thousands to the concert highlighting poverty NYC

Neil Young, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters and others drew thousands who turned out Saturday night draw for a free concert in Central Park, to draw attention to global poverty. Called the festival of world citizenship, the concert also featured K'naan, John Legend, and Band of Horses, with performances by Young round off the evening. Video of the event was the world than about 60,000 music fans crowded Great Lawn Park, Manhattan sparkle behind them. Prada Wallets Legend has a surprise appearance, playing a song "Imagine" on the piano on stage, just a few steps from the author of the song, John Lennon lived. The five-hour show was a mixture of tight games strip, about an hour each, mixed with videos and information on speakers global poverty related problems such as infant mortality and polio. "It's good to be here," Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl told the crowd during a break between songs like "Learn to Fly"'' Best of You "and" My Hero ". Grohl, and other members of the Black Keys Young stepped on stage for the finale anthem "Rockin 'in the Free World." Hermes Birkin 42CM Handbags The concert was to place around the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York to take this month and organizers have used an innovative approach to the distribution of tickets, so many concert goers were forced to a range of global issues, information about get a ticket. All those who want free tickets had globalcitizen.org, then the view of the user videos or read about issues related to poverty register. Any material time was consumed, the user points to a drawing for tickets to earn. Points accumulated by the exchange of information on Twitter or Facebook. "Our social media campaign was off the charts," said Hugh Evans, CEO and co-founder of the Project on Global Poverty. The approach demonstrates a new model for digital tools that can be repeated for other major events with political and social messages exploit. According to the organizers, more than 71,000 people had registered online, which more than 3.5 million page views. On average, they spent a little more than six minutes on the content or the exchange of information to consume. Nearly 200,000 pieces of information are shared on Facebook, and only a little more than on Twitter. Some 170,000 people have signed petitions site, and there were 98,000 video views to the end. Evans said the project has achieved its objectives, in the past year to more than 100,000 people to take action in the context of extreme poverty to take while telling a new story about the challenges. To this end, the website will send detailed information in the literature, such as accounts and uses a series of videos, images and stories that are respectful of the mobile and digital consumer. Financially, he said, the project achieved the goal of one year - in collaboration with a number of organizations such as the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Rotary International and the Earth Institute - help anchor to $ 500 million pledges fight against poverty. So what? Evans said he hopes the public will be built online concert, continue their efforts tweeting President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney to halve extreme poverty by 2015, which. The key UN fight against poverty target Evans and works on a display in October or November on "a great rock band" with efforts to combat poverty engage.


Why luxe brands now favor Manila

One afternoon last week, coincidentally, we went to the Louis Vuitton Greenbelt 4 and found that the shop grumbled, most buyers appear pocket milling bar near the entrance where the second installment of Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection. We could not help but hear the middle-aged shopper, checking a bag Neverfull collection was saying, it is to buy them as a gift in December. The commercial agent warned, however, that this kind of Christmas can. (It is true that if the global popularity of the collection is anything to go by.) Chanel Caviar Bag We do not have to see if the SA sold. But we lingered long enough in a nearby coffee shop to see other buyers pass toting large brown bags French luxury goods. Some had several bags of shopping malls Greenbelt other. It made us think: Principles of luxury brands not kidding when they say they have the greatest confidence in the Philippine market, there is a market. Not surprisingly, new brands, mid-range to high-end, only left and right. At the launch of the Bulgari Serpenti jewelry this week, trading agents milled around the former celebrity couple, the woman tried on pieces from the collection. We heard his flatter her ex by buying something. It is one of the most successful entrepreneurs around, and not just do not need anyone, let alone a former buy her jewelry in the price of seven to eight digits weak. But this pair is an anomaly among exes, they remained friends, and, yes, he was known for his gift of jewelry.

Louis Vuitton logo risk of fatigue Chinese flavor ripeness

Luxury goods in China beginning makers have long relied on to grab the consumers of this $ 1,000 handbags and other expensive - and profitable - goods. Now Chinese tastes in a way that the brands that have the most aggressive in the country expanded develop can hurt. In addition to Louis Vuitton (TM) bags, wallets Gucci, Omega watches and towns from flooding, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the consumers can easily avoid products with the logo in favor of alternatives are more pronounced. Prada Cosmetic Bags "As the luxury industry grows, the Chinese are getting more sophisticated about the products they buy," said Fflur Roberts, global head of luxury goods research at Euro Monitor in London. "It's not just the look of bling." The transition to products less visible and often more expensive in Europe and the United States happened after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 2008 Brothers, the tooth can grow Vuitton and Gucci, which until recently, more than half of the luxury sells handbags in the world's second largest economy, HSBC estimates. Store sales of luxury brands such as niches Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent, of Paris-based PPR SA belongs is expected to almost triple to increase over the industry average this year, a growth slowdown Economic takes its toll on demand for, HSBC. Cheaper bagging such as New York-based Coach Inc. (COH) may also benefit the increasingly demanding consumers, value for money, the agency predicted. Always spend "Consumers continue to spend in China, but they spend differently," Uche Okonkwo, Executive Director of Paris Luxe Corp Consultant As Chinese consumers said better information on trends become "luxury companies work harder to have to sell that before five years. It is a question of balance. " China's gross domestic product grew by 7.6 percent in the second quarter of last year, the smallest increase in three years and the sixth quarter slowdown. China is the world's fifth largest luxury that. 92 billion yuan ($ 14.6 billion) in sales in 2011, according to Euro Monitor Move upmarket Vuitton, Gucci belongs to PPR (PP) and Burberry Group Plc (BRBY) responded in part by pushing the prices and the introduction of more exotic products such as Gucci shoulder bag and Burberry python £ 6.000 $ 4.100 ($ 9.700) alligator clutch their upscale image . Recent reports suggest sales strategy does not work. Burberry said same-store sales declined since the end of August, adding that Chinese tourists spend less to visit their trench coats and other products from Europe. "We were the first to report a slowdown, but we will not be the last," said CEO Angela Ahrendts said on 17 September after 2013, the manufacturer of luxury British fashion spring / summer in London. Gucci show in September 19 in Milan Fashion CEO Patrizio Di Marco refused to comment on the company's performance. PPR reported third-quarter sales on 25 October. A spokesman for LVMH, which also makes quarterly sales next month, went on sale Vuitton comment. Chinese consumers can represent more than 25 percent of global sales of luxury, HSBC estimates. Fatigue Logo Luxury sales in China slowed, there are more consumers to travel abroad and see the dresses and accessories can cost twice cheaper in European and American markets, as they do at home. Ahrendts and note that keep the change of direction once a decade in China for luxury brands sales slowed as many people on gifts to officials until it is clear to keep that power. Prada (1913), which uses more leather in their collections of Louis Vuitton bags and leaves differ less on the logos can benefit their products, as consumers seek alternatives to Vuitton and others to HSBC. The Milan-based company said yesterday that same-store sales have slowed in the past two months, even if market conditions deteriorate. Vuitton, Omega and other "mega-brands can begin fatigue suffers branded early entry in many markets," writes Erwan Rambourg, analyst at HSBC. "We call this the" first mover disadvantage "of." LVMH shares fell 0.8 percent to € 121.85 after 11:22 on the market of Paris, the third largest decline in the CAC Index 40th PPR decreased by 0.3 percent in Paris, € 121.65, while Burberry fell 0.4 percent in London. Hermes International SCA (RMS) of 0.3 percent. "Standardization" Vuitton has 39 stores in China, while Gucci and Burberry to 54 66th Hermes, which last month raised its 2012 growth target after interim results beat estimates on demand in Asia has 21 branches throughout the country. Prada has about 20th Supposedly ultra-luxury segment - the most expensive goods - Hermes, where the competition is the fastest growing market, outperforming the rest are held until at least 2014, says Bain & Co.


fashion tips with Hali Z: Alexis Fire

Alexis Raich is bright, lively and funny. Perfectly charming, they completely illuminated a room when she walks in. The actress arrives and takes over the lead role of Helen Olsen in the new version of "Helen alone." The film, which is based in Houston, directed by Henrik Poulsen, immediately after visiting the actress, he knew she would be perfect for the role. While the movie was shot, I went behind the scenes to film a look and get the scoop on the personal style of the actress. Here is a look at Alexis coveted basic parts, clothes, his main task, Helen, designed by the head of the wardrobe - Men Liz and influence what style icons style (she likes the classics) - here all the village and actress Alexis Raich . Chanel Bags Outlet Online What is the best advice you will get from the fashion? When I was a little girl, my grandmother told me that "There are three words that every girl should know. Gucci, Prada, and Kashmir" She taught me to take risks, and quality over quantity. What are the basic pieces you covet the most? My go-to basic reciprocal, converse, converse and much more. No girl should be without a nice fun little red dress and a lovely little white dress. How would you describe your personal style? My style is constantly evolving. I'm definitely a free spirit, so it just depends on how I feel that day. My clothes are usually fun, easy, fun twist with outfits brave or crazy. I could dress up in edgy, rock and roll-esque one day and then soft, chic, quirky style others. Whatever stage it may be, I will always strive to vintage nonchalance. Basically, I spend a retro girl-next-door one day one of the boys the next day. My style is very naughty and child. As your character style Helen sell different? Tell us about Helen Olsen-style on the board. My style does not change on the sets because I clock happy with my personal style. I have often seen in my gaming experience for the new style inspiration as I feel my "Alexis-style" because I think it is important how you feel and think. Of course I learned a lot and trying new things, but I think the most important lesson is how we work together to bring a character to life. What is the influence of the style icons of your most important fashion? Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Priscilla Presley, Twiggy, Farrah Fawcett, Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Jackie O and Bianca Jagger. If you give me all the cabinet and mixed her wardrobe, I'd be in heaven.

