weeks after the Paris fashion setting the trend for men's costume Declaration

   The sober suit of the prime minister, president and owner of banks, like Barclays Bob Diamond, chosen seems to be more. Is on the international catwalks this week's message for the spring / summer 2013 loud and clear: The costume is reporting the new fleet.

In Paris on Friday, carried the cult of fashion label Balenciaga showed a suit of bright red tomatoes, in fact, a cotton-silk with white boots loop. Junya Watanabe Spring / summernew collection of pink suits and trousers worn with thick cut checks or shorts.

Ann Demeulemeester, the queen of gothic romance, presented a double-breasted velvet suit with orange sunset. The costume statement was obtained locally in the questions of the trend, since London began in the spring / summer 2013 men's season earlier this month, where combinations were screened key looks for labels such as Jonathan Saunders and Agi & Sat

Last weekend in Milan menswear collection for Gucci opened a green apple with a single-breasted with head-tail-suits in primary colors, including yellow and red.

In Paris, on Thursday awarded the Dries Van Noten show added to a mix-and-match aesthetic, with a gold double-breasted style of modern camouflage shorts.

Backstage at Dries Van Noten, David Walker Smith, Selfridges Director confirmed the purchase, the store would be to buy into the mix next season statement.

He said: "From block color suits to Dries van to see notes in camouflage-patterned jackets or outfits with shorts as worn by Jil Sander, the next season, a game on the costume." The label Sander is planned to produce a version of patterned trouser shorts parades especially for Selfridges.

Bold stitching and print pants are already a flourishing trade in the workshop of the department store this summer. Burberry trousers sold motif, while the elements of the next season, as are combinations of Alexander McQueen check grass successfully.

"More men want to differentiate the business," said Adrian Clark, style director of the short list. "There is serious about town, to be a boy, out of date at the moment is that everything that happens, economically and politically."

Luke Day, fashion director of GQ Style, said the suit look statement was already the case in the High Street.

"When you look at H + M, Topman and Asos, they are awash with color-block-printing and customization. The young trendsetters have already embraced this trend and what influenced designers, not vice versa."

Two trends seem to be united to the forefront of men and the award of public contracts have are buying pants and colored shirts printed bold. Jeremy Langmead, editor in chief of Mr. Porter was wearing a yellow trousers at Jil Sander shows, while M & S recorded at the beginning of this year sales growth of Hawaiian-print shirts.

Printed pants seem to come again. Prada claims included golf pants in their collection of flowers was in progress, while selling stores like Topman, skinny jeans are smart and Aztec motifs.

"There is a renewed confidence in the men's fashion," said Walker Smith, the rise of these audacious fashion pieces that could have possibly taken 10 years ago only a handful of men.

His theory is supported by a recent consumer report from American Express that men Generation Y (those born after 1982) increased their spending on fashion faster than any other generation claimed. He also said that, while men are ordered less frequently than women, on average they spend 24% more per transaction.


Louis Vuitton men get their feet wet and is nautical but nice

  PARIS - Louis Vuitton Kim Jones presents a tribute sent and confident for the active man for spring-summer of 2013.

There was something for boaters, athletes, sailors - and Safari explorers - a collection of eminently wearable and large-scale sporting elegance.

Would it be that Jones, who attempted only in his third race of men as a designer for the house, Louis Vuitton CEO Yves Carcelle, a craft fanatic to impress?

"I think so," Jones said backstage.

What ever the reason it's a recipe for success.

Macs navy navy yellow paired with white pants and boat shoes leather relaxes to a single message is clear: We are nautical, but nice.

A laser-cut gray jacket was a mannequin wearing a cheeky anchor earring.

A life jacket in quilted leather: Another room, one of the most beautiful collection would certainly contribute to a model stranded at sea.

The show was also for a safari, then the track is fitted.

A number of sentences in tight khaki top dive that broke the model seen in a sprint, has merged.

Jones goal was to remove a "relaxed and gentle" collection.

Knowing that too much exercise can be bad for your health, he allowed his men, was some R & R on the Riviera as a series of beautiful costumes of silk box.

The program notes cited carelessness in the south of France.

It is Jones, who perhaps deserves a break.

To rest on their laurels - with some strong collections under his belt, he can - until the next season.


Blake Lively on the face of Gucci premiere his

  Gossip Girl Blake Lively did a little hop flavor. While the actress does not seem to be too closely aligned with Chanel as she hauled her bags, but now she takes her talents to Gucci.

Blake will be the new face of their fragrance Gucci Premiere. The Gossip Girl actress has a short spot directed by Nicolas Winding Refn recently for Gucci, which will premiere this fall at the Venice Film Festival, filmed in September. The beautiful 24-year-old actress will appear in print ads of the house, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott taken. Gucci perfume is inspired by Hollywood premiere charm and all the glitz and glamor that surrounds it. Vif was chosen because it is a girl of extraordinary beauty, and she is a girl who loves fashion. Gucci creative director said: "She's young, she is also very determined, and I liked the spirit .... You know, like a diva to be in the right direction, with a glamorous inspiration."


Salma Hayek in Gucci nice to "savages" LA Premiere

  Anita Singh

25th June 2012 (Sawfnews.com) - Salma Hayek saw in a Gucci dress beautiful jade green column at the premiere of his new film, Wild at Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif., Monday, June 25

The actress of 45 years, looked well decorated from "included" in a sleeveless dress with a neckline modest round.

She accessorized with black peeptoe platforms and matching jewelry green, imposing consisting of earrings and a ring.

Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail styled signed. She wore light makeup look for a new face.

Salma was married on the red carpet by her co-stars such as Benicio Del Toro, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Sandra Echeverria, and director Oliver Stone movie.

Salma, who plays a villain in the film as part of a powerful Mexican cartel, told the assembled press that the film has a lot of violence, it is not very happy.

"At the same time it is so beautiful ... it's really sexy and feminine in a way. There is also a film in which women have much power, that's cool," she added.

Salma had forbidden his daughter Valentine of four years, to come on board because of the violence in the film.

"She loves coming to all. It is not boring, she wants to be there ... (But) it's not going to this movie, not to see. In fact, he's the only movie they had not been n on the set, "she said earlier in an interview.

Commenting on the role of Salma, Blake Lively, her costar in the film, said: "It was amazing to work with her as a villain, because we were such good friends in person So when she turned in her character, it always was. funny to see how she is talented. She's such a little lady, so to see them take control, to seize power, which was remarkable. "

The movie is in theaters on 6th July to his bow.


to promote designer coats men, despite the summer heat

  In a damp, burning Milan, it is difficult to imagine a summer light coats and leather jackets.

It is the view, however, the designer for the expected summer 2013, after three days of presentations on the track overview of Milan.

Ferragamo, Prada, Jil Sander, Gucci has almost every label version of its non-belted raincoat, once a must for a rainy day in the 1960s.

The vintage leather jacket - Blazers from that attack to the wind jacket and processed super soft leather and suede - also makes a return next summer.

The designers also made men happy with the introduction of open-collared shirts for the warmer months. Most know these shirts are made of cotton and have a crisp wide collar unbuttoned, just below the neck. Cool and comfortable, they are easy to tie the test of elegance.

Stuffy for the crowd, some designers showed their shirts with ties under a see-through sweater, worn other popular items this season.

From the beginning, met with a message bright and clear: This summer is all about color.

The Milan shows end Tuesday with the collection of signatures by Giorgio Armani.



Creative Director Frida Giannini has brought a lot of Mediterranean pizazz to Gucci.

