture Pakistan" and "Best Pakistani Model" is paid to them, the likely change soon. It overflows on the big screen this year, alongside the legendary Naseeruddin Shah in his first film come Zinda Bhaag. A favorite with any fashion event, Ilyas was for the best model in the next Lux Style Awards and who has seen his leg on the podium or ask for a meeting to say why nominated. His talents as a model endorsed by the famous fashion photographer Fayyaz Ahmed said: "Ilyas is a model that I did not think twice before working with, it is just in front of the camera quickly and professionally!"

Between pulls on a cigarette briefly after another, she talks about her experiences in the fashion industry. Like most models, Ilyas began her career when she was a teenager and now, at age 22, became one of the most sought after models in Pakistan. His irresistible call "Naughty but Nice" made him sexy must-have model for designers such as HSY and karma. His legs are thin celebrates its USP, as well as their properties, carved dark and something indefinable in his attitude. Make a bold, sexy unconventional. radiates While boys are ga-ga over pink cheeks, is charmed desi-girl Ayyan, urban style Ilyas a fan of women who immediately understand his sense of mode.

Today she is wearing faded jeans and a white T-shirt soberly presented his toned body and tanned skin. Ilyas already causing a stir around the coffee and our table is more than its fair share of attention. She speaks with animation itself with exaggerated gestures and I can not help but wonder how a model of this size can be ... relax! During our conversation, I realize it's just another twenty-something, but with a seemingly exciting as the dominant investment bank and medicine, most of us opt for actual work. "I get ghoomofy much!" She said when I asked what she loves most in the modeling. "And you know, Well, models are still a lot of attention," she added with a wicked laugh.

A natural to be in the limelight, she is confident and sure of himself, undaunted by the media. She grew up in the shadow of his older sisters Salma and Uzma, both himself remained models of success. "I do not pay attention to the media, I do what I do for myself," she says. I think it is reasonable to conclude that it is simply one of those that attract a lot of attention and looking forward. Secrets glances our way is not yet subsided, but the shot Ilyas field., She jokes and laughs and sharing unfit to print stories, but she keeps quite.

This can only be the limelight, she enjoys, but Ilyas had developed a passion for his craft. I am shocked to learn that they made no free time during the past three years, with no intention to do so now, either! Between shoots back-to-back shows and travel, it must be a workaholic, I ask you. "No table Yaar," she says, waving his hands as if my claim to remove. "I like to relax it, but my career is my priority. Besides, I really, really fun because my hair," she jokes.

But that's not spoil what led to Ilyas modeling. His success is to his close friend, Aakif Riaz which are attributed discovered and brought to market. "Shuru my I never really want to model. Aakif But one day took some pictures of me and showed a designer aur bus, that's how it all began. Thanks to my sisters, I knew that already work." While they were your inspiration I wonder who she laughed. "I am my own inspiration," Ilyas seems really mastered the art of mixing business with pleasure, have so much that it's hard without the music and prefers to shoot inside. "But Kabhi Kabhi shoots very boring. Like once, I cried to the lighting guys, because they were lazy and not doing their job right. Sab ka ho Raha tha waste of time!"

It reminds me that the time has already expired, and we must accelerate next appointment Ilyas host: a martial arts class, which she says is a great stress buster. I was made aware of his penchant for punctuality and professionalism before, when they criticize other models too late for shoots, tantrums and do not take their work seriously enough. For Ilyas, there is a lack of training and they never behave "badtameezily" to wait! To appreciate the dichotomy of his character I started: It is a combination of reckless indulgence with an ethic of hard work. Ilyas working hard, but party harder. She likes things in their own hands, to the extent that they would rather wash the dishes themselves set as a housekeeper! This child of 21 Century is not afraid to speak her mind and unapologetic about how she could speak, said that "if someone is an idiot, I will not hesitate to sunaofy."

Unfortunately, this kind of courage is not always a good sign in the showbiz industry and can lead to slander and libel. "She is known to be a bit of an attitude problem," says Umer Mushtaq, a fashion editor to freelance. "But I have not known personally for her student days and I've never met a young model professional and hardworking., It is very authentic and simple. Drama No, no ... nakhray SiRF Mehnat.'s No wonder that every designer wants! "

With confidence, ambition and Ilyas sparked massive success in his short career, you might think she's ready for life, but in reality it is also confused about his future in the average of 20 something. I learn about their vulnerability and anxiety as a person and his immediate reaction was "Shaadi" made In my head, I laugh at the image of his children while juggling her with makeup. "I do not know if I can handle bachay wachay, but I'll try it!" They are. "I can not be a model forever, so I decided to focus in this way. Career tau bana liya hai but ultimately I want to live a quiet life with a husband hen," she says, and I can not help but feel a little surprised . She feels my reaction and she said quickly. "Kya Karoon ... I'm a total romantic as well!"

For now, the main concern of Ilyas still work. She thinks she currently lives the peak of his career and shows no signs of slowing down, at least until they give something back to the industry that is as much to him. "Modeling is still a taboo in Pakistan and people are worried about it. But I to change that and they see it as a respectable profession and promote a positive image of Pakistan they want!" As a final note, I asked him some advice for girls who want a career in the fashion industry and she paused for a moment, as if giving memory of his own time as an entry model. "It's important to do your homework and learn the ropes. Gandagi hoti hai magar har Jaga should stay away from him. It is very easy to fall victim to exploitation, if you are not careful," she advises.

How Ilyas gets to go, I feel a twinge of envy and can not help but compare myself to her. Not many people are blessed displayed with the kind of energy and raw passion of Ilyas. It is enough that this girl is on fire! This is perhaps the first time I heard of it, but I can assure you it certainly will not be the last.