Paris, With a Slouch or a Sashay

New York seems miles away as the Paris collections, the fourth and final stop of the spring 2013 shows, began in a downpour — a literal one, that is. People
arrived at Rochas on Wednesday shaking like poodles, and left to face lagoons of water in the streets. One woman came prepared with a beige vinyl sou’wester
that matched her skirt. I hugged the sidewalk on the Champs-Élysées, staying under the trees, and got back to my hotel just before it let loose again. I opened a
bottle of red wine.
I found the Dries Van Noten show curious but interesting: mostly for its inky colors and plaids, but curious for its runny silhouette. Dare I say grunge? The
attitude was nonchalant in the extreme, with a sleeveless nipped-waist jacket in a silvery plaid worn with a blouse and a sarong-draped skirt in a floral print,
ruffled chiffon tops mixed with plaid, and wrapped jackets and sleeveless dresses tied loosely with a cord. The wrap dresses, particularly one in a black-and-
white plaid with a rolled-sleeve red blouse, looked striking; versatile, too.
Essentially, Mr. Van Noten took the everyday elements of a contemporary wardrobe (the mix of new and old, masculine and feminine, cozy and dressy) and with a
liberal hand, recombined them. There’s quite a feeling of sleepiness in this collection. Or maybe it’s extreme, private comfort.
Could the cause be fashion overload? The ultimate expression was a pair of print pajama pants worn with a blouse and a soupy gray pullover.
At Rochas, Marco Zanini started out on a sporty note, with uniform-like blouses and miniskirts in stiff white brocade. The models, their lips matte red, wore
face-shielding head wraps and soft leather boots like a wrestler’s. But then Mr. Zanini shifted the glamour to satin pencil skirts with snug tops, followed by
hoop skirts. (Yes, swaying hoop skirts.) Mr. Zanini can’t resist that gust of femininity. Each change in the silhouette, from mini to pencil to petticoat to
sexy full-cut bathing suit, meant, ideally, a change in how a woman moves.

England, Australia fashion crushing wins

Left-arm spinner Holly Colvin picked four wickets as England beat Pakistan by 43 runs in the Women's World Twenty20 Group A match in Galle. Colvin struck in her
first over, followed it up with two wickets off consecutive balls in her second and a fourth one in the last over to return with figures of 3.4-0-9-4. Pakistan -
chasing 134 - had crumbled to 50 for 4 by the eleventh over even before the introduction of Colvin. Offspinner Danielle Hazell prised out Pakistan captain Sana
Mir and then broke a 26-run fourth-wicket stand with the scalp of Nain Abidi before the rest of the batting collapsed.
Pakistan's decision to bowl first backfired as England openers brought up a quick century partnership. Although Laura Marsh was run out after scoring 54 off 41
balls in the 14th over, England looked set for a strong total. But the fall of Charlotte Edwards (45) to another run out helped the Pakistan bowlers get a grip
on the innings and they restricted England to 133 for 6.
"We planned to attack the bowling in the Power Play overs," Edwards said. "I think as the game progresses, we've seen spin play a major part, so before the pitch
wore out, we wanted to get as much as possible."
Mir, who was the most successful bowler for Pakistan with 2 for 20, said: "We did really well to restrict them to 133. I thought we could have applied ourselves
better with the bat. Once we lose too many wickets at the start, it just puts immense pressure on the middle-order. Hopefully we will rectify our mistakes and
look to win the remaining two games, we can only go up from here."

Australia chased down the target set by India in the Group A match in Galle with eight wickets in hand to continue the trend of easy wins in the Women's World
India chose to bat first and despite losing their openers in the fifth and the seventh overs, they were comfortably placed midway in their innings. But India's
captain Mithali Raj was run out on the first ball of the 11th over triggering a collapse. The score turned from 63 for 2 to 73 for 5 in a matter of four overs.
Nagarajan Niranjana (15 off 14 balls) saved India some blushes with a quick 25-run partnership with Mona Meshram taking the team close to the century mark. In
the end, India finished with 104, with Erin Osborne picking up three wickets for 13 runs. Jess Jonassen three-over spell in which she gave away only six runs and
picked up a wicket was also key in slowing India down.
In response, Australia made an aggressive start, putting up 43 runs in six overs by the time their first wicket - Alyssa Healy for 21 - fell. But Jess Cameron
(36 off 32) joined Meg Lanning in a 49-run second-wicket stand in 8.3 overs to bring Australia to the brink of victory. When Lanning was out for 39 to Jhulan
Goswami only 13 runs were required which Australia got without much trouble.
A disappointed Raj later said: "Harman and I were batting really well, but we collapsed once again. One defeat doesn't mean the end of the road, we have to keep
believing in ourselves. We can't sulk about this, surprises do happen."
Erin Osborne, who was declared Player of the Match, said: "I think I was just a beneficiary of some fantastic work done by the other bowlers."


China’s Leadership Quandry for Luxury

  This is a difficult time for luxury brands in China. Sales of jewelry, an indicator of the health sector, fell by 56% compared to the annual growth in 2010 to 45% in 2011 and 16% so far this year. One reason is of course the economic downturn. Another: The transition once-in-a-decade executives from China - at the party in October.

<a href="http://www.myluxuryoutlet.org/chanel-outlet-c-1.html">Chanel Bags Outlet Online</a>

Give that oil the wheels of the economy represents about 16% of luxury sales in China, according to estimates by CLSA. The leadership transition, the ripple below. Of the top-level decision-makers at all levels of government, which has thrown into confusion A seller of Beijing-based importer of luxury goods, saying the Wall Street Journal summarized the main problem in the industry: "The sales are down, because no one knows who to bribe."


Elmgreen & Dragset in the Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison, London

  Louis Vuitton has approached the artists and friends Wallpaper Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset * bring something smart - and disturbing - playful exhibition space on the first floor of her house in New Bond Street.

The exhibition of new works by Elmgreen & Dragset are "Omnes Una Manet Nox" (One Night awaits us all), a king-size bed dominates with a golden vulture on one of the bedposts decorated to dive ready, we assume that if the residents wired slides into a deep sleep, a rocking horse for the runners on, a wall safe with dynamite, apparently taken from the arsenal of Wile E Coyote and a nest egg of gold.

Scandinavians London, based in Berlin, have also come up with a playlist for the Tablet-curator of the exhibition at the Librairie Louis Vuitton. And while the exhibition will store employee is in the central bed, read bedtime stories of actors and writers.

A small version of the "Powerless Structures Fig.101" sculpture, Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth artist produces - sponsored by Louis Vuitton in place until next summer - installed in the lobby of the store.

Louis Vuitton a lasting relationship with the duo, and they took this summer, Louis Vuitton Young Arts Academy summer project workshops and to travel outside. Junior Elmgreen & Dragset sculpture Fourth Plinth took as inspiration for their own pieces of art in public spaces, showed in various locations in London.

The display home runs concurrently with an exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery. "Harvest" offers a series of what look like white paint, but turns out to be wall elements (real and skillfully peeled paint) some of the best galleries in the world are white, including the Guggenheim in New York and London Hayward.

Meanwhile, they have relative newcomer to every dark fantastic floor, turning it into a barn with hay on the floor, which means rustic other vultures. And part of what looks like a lightning-national commission a work, "But I'm on the guest list too! 2012" is on show at the Liverpool Biennale 2012 until 25 November.

Dead Authors at Fashion Week: Part 4

You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino’s review of Miuccia Prada’s new collection for Spring/Summer 2013. Relax. Concentrate. Close out all other

 Internet windows. Set your Gchat status to Busy. Tell your friends right away, “No I don’t want to chat with you about the UN General Assembly right now, I am

 reading about fashion!” Type it in all caps—they won’t know that you’re yelling otherwise—“I AM READING ABOUT PRADA’S SUBVERSIVE FLOWERS ON COATS!” Or if

 you prefer, send them a GIF; just be like: here.

 Find the best “I’m reading” look: glasses and some heritage denim, anything heather gray with spots of paint on it, or a navy blue pea coat with a neon

 beanie. You can even work in some tweed, naturally.

 So now, you’re ready to see what Mrs. Prada has up her sleeve for this season. Just how exactly has she managed to intellectualize boxy dresses this time? It’s

 not that you expect anything in particular from this particular review. You’re the sort of person who, on principle, no longer expects to feel something when

 they look at clothes. There are plenty, younger than you or less young, who live in the expectation that H&M’s Prada derivative will deliver the same

 extraordinary experience as the real thing. But not you. You know that the best you can expect is to find some good vintage with a similar silhouette, for

 Miuccia to do a collection for Target, or for the day to arrive when wardrobe credits are awarded in society based on intelligence.

 But you’re still following the collections and you noticed that a review of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Italo Calvino appeared and you clicked on

 the link to read it. Good for you. Perhaps you wondered whether the author felt a kinship with the designer, given that they are both communist-leaning Italians.

 Very astute. Or maybe you thought a writer of great fiction has nothing to do with wonky coats and his voice should not be forced upon this subject. But then you

 go on and realize that you really, really want that wonky coat and that though you thought Prada was for Movies in Which Anne Hathaway Works at a Fashion

 Magazine or Shows You Forgot To See at The Met, it is beautiful nevertheless, and it’s the fashion itself that arouses you; in fact, on sober reflection, you

 prefer it this way, confronting something new and not quite knowing yet what shoes you’ll wear with it.

10 Reasons why High Fashion is Beating Streetwear at its Own Game

One of the main trends that we have been witnessing in recent years is the steady move of high fashion brands into the streetwear market. Entire brand relaunches

 have been based on it, with Givenchy maybe being the most prominent one. When talking about streetwear, we do not mean denim or leather jackets, we mean bold

 graphic t-shirts and attention seeking sneakers. When a few years ago high fashion was exclusively known for premium materials and proper cuts, today things look

 a little different. Their graphics have become very interesting and their expertise in fabrics and special treatments is obviously also adding to the appeal  of

 their products. Givenchy, Christopher Kane, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs producing all over print tees is nothing new anymore. Margiela and Louboutin making solid

 sneakers that might actually get more eye balls than the latest Nike Dunk is also routine at this point. Has the consumer changed, has streetwear not been able

 to defend its own territory or what else could have caused this change?