It was not an easy task to follow in the footsteps of the American superstar Tom Ford, has transformed the once-staid company become one of the hottest labels in fashion, before he in 2004. But the Rome-born Giannini decided to find how his own way - and that was thrown somewhere between "La Dolce Vita" and the edge of the Mediterranean, with a bit of Anglo-American rock in.

The result was a huge success. And his latest menswear collection for summer 2013 Monday was no exception.

Gucci summer palette is a burst of energy from the Mediterranean blue and green to turquoise, terra cotta, raspberry, orange, lemon and pistachio. These bright colors may be used for a suit, a pair of pants or a sweater. If they are mixed together to create happy feelings for shirts and pants made of silk.

The new Gucci jacket is cotton jersey fitted kitchen and double row around the waist, making the effect of thin 1960 "Dolce Vita" Playboys favors. The pants are classic, but on the lean side. Loosely knit sweater Net polo shirts sewn and printed scarf to add casual chic. Impervious summer a popular view of the current title of Milan, also in bright colors.

The latest Gucci bag is spacious and colorful. Styles range from the pocket shoulder bag in croc-weekend.

The leitmotif of the collection in hot weather, this is the classic Gucci loafer.



Giorgio Armani Emporio collection of men was elegant, chic and stood under the motto: a simple pair of summer shorts.

For his second line of summer 2013 collection, unveiled Monday at Armani shorts with lapel with single or double breasted jackets paired to create a chic hot weather jacket and pants effect. At times, added the designer, a white shirt and tie - complete with tie pin - for even more sophistication.


of the hair fashion: hair style and do not for blonde highlights

  Blonde hair has its pros and cons - this will help you ensure that you always looking your best!

Growing up, my hair has seen many different hair styles and lengths, but one thing has remained the same, I've always been a blonde.

Blondes may have a unique challenge to the search for a new hairstyle or appearance, but that challenge them an advantage as well. As the most beautiful hair color, and so touched by the sun, it may be many different colors in your hair. The top layer is always the easiest, because of the effects of the sun, while the lower layers can be (especially in winter), a light brown. Use this dimension to your advantage, make it seem like you have a lot of volume, even if you do not do this. Most importantly, do not try, your hair is not doing anything. What seems to be the best is what happens to the texture of the hair.

If your hair is curly, or short, just let it do its thing. If you are a new style that you like in a magazine for someone with short hair and just to see, and your hair has a natural wave, do not assume that the hairdresser is a magician. If you have fine hair, a sleek chin-length bob is a must, and a versatile style.
To create a good turn to any hairstyle, an additional volume or texture, is that additional layers put in. This can make the difference in the world when it comes to how your hair, and a good barber is in the be able to work the shifts of the best complement your features.

Straight hair looks great, very straight to make it with a little shine serum hair looks very healthy. The serum has a little glare and keep to the fly-ways.

When curly hair or not-quite-straight hair, like mine, you have several options. Can you do to jump right in and put a wax or conditioner to prevent the ends of the frizzies. Have a different look, you can roll your hair in hot rollers in various sizes. Once you roll your hair, spritz your hair lightly with hairspray. Wait about 10 minutes, remove rollers and finger comb the hair when you have beautiful, soft curls. A look into the testing room is spraying your hair with hairspray, then crumpled by hand sanding. Then you turn your head upside down and spray again as part of your hair and roots with hairspray. This gives added impetus and more volume, and to help the curls last longer. This is great for a make-up day or night.

If you want waves, French-braided hair "was just to the beach" usually dry in two braids and French sleeping at night for him. If you wake up in the morning, make the texture and style that you can do much with.

If you choose to wear your hair, it's a style that is best for all the textures and the most lengths long enough to set up in a pony tail. This interpretation is very 1960s mod-ponytail. Pull the hair into a pony on the back of the crown, in the middle of the back of the head. (If you are not sure where the crown is, with the fingers, even with the tips of the ears, and move them to the back of the head. The base is your crown where they will meet.) The sealing of the ponytail again depending on the texture. If you have curly or wavy hair, loosen the ponytail a little low and wispy in two tranches, to frame your face. If your hair is straight, has a sleek look take it all back in a ponytail, so that a tight fit. Regardless of the texture of the hair, take a fine tooth comb or brush, and tease the hair closest to the elastic, add some body and volume. Take a small section of hair, wrap it around the pony and secure with a hairpin. There is a large, classic look for day or night, at the beach, or desk-side.

And finally ... In many cases, blondes have better color. If you get your highlights or color, make sure the color works with your skin color. You want to make sure that you do not seem to be blurred, or that your eyebrows and hair are credible, if you go for an edgy look. And whatever the hairstyle, make sure you stay in touch with these roots. There is nothing that looks worse a cut, as can using a separate line from your last color in the living room.


Warner Bros dropkicks Louis Vuitton lawsuit over the Hangover: Part II

  Louis Vuitton has been busy working on all kinds of kung-fu practice law by the courts recently.

First, he unleashed a wave-like Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks to the legal to the dome, hundreds of counterfeiters in the form of hundreds of injunctions, and even a $ 3,000,000 verdict.

In March, a federal court in New York Hyundai liability for the Louis Vuitton brand dilution, based on a 32nd TV spot called The luxury market, the "Eating caviar in a police patrol car" shown the luxury. "; Large yachts parked next to the modest houses blue collar lobsters eat at lunch, played a scene of four seconds of a basketball game downtown on a beautiful marble court with a hoop of gold, and a ten-second scene of [a Hyundai ] Sonata ride a road with chandeliers and red carpets of crosswalks fed. "The announcement of luxury wanted" to redefine luxury in communicating to consumers that offered the Sonata "luxury for all." But in the "four-second scene "of a basketball game downtown, he was - one second - a basketball with the famous Louis Vuitton" Monogram Canvas "(see left) Based on this second film, Louis Vuitton has responsibility for Trademark Dilution established..

Finally, after a victory over Louis Vuitton Hyundai has tried on his victory in the ongoing dispute with Warner Bros., the use of knock-off benefit of Louis Vuitton luggage, which appeared in a clip 25 seconds in The Hangover: Part II

But Warner Bros., like Bruce Lee dies, no kicks to the dome rotunda so easily.

Trademark Dilution

Before comparing the styles of Louis Vuitton legal battle, Hyundai, and Warner Bros., Let us first consider one of the most interesting areas of the law in question - the brand dilution.

Trademark dilution is a concept in the world of trademark law, the owner of a famous brand standing ban others from using the mark would in a way that gives it its uniqueness or reduce value. The blurring or tarnishment: A plaintiff in a case of dilution, by the authoritative evidence of two things. Blurring occurs when the mark infringes a mark of distinctiveness of the famous. Start on the other hand, occurs when the brand into disrepute is a famous brand. (As for our legislators ['lobbyists], brands have a good reputation too.)

Many researchers agree that the law favors the dilution of the company brand is very questionable. Unlike traditional law trademark infringement, not really dilution law to protect consumers, because the applicant does not need to prove a likelihood of confusion or actual economic harm (compared to the traditional infringement cases brand, "confusion" conditio sine qua non). In addition, the law prevents Trademark Dilution probably beneficial uses for the company trademarks of the companies that do not compete with each other. But despite the apparent consensus against the University Law Trademark Dilution, Louis Vuitton has been selected as the legal battle (just before the deadly "Crouching Tiger, Hidden attorney" form).