 One thing is for sure, after we have seen extremely bold moves in streetwear from brands like The Hundreds, 10.Deep, A Bathing Ape and others in the 2005-2007

 period, with the crash of the global economy, everybody focussed again on more timeless and quality garments. Maybe this recent trend is the follow-up to the

 extreme simplicity that we have witnessed in recent years.

 Here below we have worked on 10 reasons that we believe make High Fashion beat streetwear at its own game at the moment.

 Credibility – Because of their expertise and history in the high fashion industry anything that the High Fashion labels create can only be the best.
 Quality – The High Fashion brands have a greater range of possibilities to work with the highest quality fabrics and the best manufacturing facilities.
 Designers – Pulling great designers from everywhere with promising career possibilities for most reasonable payment the High Fashion brands have the best

 sources of fresh, skilled, best educated designers.
 Innovations – Working with newest developements also in the scientific area High Fashion brands can afford to research and use new inventions to optimize

 fabrics and give their collection items new aspects.
 Collaborations – Because everybody wants to work with the top designers, there are never ending options of collaborations with brands, labels and artists always

 creating new special editions.
 Independence – Not having to rely on retailers because the High Fashion brands mostly have their own stores to sell the products they are independent to take

 their freedoms.
 Difference – Sneakers have become so common and widely accepted in society that they are worn by the masses. Unique in this environment is who differentiates

 himself by wearing a sneaker that is not mass produced.
 Communication – Having the resources to commission huge campaigns to advertise with testimonials that draw highest attention and have real credibility.
 Exclusivity through availability – The demand for High Fashion is higher than the availability. Often the brands release less quantity that is exclusively to

 purchase in their own flagship stores.
 Exclusivity through pricing – The high prices for those High Fashion brands are often higher than the usual customer can and regularly afford which creates an

 even higher desire for those items.
 Let us know if you agree or if you do not agree in the comments!


Paris Fashion Week: Festivals and Exhibitions

  Tuesday, Paris hosts the final stage of the International Fashion Week. This season, the city has a range of 94 feminine fashion shows. Chanel reveal, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Dior their most anticipated spring-summer 2013 collections alongside avant-garde label Stella McCartney, Céline, and Viktor & Rolf.

In Paris, says the old adage that leopards do not change their places rings true. However, this season will see two fashion houses brain a change of identity. Yves Saint Laurent has turned into "Saint Laurent in Paris." The "Yves'-dropping debut had the idea, Hedi Slimane. Fashion Designer, who is leaving five years ago on October 1 Saint Laurent.

YSL is not only to refine the label. Changing the name was also on the agenda for the ready-to-wear Lutz. The brand is now known as Lutz Huelle. Unlike the competition (Saint-Laurent), the decision of the Germany-born designer has nothing to do with the break with tradition. The designer has his name in an attempt to anti-counterfeiting at least make his creations included copies. Movement, only time will tell ...

Akris fashion house Chloé and are set to steal the show as they celebrate big milestones this season. Their shows are among the most exciting events of the Paris Fashion Week. Simple chic label Chloe is toasting its 60th Birthday. Attitudes, a retrospective fashion at the Palais de Tokyo, in addition to performing Clare Waight Keller third runway and runway for the brand.

Swiss fashion house Akris, the present his S/S13 collection celebrates on Sunday, 90 years of fashion design with a beautifully illustrated book. Akris Fall 2012 by author Valerie Steele this minimalist approach to luxury label with a look at the latest collection of Akris, Albert Kriemler.

This season, the price (s) is for the most eccentric place Anthony Vaccarello, Alexis Mabille and John Galliano show. Three designer brands present their visions for next spring at one of the highest and peace of Paris - City of Fashion and Design. With its striking glass and steel green and spacious rooms, bathroom riverside has a success with the likes of Manish Arora and Felipe Oliveira Baptista, but Balenciaga and Comme des Gar?ons, the subject of an exhibition, the 7th to the Will take place in October.

Fashion Week Milan summer fashion should be fun

  Eyes were clear and the message for the next summer in Milan was very clear: Fashion should be fun.

Many designers showing spring-summer collections during Milan Fashion Week makes extensive use of transparent materials. But rather than go straight to sexy, the effect was often an optical illusion, so that no less hard on the eye longer.

Check out the latest photos here.

Missoni at a body shape tube dress in brand models label was worn under a sheer organza dress large, whereas pure purest Blugirl layers create a romantic effect to cover without really.

Prints and graphic patterns have sprung up everywhere, with floral happy most ubiquitous. The color was important, green apricot, sea foam, powder pink, blue and earth tones in the background. White and black are perennials, but not dominate the show.

The kaleidoscope of colors uplifting - and the widespread use of ribbons, ruffles, beads and sequins - might seek a rebellion against the Creator of the European financial crisis and an invitation for women on the bright side of life.

"Basta (fairly) dull colors!" Lavinia Biagiotti said, who runs the label with his Biagiotti 'Queen of Cashmere' mother, Laura. " We need anti-vibes-crises, and why not start with what we wear? "

The designers do not dictate, a hem that women the open field. They seemed more interested in the figure above, the rich often loose and adorned with pleats, ruffles and embroidery. Diversity was also felt in the trouser department: Gauchos and buccaneers, palazzo pants, pajamas and cigarettes, and even the occasional hot pants.

The big trend in shoes high heels sandals attached to the ankles. In a small bend of the season, the combined Ferragamo high heel sandal with a boot on his knees.

Bad news for hairdressers, the look is long and straightforward. There were a few hats, but many bands and scarves hand.

Asia has provided inspiration for many designers available - if it was a stylistic homage or a nod to the importance of new markets for luxury brands, was impossible to know. Prada deconstructed kimono, obi belts developed built Aquilano Rimondi and Pucci embroidered dragons, tigers and snakes on chiffon.

Prada, already widely acclaimed designs for next season, Fashion Week ended on Monday in the first half profit by 60 per cent over the previous year, mainly in Asia, but also tourists visiting Europe. This is a net gain of € 286 million ($ 370 million) on a turnover of € 1.5 billion (U.S. $ 1.94 billion €)

The fashion caravan now moves to Paris, where French designers show their summer ready-to-wear to fabric.


Roberto Cavalli closed the door of the Milan Fashion Week with a show that had nothing to do with his sexpot exaggeration brand.

2013 The Florentine designer spring-summer collection opens with a series of white chiffon outfits combine with leather cut like lace, which set an elegant look for the rest of the show.

White leather lace pants are tight but looked classy not trashy.

A number of costumes were also observed finely printed silk, loose trousers or skirts matching jacket with a distinguished extra-long in the same impression. The flowers (mostly jungle) prints in light green, pink, apricot and times to come, and were mixed with striped and spotted animal prints. However, the effect was clear, instead of the usual sexual innuendo of jungle quotes.

It was quiet, and in a range of clothes inspired negligee. Despite their types of embroidery and lace alluring innocent models walking on the runway that never crossed the line of sexy vulgar.


Let Dean and Dan Caten go higher.

Canadian twins behind the DSquared2 label, click the "excesses" of the Spring Summer 2013 women's collection, which was four pieces of black biker chic and part of the ruffles and ribbons. The surplus was draped particularly strong on accessories, with gold chains and beads around her neck a dozen models.

Bare legs at the heart of most outfits were, whether the game baring hot pants, mini dresses or even micro-minis small enough to be mistaken for belts. The looks were paired with leather sandals or boots with high heels for maximum sex appeal.

Collection reached with a dress fit for Alice in Wonderland Queen of Heart. Mini on the front enclosed, the dress over-sized square-wave train purple and black ribbon area. A wide range of ruffles at the bust in this solely for sculptural creation.

"Unapologetically sexy and glamorous with rigor," the twins wrote in their Notes mode. "Nothing exceeds like excess."


The design team of Federico Piaggi and Stefano Citron presented her third start and runway collection for the label since taking over last year. The company has experienced a number of difficult design since the sudden death of its founder in 2007 Gianfranco Ferre.

Their new collection has been scores of Asia, including a strapless embroidered snakes and maximum Obis mini dresses. Short skirts and asymmetrical quilted measure were combined with white shirts - a clear reference to the style of the late founder.

The new owners, the repeated Dubai-based Paris Group to keep its commitment to the base of the fashion house in Milan -. Although the seat theater and no longer on the label belongs, but the brother Ferré


Emmys 2012: Red, red carpet

Ladies in red. Tendency to fall season ox blood red, seems to affect the Emmy red carpet. I love the sleeves Mayim Bialik deep burgundy dress Pamella Roland, but they have really hot. And then there's Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a classic beauty, color merlot silk tulle Vera Wang mermaid dress with ruffle accents on the bodice. And Tina Fey is wearing a strapless bodice with dark burgundy detailing Vivienne Westwood. Ginnifer Goodwin, but a Monique Lhuillier dress with a high-low hem is my favorite so far, because it is so unusual. It is made of nude tulle flower embroidered organza orange flame. Hot stuff.

Sharon Stone Chairs AmFAR Gala After Fashion Show Fainting

Bringing fashion and fundraising together for a great cause, the stars gathered together on Saturday evening (September 22) for the fourth annual amFAR’s Milan Fashion Gala in Milan, Italy. The event, which was presented by Moët Hennessy and held at the Westin Palace, had celebs, models, singers and more slipping into their best ensembles to help raise funds and awareness for AIDS research. Donning the title of Chair of the evening was Oscar-nominated actress Sharon Stone, who welcomed gorgeous faces in the crowd including Jessica Stam, Bianca Balti, Hofit Golan and Solange Knowles for cocktails, dinner, a live auction and performances by fashion industry favorites Theophilus London and Anna Calvi. Almost unable to perform her duties, Miss Stone's Chair efforts followed a trip to the hospital after she suffered a migraine at the Fendi runway show. Explaining the medical scare, a rep told press, “Sharon experienced migraine related symptoms, and we all felt it best that she got checked out before the amfAR event.” “She was examined and given a clean bill of health,” the spokesperson added. “And as she said, wild horses couldn’t keep her away.”


How Downton Abbey has influenced fashion on the catwalk and high street

Who are worn fear of a conspiracy when Downton Abbey is so good to see? Alice Wyllie describes how the historical drama has the gateway and High Street influenced Autumn is often described as one of the most exciting times of the year for fashion enthusiasts. This is when the summer clothes are packed away winter coats are bought and fashion magazines from their large numbers in September. Well, it's another reason to get excited about fall, but Downton Abbey is back on TV. Of course, the dialogue fragile with each passing episode, as the show is ridiculous and discussions plots are best distributed, but the costumes are very evasion clothing at its best. What a lack of substance in Downton, it makes up in style, and it is not surprising that the costume Suzanne Buxton won an Emmy Award for her work on the hit series. The third season, which began on Sunday, launched in 1920 to life, and the clothes were as expensive as the script was stupid. Crawley noble family certainly know how to dress, whether for a hunting party or a wedding (dress of the Virgin Mary was beautiful wedding dress 2012 Royal Wedding). It is therefore not surprising that the world of high fashion for all things Downton gone crazy - with the costume on High Street - which has been covering the period 1912-1920. Fashion bible Vogue has found it to look like one of the major trends this season, said that "the influence of Downton always right", while this week, Grazia its kind reporting on special bumper Downton on a shoot inspiration. "Downton is a phenomenon," says Mary McGowne, founder of the Scottish Style Awards. "Look Collections houses the world's most powerful fashion and designers, including Prada and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton to see penetrates like the style." Prior to her autumn / winter 2012 show was the design team at Prada to the show while Marc Jacobs is also a fan, Katie Grand, editor of Love (recently three sisters Downton on the cover) to communicate with the uber-designer had a picture of the Countess of Grantham great on the iPhone and as casting the stars of the show in their AW12 campaign. In fact, a number of the greatest designers in the world have made Downton inspiration this season. Burberry parade, tweeds and flat caps were common, with jackets and skirts rafters with oversized bellows pockets. Marios Schwab showed the same fall evening dresses for Downton-esque, such as Alice Temperley and Aquascutum, but it was the American designer Ralph Lauren, the most obvious reference to the series. His AW12 collection has been shown that strains the air Downton Abbey theme and featured songs directly inspired by the program. Models wore cloche hats, tweed and Fair Isle Knitting by day and black hat and gold slinky silk dresses for the evening. All this is very Lady Mary. "The reputation of really wonderful style Downton" says McGowne "is that it is accessible to all. Vintage shops are positively heaving with right-off-the-set Edwardiana as those not stretch their budget to designer price tags, while the road not lose time to lace and tweed looks radius. It does not help against those who indistinguishable size zero is desired with the hourglass silhouette Edwardiana, and if it packs the punch of style when worn with maturity, with Dame Maggie Smith Countess case, a widow. " Program relationship with the fashion world was cemented earlier this week when the top stars of the Show Sat. A series of shows at London Fashion Week Joanne Froggatt and Elizabeth McGovern were central Mulberry, while Michelle Dockery was spotted at Erdem. Of course all Edwardiana are a key trend this season are the ladies of Downton, as always, passing in front of the curve and in the third season, as they enter the Roaring Twenties. Tradition, and the opinions of the widow Countess, strong influences and flapper dresses are and breasts are still tied on the screen appear, but we are starting some references Twenties in waves through the fingers Lady Edith see, for example, or a wedding dress of Lady Mary droplet size. It is a time to get a lot of attention this year, is released with opulent Baz Luhrmann's "Take On The Great Gatsby on Christmas, and it's a bit more portable than Edwardiana-up a little more restrained. One thing is certain, what the ladies (and in some cases, men) wear Downton, the fashion world is not far behind. Bad reviews and debate on the Jump the Shark be damned; embarrassing stories, dialog cheese and anachronisms do not care if the characters look so good. A VINTAGE EDWARDIAN It is very good that have Louis Vuitton oversized Edwardian-esque hats for fall, but how can the introduction a little closer Downton in her wardrobe in the real world? Only a third of Downton suits are made from scratch - most are antiques - to buy clothes and accessories Edwardian home is the best way to emulate the look. Vintage shops (try Armstrong in Edinburgh or Glasgow Starry Starry Night) auctions and eBay is the best place to start for an affordable and authentic. However, the high street has picked up on this trend and run with it, with pieces that. Seamlessly into a modern wardrobe Jet jewelery and medallions are subtle cameo in an appropriate manner during the injection of tweed or a cloche looks just for the day. For the evening, drop sizes, beads, necklaces, and even long gloves pure Lady Sybil. As the program progresses through the twenties, we are likely to see a sleek aesthetic flip on the female characters, and you can flapper dresses all over the high street this season, Topshop on ASOS. But why stop with the ladies? Impeccable suits and tuxedos are worn by the male inhabitants of Downton Abbey net equally inspiring. Ralph Lauren still has a pair of Downton inspiration fours besides, if you're particularly brave ...


Jeannine Buford sentenced for selling fake Hermes handbags

  A St. Louis woman sentenced Thursday was up nearly five years in prison for selling fake Hermes handbags online.

The U.S. Attorney's Office Eastern Missouri says Jeannine Buford was sentenced to 57 months in prison and ordered to pay $ 255,500 in restitution.

Buford sold scholarships violation of a manufacturere in China at three sites between January 2006 and October 2011. The sides were www.deluxmall.com and www.hauteexclusives.com www.houseofhermes.blogspot.com.

The FBI conducted a sting operation and told Buford sold a handbag at one of their agents.

Investigators believe Buford has a half-million dollars in sales from March 2010 to April 2011.

Buford pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in June flony counterfeit products. As part of his plea before it foreited a Chevrolet Camaro, 2010, 2012 Porsche Cayenne, $ 5,738 cash and 16 different designer handbags.

fast and forecasts internet training last Inditex

  Fashion lines changing fast and hard online to gain new customers and helped in developing countries Inditex in Spain, detailing the world's largest clothing and owner of the Zara brand, profit forecasts in the first half stroke on Wednesday.

Inditex, the eight premium brands such as Massimo Dutti, Bershka young label and underwear store Oysho works, with net income increased largely by one-third market share gains offset the decline in expenditure home market recession success.

Retailers across Europe mostly angry shoppers disposable incomes due to rising prices, wage growth and austerity measures are being crushed steamed.

But the development of these growth sectors such as online shopping, emerging markets and "fast fashion" - where affordable versions of new types of Gateway stores need in less than 2 weeks - can grow.

British fashion retailer ASOS posted higher quarterly sales and online Wednesday.

"The drivers are certainly there - the rapid deployment of online sales and quickly - but even if it is a spectacular achievement," said Societe Generale analyst Anne Critchlow results of Inditex.

At 1025 GMT, the action Inditex rose 1.9 percent to € 93.84. The stock has risen 45 percent this year, a figure well above the European distribution sector, the. Up 6.6 percent and Spanish blue-chip index rose by 4.9 percent

Inditex, whose founder Amancio Ortega is now the richest in Spain and the fifth rich world to the Forbes list of billionaires, was a pioneer of fast fashion.

The model is copied many times and things are accelerated. Tuesday British chain Topshop mannequins live streaming gateway via social media, allowing consumers to make immediate purchases.

Spanish Zara site has 92 products that are new in this week, including a black lace dress with long sleeves for € 49.95, a black fur coat for € 399 and a bag-shaped box clutch red and black for a price of 49, 95 €.

Emerging Markets and ONLINE

Inditex said it made a net profit in the first half of 944 million euros (1.2 billion euros), suggested a forecast of 905 million euros in a Reuters surveyed banks and brokers.

Sales rose at stores open more than a year by 7 percent since the start of the third quarter to 17 September, he added.

Hennes & Mauritz, the second-largest fashion retailer, said earlier this week of unusually warm weather in Europe dented demand for autumn clothes and led to an unexpected drop in sales in August.

With over 5,600 stores in 85 countries, Inditex plans to open between 480 and 520 new stores this year, many of them in the world's second largest economy to China, where he. Website at the beginning of month

Despite the global market penetration remains low Inditex covered in most countries outside of Spain and Portugal, with first openings in the big cities.

This helped reduce the risk of entry into online sales, simply pull existing customers of its stores.

"Online allows Inditex to customers who can not access the in the vicinity of one of its concept stores," said Critchlow.

Inditex was no evidence of his performance online, but Internet sales could increase growth by at least 2 percentage points, Societe Generale.

Reducing dependence SPAIN

Inditex continues to include a loyal following in their home country, many shopping streets Spanish dominant with its diverse offerings, the Lefties - where shoppers can buy clothes Zara last season - and the most expensive Uterque specializes in luxury accessories.

However, Inditex has its dependence on the domestic market to 22 percent of sales decreased from 26 percent a year ago, the opening of 166 stores in 39 new markets in the first half.

The latest figures for the retail trade for July Spanish 7.3 years showed a percentage fall in a year, have the 25th Episode and falling buyer another blow earlier this month when the government hiked taxes value.

Inditex told analysts during a conference call that it had a market share of 12 percent in Spain, half of the flagship chain Zara. The company never gave details of its market share, but analysts believe that the company compensate competitors such as El Corte Ingles department store and help group, the decline in consumption.

Analysts calculated sales of Inditex in Spain were probably in the first half of the order of 1 percent.

Since Spain entered its first recession in 2008, many independent stores closed, Spanish banks have refused funding.


Bagging a bargain

  IT IS 09:30 ET the queue 20-deep before loading Canadian Cancer Society Charity Irish (ICS) at the Castle St Cork.

The first woman in the queue has been here since 7:00, in the hope of buying two pairs of leather boots. Your friend wants to buy a Louis Vuitton handbag. To be different in the queue for fear once silent inside gazumped.