Louis Vuitton v. Hyundai

In his case, dilution against Hyundai - Click here to see the commercial break - Louis Vuitton, the court is convinced that he and the six "non-exclusive factors that go to the dilution by blurring" that: (i) the degree of similarity between the defendant and the famous mark, (ii) the distinctiveness of the famous mark, (iii) if the owner of the famous trademark "intervention in much exclusive use of the mark", (iv) the degree of recognition of the famous mark, (v), if the defendant is to create an association with the famous brand, and (vi) the true relationship between the defendant and the mark of the famous mark. determined

Unfortunately, the court lost sight of the forest for the trees. Opinion of the court completely failed to explain how Hyundai Louis Vuitton basketball "undermines the uniqueness" of the brand Louis Vuitton - which is the crux of the analysis is on six factors.

I for one can not just look. Of course, the sale of Hyundai and wink at the Louis Vuitton logo was visible (and intentionally). But without doubt, that the use of recognizable confirmed that the distinctive character and improved and the value of the brand Louis Vuitton.

In any case, the victory of Louis Vuitton for summary judgment on liability only Hyundai brand dilution was limited, which means that Louis Vuitton has yet to fight for its claim for infringement of the trademark. Also in terms of dilution of the brand Louis Vuitton has yet to prove that the claim for damages (assuming the case goes to court). But this victory was enough for the house that Louis's next round of legal Kung Fu is reminiscent of Warner Bros. Director built

Louis Vuitton v. Warner Bros.

A shift back to traditional trademark infringement, the trial of Louis Vuitton to Warner Bros., as the suit against Hyundai, also a 32nd Clip-centered, but this time from the movie, The Hangover: Part II Yet the allegedly infringing content appeared for a few seconds.

In the movie "Airport Scene," one of the characters in the film Dumber (it really is only a matter of degree in movies), with the name Alan, wearing what for a Louis Vuitton 'Keepall his "bag, while his . Porter pushing another Louis Vuitton luggage moved behind him, as a friend Alan study the case in a later scene, Alan responds with the words: ". Respect is ... it is a Lewis [sic] Vuitton "And we all laugh at Alan.

It turns out, Alan realized the bag in the movie was a fake. And Louis Vuitton fakes hate. Legal claims of Louis Vuitton - which appears for three seconds in the movie - a real Louis Vuitton was a product consumers would think that Alan knockoff door to be confused.

As in the case against Hyundai, has Louis Vuitton evidence to the court of "Internet references and representative excerpts from blogs" presented - what dishes a well-deserved break from Twitter examination of the evidence, apparently - demonstrating that consumers mistakenly believed that the bag a real knockoff Louis Vuitton bag was. Unlike Hyundai, but the main demand from Louis Vuitton to Warner Bros. was not whether people wrongly connect the product (in this case the film) with Louis Vuitton, but if Warner Bros. used the fake bag is unacceptable.

Warner Bros. has advised the court that because the First Amendment, the Lanham Act does not apply to "art" as long as the defendant is to use the trademark "artistic relevance" to the job and is not "intentionally misleading" about the origin or content of the work. Louis Vuitton has argued that the parties need to commit to the discovery before the court could make these decisions, but not the court had agreed. The court found the allegations of the Louis Vuitton brand dilution were also prohibited by the First Amendment defense and dismissed the complaint. In addition, to say, Warner Bros., the court's decision could also encourage every manufacturing company, long divided by its arch-conservative jurists in obtaining a license for each recognized brand that appears in one of his pictures or TV intimidated emissions (when the law need not be real or seemed).

Why not win the argument on First Amendment Hyundai could even based on?

The First Amendment protects freedom of commercial speech protection Noncommercial more. Hyundai one second of film appeared in an advertisement that is not simply less commercial, as she tries "to redefine the concept of luxury." Warner Bros. "three seconds of video, the other appeared in a film that (at least for purposes of the First Amendment right) is considered" not commercial ", although it replace a sequel, which recycles substantially all of the intrigue of the original film, Just a baby with a monkey and Las Vegas to Bangkok.

Does it make sense that art should be protected in a movie more than art in a commercial environment? Can we just as much artistic / comedic value on the ads? If you ask me, what has managed to turn a man past middle age in the Jewish Bronx of the most interesting people in the world is an artist of the first order!

The Chanel shoes, "destroy" your feet could

 The decadent Cruise 2012 show that the channel in the gardens of Versailles was staged last month as the magic of the ultimate fashion. Strutted with elegant pavilions for guests and splashing fountains as models on the gravel crunch couture creations in the vicinity, such as not to love what was before?
Uh ... Shoes, obviously.

Model Meghan Collison, bottom, found that 525 pounds, plastic and leather heels, she modeled "destroyed" on the back of the legs. "I was bleeding afterwards," she told WWD.

The tumble dryer Canada is no stranger to the stage podium, either. She may be 22, but it is described as a "seasoned vet" and went for the likes of Miu Miu, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent since the beginning of five years ago.

She continued: "hard plastic with no socks to be folded over on Not funny Especially because we were tripled for next week I went to the back of my moccasins, had to repeat it to heal?".

VIDEO: Watch the behind the scenes

Ouch. We both feel sympathetic to mix with the pain and the fact that they squeezed with heels around the show had.

"At least the shoes look amazing," she said in a good character.

Still trying? Styles will be available in stores in November of Chanel.


'Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield complement each other in Couture

  They say that people who know each other well - tend to start dressing and even resemble each other - family members, couples. It makes sense, given the proximity and its surroundings a huge impact on relationships and how we dress ourselves. We often have to dress to please the people around us, and sometimes even compete with them. It is therefore logical that the love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone clothes look so great together in the first London and Paris of The Amazing Spider-Man.

In Paris, Emma went for her in a way she has done since the Academy Awards - in a Gucci dress with tulle detail of what the fashion house featured on the track at the end of his fall 2012 show, the publishers . "took the collective breath, it was only a matter of time, an A-list star - and only a list of A Star -. a commandeered these clothes are very special and certainly expensive, we would have thought that it made its debut at the Film Festival in Venice will have. But Emma and her stylist Petra Flannery may well hang a glance that they love.

In the meantime, in Paris, Andrew also went for the heavy drama - in a wine-colored suit in the spring 2012 Balenciaga. Not many men taken in Hollywood port Balenciaga, Edgey and thin branded the French - but so does Andrew. Even fewer have embraced red on the red carpet! Not that Emma Merlot shade of lipstick matching her costume. Do not tell us they have not thought about it! Both are the most elegant in the city of fashion.

However, when produced in London - an underground city - Andrew returns in the traditional black, and Emma was a much more subtle, wearing trousers with a chic top and red belt by Elie Saab. Just note the hair with the contemporary chic and modern look. And a light lip. Here, too, and they fit Andrew and complement the tone and style. Cute, cute, cute, is all we have to say.


uncertain after the election of the Greek FTSE, but reinforced by Burberry is hoping that the

  With the election results Greek falling investor quiet it another day was more volatile in

markets, but in spite of the current austerity measures, luxury goods were in demand.

Burberry rose 38p to £ 13.46 following positive comments on the luxury sector from analysts at

Deutsche Bank. The bank said:

    The luxury sector has had never gone so well. While there is little evidence of a slowdown of

growth, the absolute values ​​of record profitability for most brands and return on capital in this

sector increased by 11 percentage points since 2001, employs.

He believed that consumers in emerging markets provides opportunities for potential growth in the

next ten years.

Building materials group Wolseley Elsewhere added 57P to £ 22.33, after analysts suggested it

could back up to € 1.5 billion shareholders. Sat at Jefferies Cullen said:

    The Wolseley is currently believed that the debt to be close to release by the end of 2012

and have a significant cash balance at the end of 2013. Management has repeatedly said the group

is not at the cash surplus in the balance sheet and in the absence of a major step in the M & A,

excess cash back to shareholders. We suspect that Wolseley has the potential to give back up to €

1.5 billion in 2013, has shareholders, either as a lump sum or installment payments, the creation

of up to 7% of shareholder value.