"It's a free-for-all is here in a minute. I give my dinner for a handbag," said one lady.

Inside the employee by the Managing Director Elaine Corkery are informed. These are the "purse" and sales window "textbooks", which always draws a lot of attention. The bags, which are now on display at the counter of the store look-a-like D & G (€ 70), Fendi (€ 25) Louis Vuitton (20 € - 50) handbags. Sandwiched between them is a hidden gem - an original red leather Hermes Birkin bag (150 €, retail prices are between € 1,000 - € 10,000), complete with gold padlock.

At 10 clock, the doors opened and the women (and two men) tip, gently their bags of choice on the counter pull to save. The lucky few hang several handbags while surfing the rest of the store. A baby is left in his car in the middle of the store while his mother tries to sell books. By 10:07 all handbags are gone, the trestle table was lifted, and the store passed to ping cash.

"All I wanted was a Radley bag, I would have paid anything," says a satisfied customer. Anntho Tshimanga Annie and Congo are with their bags with Chanel and Guess (€ 9.50) forward labels. Lastovkova Eva is on vacation in the Czech Republic and got a Louis Vuitton bag.

Jamie Cullinan has a winter coat women caught red Coast (€ 65) on behalf of his boss. Currently on vacation, she had already been discovered in the window, and asked him to buy for her on the day of the sale. Ensor from New Zealand, Chris had just finished his night shift when he jumped and I bought a tester raw blood pressure in a green leather case (€ 35) as a surprise for his girlfriend doctor.

Martha O'Brien appeared wings of Hermes Birkin bag in a brown paper bag. She joined the queue for five minutes before the store opened, and just plain luck.

"One lady had a bag and I asked him to take it, and she was not, so I did it. I recognized him when I saw him in the window and I called the store a few days ago to see if it would be for sale. I have "a similar black home, says O'Brien.

The department is also busy ledger. Due to study Biochemistry at UCC in October, Wayne Coleman, a textbook for college jumped € 12.50 instead of buying new buy for 100 €. "I was lucky that our list of speakers has its books was early. I saw a few years secondary and post-graduates in the queue," he said.

Another lady supports up pouch with a wide range of courses in psychology books, all greatly reduced. "This is extreme, but we get a certain amount every day," says Corkery who organized a sale themed window every three weeks.

"Fifteen years ago there were people who are ashamed to visit her life, seen walking through the door. Had an element of snobbery have. But one of the positive things that has made the Celtic Tiger in the industry that this is a bit like has to go a laugh and the unusual, vintage stuff. it a destination store, "she said.

During the day, everyone goes through the store, buy a wide selection of products: a candle-making kit, gold cufflinks, curtains, towels, coats men, candle stands, games and baby. A wise man navigates the matching clothes rails, while a journalist appears in his lunch break to buy a book. An elderly woman buying buying dolls for her granddaughter and a woman is a leather belt for her husband. A large deviations from the model type in the store before finally throwing a handbag green leather. Regular customers to discuss with the staff as they make their purchases.

To reassure customers, Corkery is that charity shop should look and feel like any other business. "You do not want the people who come here feel an element of humiliation to her. Should be a pleasant experience, and that is why we have invested in plant and equipment, use cubes of size and does not return old hanger. It will be as close to a normal store anywhere. no body under the impression that it has something to do with poverty, "she said.

While the economic downturn has not significantly affected the profit (in fact, there was a 3% increase in earnings this year Shop ICS) has, the staff had to adapt to the changing needs of their customers.

"The need has never been greater, and there are people who always need to clothe her family and. People are much more selective in what they purchase and impulse buying is definitely a thing of the past. People come up with something specific they need to buy if a winter jacket or update their child's wardrobe. We have our prices are adapted to to help people, "says Corkery, who manages 40 volunteers and three part-time.

"We keep our children's clothing at a very low price, which means that a mother can be a little too mean to sit for a few euros. Afford There are enough cheap products here for everyone," she said.

In 15 hours, there is a temporary break. A young man falls in love with a bag full of good clothes ironed, and it is immediately brought to the floor storerooms. Anything that does not fit or non-portable comes with the freedom of recycling, textile recycling plant and charity in Dublin.

Pat, a volunteer in the department of book re-arrange the books in the window for sale next month. With a selection of books on local and national history, including books by Frank O'Connor, WB Yeats and Maurice O'Sullivan, the showcase of charm collecting requests throughout the day. However, the staff has a strict policy of no price is until the day of your purchase.

"I have people come in and ask how much it would be to buy the entire window," says Pat

"But the staff maintains the integrity of the sale window refuse all offers until the doors open on the day. This is the only way people can be trusted.

"You see people out there looking at the books, and you know that they know a lot about books. Ask if they come in and, you know, you have a plum in the window," said Pat, who is using the Internet and other sources to determine the price of rare books.

ICS relies on public donations and collections van. However, they must now sell to cash-for-clothes shops and collectors of counterfeit clothing for export to the European market to compete. "Our van drivers have been working with us for a long time and people know who they are and tend to her stuff, especially for us. This is mainly due to the links that most families have at this stage of the cancer, unfortunately . But people can sometimes be wrong, too, "says Corkery.

"People are incredibly generous. Literally everything we met a needle to an anchor. Over the years we have had fantastic antiques, old games in China have become highly collectible and regularly gives a lady Armani held to 15 at a time.

"We are very happy, we have the favor of the three possibilities: .. donors, volunteers and customers without any of the three, you'll get nowhere."


Blake Lively gets Hollywood glamor of Gucci

   Having shown a 30-second ad for its iconic fragrance in July imported Italian fashion house Gucci, the coupe version of the Administrator's campaign Gucci Premiere with Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively.

The TV spot, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) directed, was shot in emblematic Sheats Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills. This long version includes images of a desert landscape.

Influenced by Hollywood charm of the old line and inspired by couture house of the same name, Gucci. Premiere perfume top notes of bergamot and orange blossom, a heart of white flowers and musk and base notes of leather and wood


New York Fashion Week: More Popular Than Ever on Twitter

Twitter volume about New York Fashion Week, which ended Thursday, was up a third from Fashion Week in February and double compared to the

 number of tweets sent during Fashion Week in September of last year, according to New York-based social media agency Whispr Group.

 Total tweets numbered above 670,000. It was largely an American affair: 72% of tweets originated in the U.S., followed by the U.K. with 5%.

 Victoria Beckham, who showed in New York for the first time this season, captured the most attention with 17,173 tweets, followed by Marc

 Jacobs, whose livestream was hosted by popular fashion blogger Leandra Medine. Diane von Furstenberg, who surprised audiences by trotting

 Google Glass down the runway, took the third spot above Alexander Wang.

 Beyond Twitter, New York Fashion Week attendees were frequently uploading pictures to Instagram. For every Fashion Week-related check-in to

 Foursquare, 24 images were uploaded to Instagram.

 How was the data derived? According to a Whispr spokesperson, content was pulled in using Radian6, which has access to the full Twitter

 firehose. Analysts built language models to identify content related to New York Fashion Week, then parsed the data into individual themes

 and topics. They then used secondary language models to determine volume and sentiment.

London Fashion: Rethinking Luxury

LONDON — It’s good to see Tom Ford nail down a hot look again. Two years ago he staged a private little show in his New York store, asking

 friends like Julianne Moore, Rachel Feinstein and Rita Wilson to model his first women’s line since leaving Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

 It was a memorable night. Each outfit was a return-to-elegance occasion, as individual as the women involved, and Mr. Ford got a lot of

 press for withholding photos until the clothes arrived in stores. But then last fall he seemed to reprise styles from his YSL days. Editors

 expected more. So did Mr. Ford.

 The collection on Sunday felt completely contemporary, yet still in the Ford glamor mode. The key looks for day were his signature pencil

 skirt or a pair of biker shorts with a minimalist top, fuzzy sweater, or a semi-fitted hoodie. The biker shorts just seemed fresh again —

 thanks to Mr. Ford’s polished treatment. He showed one pair with a matching black crepe-de-chine popover top with black patent-leather

 patches on the shoulders, and gold metallic heels that had been wrapped to resemble wedges. The wedge part was coated in tiny golden spikes,

 like pins on a sewing cushion.

 The evening clothes also had a cool, sporty attitude: long skirts in black or white embroidered silk with deep thigh slits and matching silk

 hoodies. He said the aim was to create a collection around the words chastity and perversity — and to offer a defining Ford look. He

 certainly did that. With so many high-end labels milking conceptualism or pushing craft, he seems to know there’s a need for polished

 clothes that genuinely feel relaxed and a bit undone. Also worth checking out is his new flat shoulder bag in patent-leather and other

 skins. An extra-large one in black patent makes quite a graphic statement. Perversely, it does suggest a Hefty bag.

 Mary Katrantzou also had a good show on Sunday. Her hyper prints seemed more toned down this season as she dipped into the faded colors and

 patterns of postage stamps and currencies, like the old British pound note, that are no longer in circulation. The blues and greens looked

 rich; the shapes were generally clean, with A-line dresses, slim trousers and long, back-pleated vests.

 Marios Schwab’s references included bees, honeycombs, shell patterns and classical warrior tunics. Somehow, he blended it all together for

 a solid show of feathery textures and pleated silk transparency.


luxury products are in high demand

   Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the subsequent global financial crisis, one of the few sectors in the luxury industry has strong.

The demand for luxury goods seemed insatiable - and contrary to the good performance of the market leaders, such as PPR, Richemont and LVMH - especially in the BRIC countries.

However, the results in the last few months were a bit of a slowdown, due to weak growth in China and the collapse of the euro zone continue to catalyze.

In particular, sales of luxury soft cloth, such as ready-to-wear and accessories of leather fell, while the management team in the industry gave a cautious outlook on the long-term sustainability of stellar growth.

Article continues below

For premium luxury brands hard, but the sky is still the limit. While some large companies like Tiffany suffered seem slightly in recent months, the luxury watch and jewelry companies have weathered the crisis relatively unscathed. Some brands that are traditionally used for their clothing and accessories, including Chanel, Versace, and more recently, Louis Vuitton, portfolio rebalancing known in the traditional sector.