Meanwhile, Citigroup said the company could spend up to 2000000000 £ for acquisitions or

redemptions. Analyst Clyde Lewis said:

    We can look to spend $ 2000000000 group by EUR for acquisitions and the return on capital

over the next three years in addition to normal pay dividends. After mixing, the potential

increase in 2015 earnings by about 20% -25%, with our estimated earnings per share for 2015-390P

to 375p has.

Overall, the FTSE 100 only 12.28 points higher at 5491.09 after hitting end 5555, the initial

euphoria about the election victory of the pro-Greek rescue package soon tempered by fears

messages Spain and Italy. Spanish bond yields in the life of the euro zone reached its peak,

while comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that Greece had to stick to his rescue

arrangements also dented sentiment.

The banks were the main Fallers continued as the debt crisis. Royal Bank of Scotland fell 12.3p

to 235.3p, while Lloyds Banking Group lost 1.14p to 30.16p.

Glencore also fell 12.05p to 328.4p and 859.2p 31.8p close to Xstrata, with further proposals to

shareholders could be in a planned merger to lead to the level of payments in connection with the

transaction protest vote.

Struggling Man Group hedge fund has lost its second most important leader in a week with the

sudden departure of its CFO.

The company, which also lost its place in the FTSE 100 index of leading shares after the market

close on Friday evening, said Kevin Hayes left "to pursue other professional and personal

interests." The departure follows news last week that Darren Upton, head of research methodology,

which was involved in the development of human capital key AHL, left to join rival ISAM.

Hayes replacement as CFO is Jonathan Sorrell, chief of strategy and corporate finance man and the

son of WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell, Martin, who is in the news after a series of recent pay.

Departures that man tried to investor confidence after recent poor performance at its AHL again

and GLG major acquisition. The shares ended 1.6 percent higher at 74.4p.

Cable & Wireless Worldwide 2.74p 37.77p added to its shareholders, which supports the restoration

of one billion pounds of Vodafone, up 1.2p to 174.9p.

11.9p to 370.6p Melrose Company was redemption after he reports on the weekend in talks about a

cash purchase of $ 2.3 billion possible German utility meter manufacturer Elster Group was

confirmed in what is their first major deal in four years Mark. Melrose said he would not go

without a recommendation of the Board Elster and its largest shareholder, CVC Capital Partners.

It would be to fund an agreement with the new debt and a rights issue fully subscribed. Including

400 million in debt, would the total enterprise value for its $ Elster 2700000000th Analyst Harry

Philips at Oriel Securities, said it was a little surprised by the goal of Melrose and his

European city, and said it was a risk for other predators such as ABB and Siemens plunged into

the fray. He said:

    Attractions are the market position as a leader Elster, the four players have 60% of the

market between them, the cash flows of the company's strong growth and significant opportunities

to improve the measurement infrastructure in Europe.

Regarding funding, he expects to deliver approximately 735 million new shares £ Melrose in a 1

for 2 rights issue at all about 350P, with £ 965m of new debt:

    If the agreement is finalized, we expect that the disposal program will do with [the North

American group of window products] the truth at the top of the list faster.

Finally got the Real Good Food 1.5p to 57p after the company has strengthened its relations with

baking soda and sugar Mauritius sugar producer Omnicane International. The company is valued at £

2.4m share issue in Omnicare, of its approximate 13% will amount to 20%, with the products used

to reduce the £ Real Good Food indebtedness 25.9. Both are also in talks on closer cooperation

with real good access to food supply in the markets of the EU sugar regime and Omincare able to

develop export markets for certain other products of society, particularly in Africa.

Pieter Totte, president of Real Good Food, said:

    I am very pleased with this innovative development is enjoying an exciting time for the

company and we look forward to working with Omnicane on the exploration of mutually beneficial


Phil Carroll capital of the company's broker Shore said:

    We believe today's announcement represents a very positive development, with an average group

of long-term progress of the eye. In addition, we have the announcement that the repayment of

debt by the case when accelerating, with some expected dilution, must be taken over by investors,

as well as the fact that the bet was made at a premium, which, in our opinion , underlines the

positive mood after the long-term prospects of the operation.

Gucci bags and other devices in the online shop

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Be clear in the questionnaire after the search of exploration, still run the business decision to seek Gucci, most likely, very likely, the majority of us, one of several companies of this beautiful could be an indication that we were really in there to be an attempt to duplicate for.Prada pay and the quality is really indicate what this means is that it is easy to find imitations and fake products mainly responsible for many to enjoy the Gucci customer's advantage, you are obviously in the ruthless. While this schedule is really right or wrong for the casual observer of almost everyone, the situation is missing, Gucci Tote Bags style could best quality in the reliability of its storeyou training.You Mulberry will have to discover some of the problems when you try, that help if you find that the cost of rebuilding or legitimate. One factor that he tries to close a joint, it can be one of the pages of society. Even if you arrive at a joint or potential Gucci fake company is really a cost is important, abnormal, you will find high quality, fine stitching throughout the enterprise.

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Fashion Louis Vuitton Speedy advent

Ladies of the most cultural will always know exactly how these people appear. No matter how old you are, or perhaps if they may be, are likely to be quite unique in terms of type of clothes your lover with the kind of gadgets, including sport. Clothing in case of girls was a great space with the application and the track to new styles according to current developments. Women are actually in terms of clothes and shoes and boots and more ridiculous lookalike LV Damier Ebene Canvas. With the price of your creatures with costs higher and higher is difficult to find, just like clothing and accessories by looking at rates slightly lower costs in major showrooms and retail.

Included with the advent of Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Replica Internet is a technological innovation were filled with women internationally, subject to web pages to better treatment for women held vertisements, boots, shoes and LV Damier Azur Canvas. Such websites are generally wholesalers in the direction of Internet marketing with large pieces of clothing organized by the supplier of shoes or boots, Louis Vuitton handbags and rings wholesale generic option, and so on. They have a fantastic choice that shows in their web pages with images with cool clothes and trendy accessories and good value. Only life less difficult in terms of the buyer to own a single screen, while in the comfort and ease of houses.

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Henry Cecil is back in fashion, as Frankel takes flair for Royal Ascot

  Before Frankel returned to the track on Tuesday, as the opening act for imperfectible Royal Ascot this week, it can be for fans of Colt, was to know about his maturation overestimated. The smart thing to say about him, the best racehorse in the world has officially announced that it has become a professional in his third season, but his trainer, Sir Henry Cecil, reported that a series of rock star behavior persists.

"He was always broke the box," said Cecil, whose career number of 73 victories at the Royal meeting is a record, 10 more than any other person holding a license. "He breaks the managers and stuff like that. It is very hot-blooded.

"You may think this is a cold evening, put a light under the pad and it will find that you are at 10 clock at night, he tried the covers over his head, which is dangerous to draw. It can tangle and break the neck or leg. So one must observe it. "

Cecil himself is the image of sophistication, bent his thin body have casually on a wooden chair in the garden of his Warren Place stables, but his temperament has sometimes plagued by the additional worry that Frankel has brought into his life. Security cameras are in place, and not just that the horse can be saved from themselves, but can also be seen as an aid for the fans who have somehow found their way into the scene. "People are inclined to wander and suddenly ... Who the hell?

"We have come to take a look at Frankel.

"Well, you can not see Frankel. He wants to be left alone."

Cecil a priority of teaching Frankel in his race happy, so it was with sadness that the horse at the Royal meeting saw last year when his jockey Tom Queally, shot him was in the mid-term, but only the inspirer of him.