Brand sales share 19 percent of global jewelry market, versus 50 percent and 38 percent in leather goods and eyewear sectors. This is what a lot of untapped potential market, especially given the appetite for the "status symbol" consumption in emerging markets.

Industry characteristics have made it easier to isolate from the effects of market volatility. If 2009 saw a drop in Swiss watch exports by 30 percent, the companies have responded by expanding its global network to streamline the retail and wholesale.

The last three years have seen by continuous organic growth of over 20 percent. "Luxury brands Elite drives increased steadily for two reasons," explains Thomas Mesmin, analyst at Cheuvreux luxury.

. "Watch and jewelry is rarely offer discounted prices or affordable lines, uneven wear and accessories collections But more importantly, they are still of the customer as the most portable form of transferable wealth seen in times of economic uncertainty -. Much reliable than stocks and shares "

Stanislas de Quercize, CEO of Van Cleef & Arpels agrees. "Luxury has more drive long-term value luxury soft among the raw materials from which they are made. Generations of prestigious jewelry has been a refuge for the value."

He says customers are more demanding than they were before 2008. "Can you have to be reassured about the quality, origin and ultimate competence. If they seek to preserve the value, then the things that make a big difference. Since we are a brand that offers only the best is to see this as a reassuring sign for our company. "

An important trend is the development of the art of watchmaking and jewelry sales at auction houses.

Larry Pettinelli, President of Patek Philippe in North America, said auction underpinned business brand in the last 20 years. "We have always encouraged their customers to watch through the generations.

"Now they are aware of the passage of time is a value - a space have considerable value when sold 30 years later, the demand from collectors vintage models is huge -. It's a way to make your fortune to enjoy in a way that also to guarantee. "

Pettinelli think this applies only to marks of the heritage industry's luxurious as Rolex and Patek Phillipe them. Protection against fluctuations in foreign markets "The approval of the third vehicle means that the industry is suffering less ups and downs."

Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie high in New York, says that in December 2008, when the world markets were depressed with her most, the industry has seen a turnover of $ 24.3 million Wittelsbach diamond, jewelry ever sold the most expensive house .

Selling gems on the rise since record sales before the accident. Moreover, the size of the company drive luxury Christie has doubled in the past three years: the first half of 2012, sales of watches and jewelery grew 365 million against $ 338 million for the full year 2009.

While the division continues. The same number of parts and a lot at auction every year, strong demand for exquisite pieces, which means often offer only limited, that the prices are higher edges, also

. "The ever-increasing prices - and the willingness to pay to continue - shows how deep the market is," said Kadakia "Buyers simply do not see the value in products, they expressed their appreciation for heritage and craftsmanship."

Inevitably, the influence of Chinese consumers to attract too much attention. The global market for luxury goods is expected that 15 to 20 percent in 2012 to grow. Euro Monitor International has reported that. Chinese watches and jewelery worth only $ 4 billion EUR with a planned expansion regular rate of 17 percent per year until 2017

The sector is particularly strong thanks to a growing middle class buyers ambitious, give a strong cultural trend for gift, and used the popularity of watches and jewelery as objects of trade and political corruption.

Unlike western markets where luxury consumption alpha tends to be an older woman in China, indicated the majority of sales to young men, the ostentatious signs of newfound wealth - thus the popularity of luxury watches.

But. Industry observers have warned that the Chinese luxury consumption should not be affected - or underestimated.

Patti Wong, Chairman of Hong Kong-based diamond Sotheby, said that since the launch of its business unit in 2005, they saw a big change in spending habits and requirements - including a pursuit of knowledge and absolute quality.

"Chinese customers are primarily buyers of investment, with a dip in the market, is this mentality inevitably strengthened. Not only have the prices recovered after the crash, they have far exceeded their pre-2008 peak."

She says the most popular gemstones with first-time buyers are usually white round brilliant diamonds.

"The last two years a very high interest of consumers in China have seen, although the boom is slowing down." Wong says.

"We see the economic downturn, but the gross domestic product by about 8 percent, which you can not see elsewhere risen."

However, some commentators have emphasized the resilience of mature markets. Christie said the majority of buyers when selling € 116m Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry last year came from Europe or the United States and most of the larger companies sales are to customers in the West.

Others argue that there is a movement away from the sales analysis on a considerably from country to country. Regions are increasingly relevant after 2008.

Cheuvreux estimates that China produces 30 percent of sales of watches and jewelry world, Chinese travelers are responsible for over 50 percent of total sales accounted for spending in malls attractions such as London, Paris and New York.

Pettinelli cautious optimism about the outlook for the overall industry. "Many wealthy consumers are reining in spending -. Stand you not when others suffer, especially in view of the elections' s Luxury watch company ultimately never a steep drop ... but we're very happy."

So what lies ahead for watches and jewelery, in the middle of a global recession?

"A kind of slowdown is inevitable," says Thomas Mesmin Cheuvreux. "However, I'm not worried. Twenty percent growth over last year was never be sustainable. I am confident that we will continue to see low double-digit growth for the second half of this year and a good part of 2013.

"Compared to almost all areas of the industry on the other hand, sales of luxury brands drives is thriving."

The fashion world is with companies that have low-end to the sales increase littered. Sometimes it works, and even manages to give a boost to high-end lines, and sometimes he pulls a brand that has spent years building a following information carefully.

With the launch this month of a series of silver jewelry Pomellato Italy, has long been known for its gold and skillfully handmade stone studded creations try his luck with the precious metal lower.

The new line of jewelry as Pomellato 67 to renew the company's founder 45 years ago, will make his debut in the United States in Saks Fifth Avenue stores and Pomellato, then cross to Italy and the rest of Europe in November.

Each room has been compiled from the company's archives - and always reinterpreted handcrafted by skilled silversmiths Pomellato has - the traditional unequal link chains, earrings, bracelets and charms include.

Andrea Morante, CEO and a former investment banker at Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley, said: "gold bracelets or chains that we would 40 years ago today to be difficult, and would be very expensive in this spirit, our creative director, said:." Why not mix, with money as the price of gold is beyond the scope and why the designs that we in the archives of the gold while gracefully, giving them a contemporary feel

"Often, when companies use the money because it is less valuable they are. Less about the absolute quality of production"

But he stressed: "We will keep the quality element that customers who need to ensure we do not lower our standards we would never endanger the reputation of the brand and the niche has Pomellato..

The company, with sales last year EURO138m, 12 percent in 2010, reached its archives in the 1960s, the early 1970s for the new line.

"It was a time of change, and we wanted to capture with the collection of money," says Morante.

"In the world of fashion, Miuccia Prada gave an indication that the 60s and early 70s could return as a fashion or way of being, and 67 fits into this. We are always looking for fashion inspiration."

Since its founding in 1967, Pomellato is positioned somewhere between high-end jewelers such as Tiffany, Cartier and Bulgari and low-end manufacturers.

Appropriate to make the idea behind the creation of Pomellato jewelery was to women as everyday accessories could buy them for themselves, rather than waiting to respond as a gift.

The company has. The map as well as with women who played 65 percent of the customers especially high among high-end jewelers

At the end of 2010 the company began an aggressive marketing campaign by men in the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport that attempts affordability jewelry business is emphasized. Pomellato 67 tried a similar approach in an attempt to appeal to a new type of consumer.

"By raising money, we will reach out to new customers," says Morante.

"Young people may start buying silver Pomellato, and if they feel comfortable with what it represents, can spend gold. And we might also like Pomellato Pomellato traditional customers could buy 67 items."


5 Unique Fashion Website Designs

For many people fashion is more than just a passing interest. It is both a major passion and a part of their daily lives, something that

 they take a great deal of pride in.

 And why shouldn’t they? Fashion is ever changing, exciting and a key element to how we end up feeling about ourselves. Just having a new

 outfit can pep up your mood or day. Window shopping can help us set goals and establish a new look that makes us feel more confident. There

 are many reasons that fashion is as beloved as it is today.

 But there is more to a fashion website than catering to the latest chic. Many graphic designers take their cue from the unique and

 innovative layouts used for these sites. Here are ten of the best right now.

 I love anything that manages to look for trendy and uncomplicated. Which is how I would describe the website for UK fashion shop Paul Smith.

 The center of the page has a single image set with a black background. Half of that image is just darkness, with white text. Beneath it are

 several pages of products, showing off categories that are popular right now.

 Then at the top is a single header with links to everything on the site. Some of these are sections for shopping, and others are for

 contacting or learning about the company.
 Fashion line Prada has always managed to pull of both sophistication and edginess. So their designs are usually somewhere between the two,

 and right now they have opted for edgy.

 The image used as the main background at the moment is even a little weird. The clothing is almost vintage, as is the style of the photo

 filters used. The background takes up almost the entire space, with nothing but a sidebar on the left with the links to the store’s

 Designer The Sak sells shoes, handbags and accessories. All with a kind of earthy feel and rich color scheme. Their website captures this

 simple design process with their layout. The colors are all earthy and mutes, using a pinkish cream and light blue and grays. It almost

 looks like graphing paper. Then in the center is the real splash of color with greens of the the background, and the deep brown of one of

 their products. The link icons are rough looking, like ripped pieces of paper or fabric. It is unique and perfectly suited for their product


See Next Seasons’ Styles Exclusively At Detroit Fashion Week 2012

After much preparation, Detroit Fashion Week is returning with plenty of fashion, style, and glitz for Detroiters to enjoy. Detroit Fashion

 Week 2012 (DFW) will highlight the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2013 while offering new venues and designer showcases.

 Eight years ago, DFW was created to bring Detroit designers, stylists, and models to the forefront, as seen in New York Fashion Week. DFW

 producer and fashion photographer, Brian Heath has put a lot into the fashion event over the years and 2012 will be no exception.