"I do not think I've never been so angry in my life," recalled the coach. "For me it is an absolute catastrophe, I hate to think about it. I want to forget, the horse has done well to get through.".

Frankel has his pacing around the house again, but was used prematurely and was drunk with fatigue in the final furlong and won by less than a length instead of the usual four or five. As for the famous director Cecil urban harsh words to his jockey?

"I explained that we would have to do something different in the future. The damage was done. It was not very funny.

"But it is almost forgotten and Tom have to ride the horse and now know very well. It rises beautifully, he has his confidence in all directions. It's just one of those things. We all make mistakes. J have done hundreds of my life. "

Cecil is good, modest, but there is little evidence of genuine trust. It is clear from his plan for Frankel last year - at the Queen Anne Stakes Tuesday, the Sussex Stakes at Goodwood, Juddmonte at York, Champion Stakes at Ascot - and is no less impressed with other proposals.

"I was trying all the time to do what is best for him, I read everything, what I should do and what should I do not think I have not yet done and that people should I do. To have calmed down, bring it [the course] and make him into a sprinter and, like the others. I do not consider you know that "

Frankel side, he other animals to walk chic this week - Thomas Chippendale and noble mission, on Friday, and to determine Wrotham Heath Thursday. In Windsor Forest Wednesday he is in the field Chachamaidee, winning at Lingfield, "as one Frankel has accelerated." But, although it will be at least a runner, he will miss Saturday for the answer to his step-daughter at her wedding.

At the age of 69 years, six years after he was discovered in gastric cancer, Cecil seems happy and much healthier than in the most difficult months of treatment. Chemotherapy is "currently on maintenance. I seem to not always boring. I'm here. Another day is another day.

"One must always be careful and eat very carefully. But so far, touch wood, I am absolutely right. I'm not saying that I am healed.

"It's really hard to chemotherapy was difficult. I've never had a day off and we could barely walk. The next day I pull into the bog.

"Now, you might feel a little funny for two or three days. I do not think my health. I think that's the worst thing you can do." He made a face model in a bad mood, mouth pain, "Am I good?" "Just keep looking forward. Got to."

Can there be a time when he give up the work will be day? "I think I will. I want. Not quite. I like it, it's a lifestyle. I think I might have cut off a little.

"I wish I could have more time to do something different. I am very interested in clothes. I have a great friend who is a tailor in London and I think, begin to design my own clothes.

"I like clothes come off very well and cashmere jackets with floral inserts and all this stuff. I think many people buy clothes these days are not very exciting. I have a jacket, herringbone chocolate, which is half and half mink cashmere, so It is not something you can at Woolworths.

"I am a shopaholic, really. I love shopping. Many men who have no desire to go shopping, they go into the stores the night before Christmas.

"I could buy the whole week from nine to seven in the morning clock clock in the evening in London - whether it is for women, clothes or books or pictures, it s" no matter what it is, I guess that is not really normal for a human being. I think I may have the female hormones. "

He pulls back, he says, if the owner of Frankel, Khalid Abdullah stopped sending him horses. But this is not to be expected since Abdullah kept faith with him, even through the lean times of 2005, as Cecil had only a dozen winners.

"I appreciate his style of training horses. I was very late ripening and backwards. Dumb as a child and all. Had happened to one of my first ever Prep School to fail Common Entrance to Eton. School 90 years or more.

"I like to think I came too late to mature and I like those kind of horses. And horses, many of them take a little time, but they are worth the wait, you know that?"


Louis Vuitton loses case on "The Hangover" Handbag

  By Jonathan Stamp (Reuters) - Louis Vuitton, on Friday lost its lawsuit against Warner Brothers

for the use of a handbag knock-off in his popular 2011 comedy "The Hangover: Part II". The case

stems from a scene in which Alan Garner character, played by Zach Galifianakis, at an airport

with a bag that is like a Louis Vuitton bag looks like show, but that French society is through

these Diophy, which produces a design similar to the monogram "canvas" Louis Vuitton. Louis

Vuitton, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton part LVMG SA, he spoke of the deception and the resulting

confusion for the customer was injured. He also said he was hurt, especially by a statement from

a friend Garner, "Watch ... a Louis Vuitton," which was "a quote often repeated, and the brand of

film." The 'Louis Lewis' "is pronounced to be false. "Louis Vuitton sought damages and brought to

a halt trademark infringement. But the United States District Judge found Andrew Carter in

Manhattan, that Warner Brothers, part of Time Warner Inc. should not be held responsible. He said

it was unlikely that many viewers would have noticed that the bag that was on screen for less

than 30 seconds, a knock-off was, or she would have thought Louis Vuitton was approved by Warner

Brothers Diophy use of the bag have. "The confusion is minimal at best," wrote Carter. Theodore

Max, a lawyer for Louis Vuitton, gave no comment. According to the complaint, "The Hangover: Part

II" had brought about $ 580 million worldwide at the time the case was purchased, becoming the

most successful comic-rated "R" is always the case. Louis Vuitton SA v. Mallatier Warner Brothers

Entertainment Inc., U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 11-09436. (Reporting

by Jonathan Stamp, New York, edited by Richard Chang)

Robert Pattinson - Robert Pattinson gets fashion tips Gucci

  Robert Pattinson gets his fashion tips from creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini.

Robert Pattinson gets his fashion tips from creative director of Gucci.

The heart-throb 'Twilight Saga' love is based on Italian fashion house for public appearances, and dressing on the advice of emergency last minute of the brand creative director Frida Giannini.

Robert told the British edition of GQ magazine:'' She taught me one thing - you really should have good contacts at Gucci. You are absolutely incredible. The amount of time I was stuck in a city at random and have called and if things had taken absolutely at the last minute - it's crazy.

'' You can do crazy things [the color] if you have incredibly classic, really well-made costumes. I think I was pretty boring for a while. I used to be much more interesting with them. Well, I've only ever ask for things, two days before: "Can you save 25 costumes I do not know what I want to wear!''

Robert - who is dating Kristen Stewart - was to be fitted in a Gucci suit for her role in David Cronenberg's film "Cosmopolis" cut.

It plays a billionaire who embarks on a journey through an obstacle plagued Manhattan, which meant that her wardrobe to fit the game.

Frida said earlier this year:'' We are very pleased to be working with Robert on "Cosmopolis" and creating an effortless style and classic character.''


Chinese consumers pay more, but expect more, even

  SHANGHAI (AP) - Chinese consumers can afford to spend more money on quality products, but also expect a better value than before, according to a study by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Consumer market in China is expected that the second largest in the world after the United States until 2015. Both Chinese and foreign companies are struggling to follow the market trends, the report was published on Wednesday.

"There is no doubt that the Chinese market matures," Joni Bessler, a partner at Booz & Co. in Shanghai, who helped compile the report.

The gap between the past, luxury or premium products and affordable than those of the middle class grows blurred, with most consumers expect a good price and wide selection, even for cheaper goods.

"The race is to see who really captures this buyer segment," said Bessler.

For companies such as Kraft Foods Inc. and PepsiCo. Inc., which means tailoring products to local tastes while leveraging the brand name of the business.

Force spent much time researching consumers in Shanghai will be in their homes to understand their preferences in developing a brand strategy for its famous Ahoy chips and Oreo cookies, said Wang Haiyan, director of marketing for Kraft Foods in China.

Combined with social media through games and videos, China, the branding campaign plays on stereotypes typical premises, including where their "cookie guy" character a picky women for women, but are difficult to embody Shanghainese ladies and draw "fluffy" guy who is in Shanghai, its male counterpart.

"Without the knowledge of who our customers are and what are their needs, the brand is not easy to do," said Wang.

Strategies for the consumer market report published on Wednesday overview of the key trends, such as by dozens of companies in various industries, including consumer goods, automotive and financial services reported.

He says the Chinese are always concerned about the health and quality of life. As an increasing number of travel abroad, they are familiar with foreign brands and the variety and quality of the products abroad and expect the same at home.

Chinese living in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing are more value-oriented, but able and willing to pay more.

"Consumers are not worthwhile," says the report. "Although they are willing to spend for the value they should be sure they are really getting what they want to pay."

These are more accurate with lower incomes or live in small towns on the price, but also select from a much wider range of products than in the past - the more competitive markets for both foreign and domestic companies, he said.


How does it feel to your make-up of celebrity makeup artist did Chanel

  First is my makeup professionally done one of my favorite luxuries. It is a luxury, in the truest sense,

because it in. an activity I rarely get to indulge As such, I jumped at the chance to have Chanel makeup

artist Fulvia Celebrity Farolfi me doll.

When I arrived at Chanel, I remembered why I so enchanted by the company has offices in New York where I

worked as an intern years ago. All the while Chanel is one way to describe it. For example, I ate a

brownie on a napkin while stroking my face Fulvia Chanel with a hint of Chanel wearing the sickest pair of

Chanel shoes. I was even given a headband Chanel, I keep the hair on my face while Fulvia was his magic.

Not to mention, the view was great at the 16th Floor and a wall of windows in a bowl of beautiful natural

light to enter.

I presented two challenges Fulvia beauty: a Big Ol 'glasses and an escape flight induced. Even the

professional, she was not in the least worried. It is Diane Kruger, Elizabeth Olsen, and Naomi Watts among

his many customers, and it is not hard to see why. Kind and gentle voice (with skin and raised), Fulvia is

exactly the kind of person you want to get up to you.

The purpose of this visit was for me a foundation, something you can do with Chanel counters across the

country is. After a brief diagnosis, it was decided that my skin young club, it would be better with

VITALUMIÈRE Aqua, an ultra-light formula that improves the skin and has SPF.

Time the truth: I have a relationship on-again, back to the foundation. After months of daily use of the

Foundation, I was (with SPF! Always with SPF!) In a tinted moisturizer overthrown by phase, when I met

Fulvia. Thank you, Aqua VITALUMIÈRE it looks like my tinted moisturizer will once again be relegated to

the back of my make-up bag. Why? The finish is incredibly natural look, you have the most important

property of a foundation is.

After selecting the right shade, Fulvia toned my skin and then applied to the base with a brush. She used

concealer to hide my imperfections and brighten dark circles under my eyes, setting it with loose powder

eye shadow applicator with a sponge (which means the powder was focused on the hidden field used ...

great!). With a small brush, blush, she chose a palette of shades to brighten my face scratched and

declares that the size of the brush, it is easier to be exact. Then a little glittery shadow-but-not-

flashy was slipped on my eyelids, and a strong dose of mascara on my eyelashes, my eyes behind my glasses

appeared painted. Finally completed my Fulvia entire lip with a red pen, and topped with a coordinating


As soon as my face was just perfect, I asked for Fulvia shares best make-up tips with me. Some of my


    Respect the proportions of the face. Make-up is not something to see in a magazine, then you make your

face if he does not really fit you. Consider your own personal characteristics.
    The right moisturizer and foundation law can provide the perfect backdrop for your makeup.
    Use a light base to the skin are available. It should be to achieve something, and it is the same for

the lips. Make-up can not be a barrier between you and someone else. This is something that should be

attractive and a pleasure to watch.
    Mix with a white pencil concealer to make it thicker, lighter and more durable.
    Use a small brush for Rouge - so you can start small with the application and may make fewer mistakes.
    In the case of targeting a small area with a large puff, you'll probably end up applying too much

powder. Instead, use an eyeshadow compact with an applicator or loose powder. You can set just the right

amount, and you can also stretch the eyelid, which is a trick to make sure that the concealer does not

    Do not be afraid to apply your makeup, and some of them rub off, so it does not look too perfect.

Check out the pictures of my make-up magic filled the afternoon, below, and make sure you think about the

love of Chanel makeup counter to get at your event by the end of July.

HERMES INTL: Hermès International: Provision of the 2011 Registration Document

 Hermes International has its 2011 reference document with the AMF (AMF) 12 April 2012.

The document can be viewed and downloaded by visiting the website of the company, www.hermesinternational.com.

The document contains the following:
- The annual review of policies;
- The parent company and consolidated financial statements 2011;
- The report of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board on the principles of corporate governance applied to the company, taking into account the composition of the Council and the principle of equal representation of men and women in the Council, the conditions for the preparation and organization of work of the Supervisory Board and the internal control and risk management are carried out by the Company;
- The description of the share repurchase program in accordance with Article 241-2 of the AMF General Regulations;
- The report of the Supervisory Board;
- Reports of the Auditors on the financial statements, the consolidated financial statements in 2011, regulated agreements and commitments, and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and certain extraordinary decisions;
- Legal costs associated with auditors in 2011.
- Will take the description and the contents of the proposed resolutions to the General Meeting of Shareholders, submitted by 29 May 2012.

As required by Article 222-3 of the AMF General Regulation, the document contains the annual financial report 2011th


You need business Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet

Most business and travel extensively for business. You need bags of Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas company that you save all documents and sales teams to make presentations or meetings. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you keep on Louis Vuitton bag, everything, such as clothing, suits, shoes have to play, so buy Louis Vuitton luggage handbags cheap materials and is scratch his clothes, can you in. Protect your leather Louis Vuitton luggage set for better protection and long-term investments. They are sturdy enough to hold more than one travel plan and are strong enough to last for long. There are a lot of baggage there, you can choose. Many gaming sites with brands of luggage in different plants and different prices. They depend on the quality and important facts. Notebook is one of the most important tools for the company. You will keep all records of the Company on the laptop, it is very important for you to Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Handbag and briefcases. If you choose a laptop bag by Louis Vuitton, consider the size and bag compartment, make sure it is yours, and you can all the necessary things like the mouse, documents, to do computer adapters, and other important things . Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore are available in many different designs. There are laptop bags, briefcases, laptops and much more. You can put any of them fit the style and fashion of the best travel facilities. Most men take the case to the shop where all the important documents they need to contain. Louis Vuitton handbags for sale in many shapes and sizes. Some kits come with the sofa that you take your car at the airport. There is also LV Epi Leather and briefcases components. They come with straps and carrying handle. Some kits come with many subjects. Some kits to keep front pockets and back pockets of newspapers, umbrellas, water bottles and other essentials. You can consider the leather briefcases in the selection. He has a lifetime elegant and sophisticated. Bags Louis Vuitton bags are the big trip. Some specialize in laptop backpacks, some of them regular small backpack for many purposes. They come in different shapes and sizes as well. You can choose from leather backpacks for better style and quality checked. Leather backpack coach recommended the study. The drawings are very nice and good durability. They are very elegant and easy. Does Louis Vuitton bags for mobile phones and other multifunctional pockets. The straps are adjustable in back for comfort fund. The leather is waterproof, so you always see at all times.