 Brian Heath took some time from his schedule to explain everything that goes into DFW and what guests can expect this year. Heath begins by

 describing all the people involved in delivering a successful DFW.

 “…It’s what happens after the shows that makes the difference for our participants. We work year-round on keeping our alumni participants

 up to date on trends, events, [and] training,” says Heath.

 He goes on to explain, “We place the same demands on our designers, models, makeup, stylists and behind-the -scenes staff that the [public]

 would find in any other domestic fashion week event. Our designers learn how to present to buyers, our models get signed with major agencies

 and have become Miss Michigan, Miss USA and cover models for companies like Johnson Products,” he says.

 Several DFW alumni will be appearing and presenting this year. Dianne Berry and Nikyah Lumbard are among the new designers while veteran,

 Camille Jeanay, who has a line that was in Miami Style Week-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week summer showcase, is among those that will be


 Each designer that’s presenting a collection is presenting work that is being seen in Michigan first.

 “All of our designers must show next seasons spring/summer lines exclusively to DFW, prior to showing anywhere else in Michigan. It’s what

 we deliver to our audience and buyers each year, it is the standard we place on them. That’s what makes all of our showcases different year

 after year. “

 Although guests can expect to see a lot of fashion tradition and familiar faces, this year’s event will be different from previous years.

 There will be various changes and additions to look forward to in DFW 2012.

 Heath provides details behind the changes. “We decided to do the shows with more of an exclusive feel this year as our events are guest-

 listed only and there will be no seating sold at the door of the events. We also moved to venues that meet with our theme for this year

 which is ‘Launch’. Our venues for showcases are the Detroit Yacht Club and The Princess Boat cruise ship.”

 He also shares that showcases have also been modified. “We combined our student shows to present to a more professional audience, along

 with our Designer showcases. We also have accessory showcases this year.”

 There is much to expect and anticipate for DFW 2012. As the event continues to grow, the demand and vision will only become greater in time.

 Heath expresses the goals and focus for the future of DFW.

 “We want to be sure we are always moving the event in the right direction and attracting designers, buyers and press from all over. This

 year we were contacted by F-Politic in London. They cover all of the fashion week and trade shows across the world and will carry our

 designers’ images for this year’s Detroit Fashion Week…” says Heath.

 “We have had great support and hope to attract more sponsors for this year’s showcases and keep our base growing into the future.”

 Detroit Fashion Week will be held from September 23 to the 29. The Detroit Yacht Club Designer Showcases will take place on September 26,

 from 7 pm to 12:30 am. Showcase seating is $35 per person.

 Front row seating is $60 per person and includes a swag bag. The Princess Riverboat Showcase Cruise will be held on September 29, from 9:30

 pm to 1:30 am. Showcase seating is $35 and front row seating is $60 with a swag bag. Premium seating to attend both events are $120. To

 purchase tickets for DFW


Indian designer’s fashion tips for Britney Spears

   International singer Britney Spears, who was on her dressing sense of "The X Factor" co-judge Simon Cowell, wearing clothes that accentuate her curves was criticized suggests, the famous Indian designer Rocky S.

Spears, 30, is said softens have her wardrobe for the show.

Rocky S, the celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and even recently, Beyonce Knowles has disguised said Spears should use his "amazing personality" and "strong position" to take "different kinds of outfits."

"As one of the judges on 'The X Factor', a show that has a lot of success in the world, is, everyone is looking forward to what she wears in the episodes," Rocky S said in a statement.

Asked what he thinks should be the style statement Spears be on the show, he said: "Britney has a great body, and I think they should ensembles that accentuate her features wear smart, casual-colored jeans team with subtle. Color racer-back, West paired t-shirt perfect with a jacket or blazer with peep-toe pumps or wedges or a chic coat can dull sequin short dress with peep-toe stilettos feature glamor. "

"In addition, a one-shoulder dress a soothing color palette along with a pair of heels cooler is an excellent choice. Even a brave-but-not-so-busy print wrap dress with heels needles would do wonders for Britney to do," added he added.

The new season of "The X Factor" began broadcasting on Wednesday in the United States, while in India on BIG CBS Love and Spark will be broadcast first look on Friday.

Katie Holmes Shines at First-Ever Fashion Week Show

Katie Holmes is a strong and fierce single lady!
 On Wednesday, the 33-year-old was on hand for the first-ever Holmes & Yang presentation to be held at NYC's Lincoln Center, part

 of New York Fashion Week. The actress and designer presented the spring collection for the label she shares with pal Jeanne

 Holmes looked radiant -- and not even fatigued -- as she happily met and shook hands with well-wishers after the low-key

 presentation, which was held in a black box setting with very little fanfare at the entrance.
 PHOTOS: How Katie transformed during her Tom Cruise marriage
 Celeb makeup pro Bobbi Brown did the makeup for the show; Holmes recently signed a deal to be the first-ever celebrity face for

 Brown's popular cosmetics line.

The Next Chapter

CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld

 It is not every day that fashion’s French force, Carine Roitfeld, launches her own web-and-print magazine, so you can imagine

 our anticipation for today’s release. Turning a page in her ever-influential career, CR Fashion Book is a culmination of the

 editor’s present-day point of view, which gives the reader direct insight into her world and inspirations through storybook

 spreads, poignant essays and exclusive digital content.

 Properly premiered among New York Fashion Week’s glitzy revels, the glossy publication was beneficially born into the arms of

 the style sphere’s most elite members: Karlie Kloss, Karen Elson, Alexander Wang and first-ever cover girl, Kate Upton. With

 the very notion of rebirth as a central theme, Roitfeld filled the issue with features celebrating beginnings, renewal and

 family; while not what one might expect from the controversial queen, it is no less extraordinary. Get your hands on a

 semiannual hardcopy of CR Fashion Book, then default your browser to its Tumblr-powered counterpart and you will always stay

 relevant according to Roitfeld.

From Chrysler, fashion plates and beards: ZZ Top starts 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition

  Whether with Eminem position behind the wheel of a 200 Eastwood, Clint in a damp or poorly lit tunnel Jennifer Lopez in an imaginary Bronx, Chrysler sought to totems of popular culture since its output link bankruptcy in 2009. This impulse has been given free rein in SoHo Tuesday night, when the manufacturer called a meeting of ZZ Top, Jack Daniels, John Varvatos and GQ magazine under one roof.

A car is also a look.

300C John Varvatos Limited Edition was parked outside the event, Nordstrom Treasure & Bond, Phantom of the tri-black car paint glisten under Klieg lights. In collaboration with fashion designer, a native of Detroit, Chrysler closes a long tradition and not always glorious partner with the car manufacturers that fashion houses for special editions.

Mask from Poltrona Frau, the Italian furniture design and wrap the seats in the sedan Varvatos. And gauges are mounted in the center called, the designer dials.

The inside story of the shop was, but ZZ Top, Mr. Varvatos. "Anyone here have a look at this good-looking vehicle?" Billy Gibbons, glory Cadzilla he said into his microphone. "It makes me want to go and my license."

The band played "Gimme All Your Lovin '," "La Grange," "Tush" and about the event, "Sharp Dressed Man", as well as songs from "Futura", the group is surprisingly tasty blend of new full-length release. He would not be a wise ear to be seen the influence of the group on a number of blues-rock revivalists. At times Tuesday, the only things that seemed to separate to ZZ Top The Black Keys was 30 years old and a hairdresser.

The John Varvatos Limited Edition, equipped with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, deluxe edition - ran a 300C by 3.6-liter V-6 producer - will be sold this year, although the surcharge for sedans over their counterparts with no frills was not disclosed.


Model Carmen Dell’Orefice, 81, Stuns at N.Y. Fashion Week

  Participants at the Lincoln Center New York Fashion Week were treated surprised when Carmen Dell'Orefice, the legendary 81-year-old fashion model took to the track twice a day.

PHOTOS: Celebrities at New York Fashion Week

Dell'Orefice, often referred to as the first working model took the title until Sunday 9:00 caramel dress by New York designer Norisol Ferrari. A few hours later, she knocked on the podium again to strut his stuff, this time in a graphic print design Finnish label Marimekko.

Dell'Orefice was born in 1931. The silver hair American stunner began her career as a model in the mid-1940s, and since the cover of Vogue adorn the age of 15 years walked the catwalks of the world.

Belgian During these two events, Dell'Orefice who has modeled in recent years for Luxury Bag Company Delvaux was Shades of Grey and Rolex, joined by actress and 51-year-old American model Carol Alt.

Dell'Orefice that has been a staple in the world of New York fashion for decades, then photographed with Olympian Ryan Lochte. Swimmer of 28 years said in interviews this summer Olympics it should start a clothing line.

Luxury goods companies feel the heat

  I have already written several times about the growing risks to keep luxury good company shares. A few goodies in the weekend papers advocating the sale without ever clearer.

First, a little story in the Guardian. He noted the case of Yang Dacai official state and its collection of watches - I tweeted about last week. Yang put online in pictures on several occasions, a variety of different ridiculously expensive watches, none of them, he should be able to pay his official salary. It is currently owned by the provincial Party Committee for Discipline Inspection (which does not sound good).

Yang problems are not accidental. It is also a return to the noise Ferrari accident in March, where it is rumored that the son of one of the allies of President Hu Jintao's death. Meet the leaders are now routinely taken out of bloggers evidence for this type of equipment designers could not afford a state salary to live alone.

The result? The government says the Guardian, "has ordered officials to avoid luxury cars and expensive banquets." So it is not just a good idea to keep your propensity for corruption and nepotism advertise through your watches, costumes and cars (see my blog, "Look at me, I'm a thief enemy of the people"), but the government told you to him to take a break. I do not see how these are good news for luxury goods companies in China for its growth.

And it is not only in China, where the likes of Ferrari, need to have their wits about them. The Sunday Times InGear section this week was a little piece of the super sports car and taxes. Regular readers will know that taxes on real estate performance vehicles in Italy has recently quadrupled - now it costs about £ 6,500 a year in taxes to own a Lamborghini. They could not know that the Liberal Democrats were ideas.