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Do you want a laptop, you protect yourself? If yes, then you should be interested in buying a suitcase for them. Whether it is new, slightly larger, or is obsolete, there is a LV Epi Leather design for you. Two of the most common types of Louis Vuitton handbags for sale laptop bags and briefcases are portable. Both species are very common in women. This is because most of these types of cases are the latest trends of today designed in the spirit. While the laptop bag, laptop bag can be the same style are very different in design and have the advantages and disadvantages over the other must be between the two is quite simple. Without knowing in advance, many people would not be able to distinguish between a Louis Vuitton Leather Handbags every day. There are many models to choose from a variety of colors, fabrics and materials. Therefore, everyone should be able to find a Louis Vuitton laptop bag, you can design your own personal taste. Louis Vuitton handbags look like ordinary laptops, because they are relatively low compared to laptop cases. You just wide enough for a laptop-sized in his house with a little more space for accessories. Since only a handbag, this case will not be able to customize your laptop and a few other things. If you carry only one bag with your laptop, a person who is only a small amount of accessories and other normal things in your portfolio, it must take all. As a purse, briefcase, these books are always sporting stylish handles, long enough on the shoulder and short enough for you to wear to fit the hand. If you are a person who wants everything in the bag regularly bring your laptop and laptop accessories in one place, are a laptop bag is best for you. As a LV Monogram Canvas, there are many designs and styles for you to choose. Therefore, you can use your laptop Louis Vuitton bag that reflects your personality. Not only do these bags are sure to protect your laptop, but everything else remains intact with all the extra memory. This type of transport crates must register a large number of bags of different sizes of compartments and zippers to organize all your stuff. In these pockets and compartments, you can makeup, jewelry, money and much more. If you accessories for laptops, such as mice, speakers, chargers, etc., have, so you can wear well. To a certain Louis Vuitton handbags laptops for sale, to stop a purse or a clock with the design of the award. When LV Monogram Denim, laptop bags, laptop straps short enough to be so long in their hands, so you can wear to fit over the shoulder. You must decide in this case, you want to take power to the laptop you want. If you do not fit your laptop, notebook choose the Louis Vuitton bag. But if you need to wear other accessories, you must use the laptop bag

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Trend Handbags Feedback together with Discount Prada Bags

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Many people Own Gucci bags

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luxury brands lagging Chinese foreign

  Visitors take pictures of a crystal drop light luxury in China in 2012, show a few luxuries in Beijing 8th June 2012. [Photo / Xinhua]

Chinese products were just opened, in contrast to the abundance of elements foreign to the luxury-products of a show to Friday.

"China has basically no luxury brand premium, which is unfortunate," said Xiong Xunlin, deputy secretary general of the China Chamber of International Commerce.

The disparity has become even more sensitive than the nation's hunger for luxury goods is more and more. Xiong predicts that to achieve the sales of luxury goods in 2015, $ 27 billion, making more than one-fifth of the world's luxury goods consumers in China and the world of luxury.

Xiong said that even if the global financial crisis hit in 2009, jumped sales of luxury goods in China for another 16 percent for the year.

A recent survey conducted by the University, was in Beijing for International Business and Economics and the base, that 68 percent of consumers believe more than 2,000 respondents, China lacks the ability to create its own luxury brands.

Jessica Tu, president of the Luxury Market Council (China) said the Chinese brands to remain weak in terms of global influence.

"You have to attach more importance to the exploration of overseas markets," Tu said.

Xiong said that while China was once the king of "luxury" as they were known in ancient times, the country has been slow to luxury goods that appeal to modern consumers to create.

"If the country is far behind, is the creation of brands," said Xiong.

The experts interviewed at the event said Mark Chinese rice wine, tea, porcelain and jewelry have the potential to become luxury goods of the class.

Links to political influence Obama campaign to show the fashion industry is increasingly

  On Tuesday Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, there is a large part of the fashion industry in the U.S., expected in Chicago where she is supermodel Iman and campaign manager of President Obama to join Jim Messina, for a night of stumping. For $ 1,000, donors can chat, shopping and posing for photos with the publisher floors.

Two days later, plans to Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker, owner of a fundraising dinner $ 40,000-a-board with Obama to Parker in New York at home.

Both high price, high-profile events developed a symbiotic relationship between focus of the Obama campaign with his first style-conscious woman who has a number of American designers, and fashion industry is deeply recessed, largely Democratic, which was increasingly coordinate their support for Obama.

New York in February, just before Fashion Week, Wintour and actress Scarlett Johansson has a fundraising campaign for the launch of the campaign trail to shop online and "project from fashion designers to win Obama organized support in 2012," which sells scarves , T-shirts and bracelets from 22 designers created to raise money for re-election effort. To change after the success of the title in 2008, the website, which has raised more than $ 1,000,000, the campaign is putting stock in the fashion trend-setting initiatives.

Heavy with the rich

Give an American designer. Vera Wang. Michael Kors. Diane von Furstenberg. Michelle Obama wear this American luxury brands and a host of others, consistently earn their praise of a changing business. She knows the adaptation of Narciso Rodriguez, the wheel of the Marquise, the sweetness of a shell Tracy Reese.

His sense of dress did not hurt her husband. With the style of Michelle Obama, a socially progressive political program and a campaign ready to promote the best designers in the fundraising, merged the industry behind the couple in 2008. This year, the designers behind the labels most hanging in the closet of the First Lady to support the re-election campaign of her husband, hosting high-dollar fundraising and make campaign contributions. Although management of the fashion industry gave both parties during elections seasons past, designers traditionally issues such as AIDS and the environment that supports a candidate. Obama is the first presidential candidate rival, the broad and deep support it generates thrust.

A look at all Americans, Michelle Obama wore label design since 2008, says-O.com, a fashion blog that tracked daily wardrobe of the First Lady, says many of its designers favored the support of the President. Without jewelry designers and mass market retailers, has nearly 50 percent of American designer of Michelle Obama is supported given in 2008 or 2012 campaigns of her husband, filed the documents to the Federal Election Commission were. In early June 2008 had donated only a handful of these designers. In comparison, the number of designers has tripled donated to June 2012.

But none of the fashion donated by U.S. First Lady during her husband's first term, supported by Republican candidates in 2008 or 2012. And according to a study by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, have executives from the fashion industry in 2008 and almost double the staff time contributed to Obama as a candidate for the GOP, Senator John McCain.


Behind the Bentley flavors Hilfiger its peak days

  NEW YORK - If you wake up like Tommy Hilfiger, the possibilities are almost endless day.

Perhaps you are flying to Paris or Hong Kong for business or for fun, the beautiful island of Mystique. Really, if he wanted, he could only sit in his apartment at the Plaza SUPER LUXE with views of Central Park, the organization of dozens of pins up to sit on his desk in the library.

This is not like Tommy, though. He loves to work. He wants to work.

He is in the fashion industry for over 40 years from a small shop denim Elmira, NY, and now head of a brand, one of the most famous in the world. This spring, he added advisor "American Idol"-style to her resume.

Peers to the Council of Fashion Designers of America honored him on Monday night with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

But Tommy Hilfiger, as previous winners in the last year, says Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors in 2010, he feels a little young. "I remember when we were young guys," he said of himself and other winners. "I thought,` Lifetime Achievement "was for her 70 years."

Yes, he's 61, he admits, but there is still much to do. He ended his acceptance speech before a crowd, Jessica Chastain and Kyra Sedgwick Hollywood, and Anna Wintour, Donna Karan and the fashion world is contained in the words, "vote. Stay"

The Associated Press with Tommy several times that day to get an idea of ​​how it's got to live in his skin checked. (Black pants, no socks, in the way.)

"In the shower in the morning, I was thinking,` Do I have to pinch myself? "He said, moments after he arrived in chauffeur-driven Bentley to the morning dress rehearsal of the ceremony at Lincoln Center. There is a clear dark blue suit with no tie, and, literally, he jumped up, despite rain is forcing him to wear a tartan plaid umbrella.