Their political leaders, in their strange pauses plan impossible taxes on capital are apparently "plans for a tax on expensive vehicles, which could add at least £ 8000 for a new Ferrari or Lamborghini." It makes sense to keep luxury goods on the basis that many people are getting richer and the rich to pay you more for luxury goods. None of these things are as true as they were.


Warby Parker raises $36.8M to expand fashion eyewear brand

Warby Parker, the hip online eyewear brand, has been one of the hottest stories in the New York startup scene and now it has a big
funding round to go with the acclaim. The company has raised $36.8 million in a Series B round according to a new SEC filing first
noticed by Fortune.
The filing notes that $3.2 million is still left to be sold so the entire round could end up being $40 million. General Catalyst
Partner’s Joel Cutter is apparently taking a lead role in the round and is joining Warby Parker’s board as a director. The
company previously raised a $12 million Series A from Tiger Global and Menlo Ventures’ Talent Fund along with existing investors
First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures and Thrive Capital, who also put in $1.5 million in Warby Parker’s seed round.
The company declined to comment on the money but a source close to the startup said the money will go toward building out Warby
Parker’s footprint as it sells more products, opens more retail locations and expands its marketing efforts. The company has about
100 employees since launching in 2010.
The new funding is a testament to the success Warby Parker has had in in building up a fashion brand. That’s pretty unprecedented
for a company that began online and sells primarily through the mail. Warby Parker excelled with its mix of hip styles, low $95
price point with shipping and its mission to help distribute glasses to needy people for every pair of glasses purchased. The
company has also flourished with its focus on customer service, which includes the ability to try on glasses virtually online or
the ability to get five frames to try out at home with free shipping. That has helped Warby Parker overcome one of the biggest
hurdles for online fashion brands, getting people to feel comfortable about their online purchase.
The company hasn’t put out hard sales figures but it said that in 2011, it gave away more than 100,000 pairs of glasses through
its Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

new york fashion week models google glass runway

The Google Glass wearable computing project has taken its fair share of insults for being too geeky or dorky. Fashion icon Diane
von Furstenberg rose to the challenge during New York Fashion Week by partnering with Google co-founder Sergey Brin to use the
glasses for a runway show. We have her to thank for answering the question: Can some of the world’s best models make these things
look good?
The models and von Furstenberg herself wore the glasses during the show and the resulting footage will be cut into a film that
scheduled for release later this week.
Fittingly, the designer’s Google+ page has shots from the event:

New York Magazine has an interesting write-up from a fashion perspective. Writer Charlotte Cowles, who was previously unfamiliar
with the Glass project, said:
Brin himself was in attendance and apparently made his way down the catwalk with von Furstenberg at the end of the show.
The tech and fashion worlds don’t often collide, so I can imagine plenty of audience members were perplexed by this “doodad”,
while swaths of tech enthusiasts are now on Wikipedia reading up on von Furstenberg.
Photos like the one above don’t give me much hope for the stylishness of Google Glass, but I am very interested to see how the
film turns out. It could revolutionize the way documentaries are made. Though, the revolution probably wouldn’t come cheap, since
the developer costs $1,500 a pair.
The DVF show is bound to generate a fair amount of buzz for the project, but it all seems a bit premature. Google has promised to
get developer pre-orders out in early 2013, and the consumer version is expected to arrive in 2014.


New York Fashion Week Spring 2013: Hailee Steinfeld makes the scene at several salons designer »

So far the biggest celebrity kids we saw at Fashion Week New York, Hailee Steinfeld, of the stage to Erin Featherson took Rag & Bone, Peter Som and sat row with Kate Bosworth at Prabal Gurung on Saturday morning - wearing Prabal new white shown blouse printed with Victorian lace shoulders and shorts collection straight. The actress was very different for every show she attended dressed, not only in the particular designer look. She changed her hairstyle and make-up suitable with any outfit - or makes a stylist. Anyway, it shows a sense of great visual. We saw the beginnings, when she received numerous nominations for his role in True Grit with Jeff Bridges. Erin Featherston in, she wore a fine 1920s-style silver sequin dress size drops, and Peter Som, a beautiful blue lace dress (blue and lace are two major trends autumn). At Prabal she worked for a new spring look eclectic, innocent and strong. Of course, it helped to Nepal designer on the map when she wore her white halter dress at the Golden Globes two years ago. Gurung says that he made a number of shops and buy collections. But it almost did not happen. Shortly before Gurung show at Pier 57 on Saturday morning, Steinfeld, accompanied by his mother, on the dress THR said now famous white halter Golden Globe "I worked with stylist Karla Welch for Globes, and we had a dress all go selected to be ready. But she had a rack of dresses other, so I thought I would try it for fun I did not want one of them, and there was only one left, and I was tired, but my mother said. "Why do you throw they simply see only on order? It can not hurt, "it turned out, the white dress Prabal (Anne Hathaway recently wore a white dress for her first Dark Knight) be -. And the rest is history of fashion seasons. Steinfeld has a number of films in the box - a new version of Romeo and Juliet (with Damian Lewis plays a role), a Song Save Your Life (with Steve Carrell and Keira Knightley) and a comedy called Why We Broke up . f


Fashion's Night Out Freeloaders: An Evening With The Booze Vultures

Do Rihanna techno remixes, drunk teenagers in neon lipstick, honking taxis nearly running them over and 45-minute long lines to get

into stores make you want to go shopping?

If not, be glad you missed Fashion's Night Out, the shopping event designed to make regular people spend money by giving them access to

the exclusive world of Fashion Week for one night. The Huffington Post went to ask some of the thousands of attendees in New York City

what their motives were for attending an event most city inhabitants describe as a "clusterfuck."

"We're following around the booze," said Shannon Baum, a recent graduate, while sipping on a glass of white wine in an empty-ish store

on Wooster Street in SoHo. "I heard they have champagne at the Marc Jacobs party," said her boyfriend Rob. "Maybe we'll go there next."

Free stuff was by far the most popular answer. "I doubt I'll buy anything tonight," said Miranda Meyerson, a teacher, while munching on

free food truck dumplings outside of Kate Spade. "But it's a fun scene. I'll probably not have to eat dinner."

Indeed, for every person with a shopping bag, there were thirty more double fisting plastic glasses of free mystery cocktails or

craning their necks to glimpse the occasional reality TV star. Around 9 p.m., as thick layers of makeup started to sweat away, the

towering platform shoes coated with studs and spikes also came off by the dozen. They were replaced by flip-flops -- or, for the truly

drunk, bare feet. Kevin Sulzer, 20, of Long Island, felt daring enough to try on his friend Emily's five-inch platform boots. "We

always wanted to be on a style blog!" he gushed when I snapped a photo.

Three years ago, when Fashion's Night Out was launched by Vogue US Editor Anna Wintour, brands hoped that it would balance out some of

the extravagant costs of fashion week runway shows and parties by getting normal people out shopping. In its ideal form, the night also

addressed a weird paradox of the industry's exclusivity -- the fact that brands need the ladies from Long Island to stay afloat and

that cool kids who attend insider events rarely cough up for full-price fashion.

But last night, the majority of the people wandering around SoHo appeared to be under the age of 20 -- not exactly a high-rolling

demographic. "I definitely didn't come with the intention to shop," said Vanessa Flores, 19, a student. Her friend Joseph Boose, 25,

echoed the sentiment. "I would maybe have bought something, except payday is tomorrow," he said. "That's pretty dumb of them."

Fashion's Night Out now spans 19 countries, and despite the general consensus in New York that retailers rarely make money off of their

events, there were 900 participating stores in the city this year. Some events had little to do with fashion -- at points, the night

felt less like a celebration of shopping than a chaotic incubator for any sort of corporate marketing experiment, from Ford Fusion

promotions to Vitamin Water trucks.

Meanwhile, some fashion brands made their events a bit less open to the hoards of tourists and teens, enforcing dress codes, creating

separate VIP lines and offering snacks only after guests had purchased something. Perhaps for this reason alone, the circus wasn't

completely without a lacquer of glamour. Where models or celebrities were slated to appear, long lines wrapped around the block.

"I know it sounds corny, but it's weirdly empowering to be in the same room as someone like Karlie Kloss," said Katherin Son, 24, who

waited in line for 45 minutes at the newly-opened Piperlime store where stylist and designer Rachel Zoe would appear. "It makes me feel

like these people are real and that I'm a part of this world."

Google+ Goes Backstage at New York Fashion Week

Google is expanding its New York Fashion Week offerings this season. In addition to streaming 30 shows live on YouTube, a 17% increase

from last year, the tech giant is also partnering with brands to bring on-the-spot Fashion Week coverage to Google+.

Beginning at 1:15 p.m. ET Friday, Teen Vogue beauty director Eva Chen will be hosting a Google Hangout on startup Lyst’s Google+ page

before fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff’s show at Lincoln Center. Between four and five people, all pre-screened, will be invited into

the Hangout to pose questions to backstage makeup and hair artists as well as Minkoff herself. Chen will moderate and also ask

questions e-mailed in to editor@lyst.com ahead of time.

Lyst will host another Hangout at 6 p.m. ET Saturday ahead of Tibi’s show. Chen will again moderate. In addition to backstage makeup

and hair stylists, Chen will also interview Tibi designer Amy Smilovic and Man Repeller fashion blogger Leandra Medine.

Since the Wi-Fi is notoriously bad at Lincoln Center, Lyst will be using an Ethernet connection from IMG to host the Hangout. Google

staffers will be on-hand to help with technical support, a Lyst spokesperson said.

Beyond the live Hangouts, Lucky Magazine editors and outside contributors will be uploading images to a live slideshow on its Google+

Page, and Vogue Paris is creating and sharing short, animated GIFs from Fashion’s Night Out on its page.

Whether on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid references to New York

Fashion Week from now until next Thursday. For a complete guide to following the week’s events online, click here.