Spend more than a few minutes with Tommy, we notice that it moves quickly and efficiently.

He makes his way through the labyrinth of the stage to Diane von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, catch, as they wound their own training. He ignored his iPhone, which makes the sound of the waves as she talks, and applauded for her when she did - the only one in the room who does.

It goes way back with von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, explains, and she was the one who sent the e-mail with news from the CFDA scholarship. "She was congratulating me, but I had to scroll down to find out why!"

It would be asked almost nothing of Furstenberg, he said. And she does: She wants him to dinner for a good cause to participate. He wants, and then he asks her to do the same.

Many people, the way has managed to have good reasons, he said. Are his Autism Awareness Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington.

After a kiss duplicate pieces for von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger gets an overview of what is included and installed in the CFDA 50th Anniversary display are included. It must, must necessarily be a navy blue blazer, said a show producer, and the team is an example of his signature bandana looking prints.

This enables a quick admission of Tommy, but he does not like his head is cut in a photo. It is supported - just like that.

He wants to know if he can give a preview of the speech Wintour of Vogue editor-in to hear. This is a partial yes, Wintour stand-in reading a few lines of the teleprompter, but the rest will remain as a surprise.

Hilfiger is behind the podium, and he makes sure all of your friends and family members, he says he also wishes to thank its customers. Hilfiger took some flak with an eye for more commercial artists that the industry is clean, but not many of them slowed down outside Bentley.

"OK, let's go," he said, and it is paid, the movement back to the car, some logistics for the rest of his days, including, where is he and his wife Dee at the ceremony, and he wonders where they retain the trophy, it is a quick conversation with Kenneth Cole -. which come to the dinner plans for more.

Next on the agenda, interviews with foreign reporters at his Fifth Avenue store, a meeting with its corporate donors, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., a consultation with his design team on the collections of the September Fashion Week in New York and a 45 - minute catch with his son, who is visiting in California.

It goes back to the apartment to put his tuxedo Plaza, he pairs of shoes in patent leather formal lace-up and put you on the phone. It comes with the strips instead of solid black, because he wanted "a little more fun."

He sits on the couch of velvet, which is bookended by the animal-print stools and seems like he took his first deep breaths of the day. He emphasized the peonies of congratulations sent to him Kors. Flowers so beautiful Narciso Rodriguez are in the other room. "Flowers are nice gestures," he said.

Hilfiger would rise again when his wife comes from her great staircase lined with an orange jumpsuit. , She joking that they light the color of sorbet they chose to be able to find it when he sees the scene.

"You can not miss in this area," said Dee.

But Tommy has almost miss the red carpet, he was one of the youngest. For all his fame and effectiveness Hilfiger can not control the traffic of Manhattan, especially on a night that President Barack Obama holds fundraisers.

"I must have been asked 12 times if I'm nervous. I'm excited, I am humbled, I am honored, but I do not think that nervous. Should I be nervous?" He said, shortly before the gets inside.

He stumbles into the model Karolina Kurkova, who is dressed in Hilfiger. "It's such a good guy. He would not have lasted so long if it does not," says Kurkova.

Hilfiger photographers hired last year right in front of the door. There is a big smile. He enjoys the limelight - or perhaps more like it enjoy.

"It's a wonderful moment in time, but it could be dangerous to think that this is the ultimate moment," he says. "This is an allusion to a lot of respect, but I'm back to work."

They must wait for a trip to Mystic.


Does My Tattoo Match My Shoes?

 Or my bag. With this particular tattoo of mine it could really go both ways, but that is if you're the kind of person who frequents animal-themed accessories, which I am. Now there was a time when the kinds of people who squeal at the sight of shoes with ears would never get a tattoo; luckily I've been born into a more accepting time. More than that, I've been born into a time when I can sport tattoos as I would Hermès bangles... again if I were the kind of person who owns plural of the aforementioned bracelet, which I do not.

My first tattoo, three jaggedly-drawn stars on my left shoulder, was inked into my skin by a 60-year-old lady in Cornwall, Ontario as I blasted Franz Ferdinand into my ears on my pink iPod Mini to drown out the buzzing. It didn't work, I could still hear her needle working, and I moved almost immediately adding even more 'character' to such a character-less tattoo. I was 15 years old with that first one, now I'm 22 and I have stars all over that left shoulder (when your ex writes a play about you, you react by seeking the prettiest pain) and a few more.

Recently my pets have started dying. That came out of nowhere I realize, but I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. I'm at that age when all those beloved furry friends I begged for as a child are nearing their end, and my way of paying tribute will result in a tatted dead-pet-collage on my inner ankle/calf. We had this tiny little cat named Coco, obviously for Coco Chanel because preteens lack creativity, and she died so unexpectedly I knew she had to have a tattoo immediately. I started Googling any and all combos of 'Chanel', 'Coco', and 'cat' and wound up with a drawing I then personalized for my little Coco.

Now (meow) there is a Chanel bag on my leg, with a cat in it. I carry a Chanel purse most days of the week. When you turn 19 and that play-writing ex-boyfriend dumps you, your parents overreact in Chanel to your gleeful, and legally drunken, benefit. Have I gone too far in inking a brand onto my skin? The double-C logo is even on a shopping bag. Personally, I love the tattoo, it's just all of you who see it and react to it like all of a sudden I'm less of a person and more of a shopping caricature.

There is a reason I use my actual Chanel purse so frequently: in my opinion it goes with everything. And I think the newest addition to my collection, though in two-dimensional form, also goes with everything. I suppose the reactions to this latest tattoo mimic sentiments to my more outrageous fashion choices, but then I suppose the problem lies with those too afraid to throw caution to the wind. I am fearless when I walk out my door in a cape and fur stole though I am met with stares, yet when I feel a critique on what is now apart of my skin all of a sudden insecurity creeps in.

Part of my identity is represented through fashion, and we have all felt it before -- the want to distinguish ourselves from the status-quo. I realize this sentiment may send me more judgment, but I treat my tattoos like my fashions. I am quick to act, commit whole-heartedly, and am always a bit off beat -- so if you wouldn't judge me on my shoes, don't comment on my tattoo.


Pernia's Pop-Up Shop: High fashion just click away!

 Twenty eight years old Pernia Qureshi has taken high fashion off the racks of glitzy designer stores on to the pages of her online venture Pernia's Pop-Up Shop. She gained invaluable experience with a handful of very enviable jobs in New York City and returned to India in 2008. With fresh aesthetic and international influences, this young stylist is making her mark in both fashion and film.

Leveraging her personal sense of style, Qureshi brings high fashion on the click of a mouse with her high end online fashion store Pernia's Pop-Up Shop.

Pernia took her first step into the fashion world in 2006 with internships in New York with Elle and Harper's Bazaar. On her return to India in 2008 she worked with top Indian designers like Tarun Tahiliani and JJ Valaya. But she made it big when she styled fashionista Sonam Kapoor's Aisha in 2010.

Putting here experience to work Pernia decided to cash in on the e-commerce rush in April this year.

"The entire concept of Pernia's Pop-Up Shop is basically a high fashion online store. A store which is very well curetted with the latest fashion, with the best of the best Indian designers, its an Indian design platform or south Asian I should say because we have Pakistani as well and it is really for consumers who look to see what's the latest, who want to be in touch with the best of Indian fashion," Quresh i said.

"It's for them to get to go to a place where they find everything on their finger tips. Not everybody has the time to go and browse what all these designers are up to. So as a stylist, as a creator for this website I weed out everything every season. So I weed out all the bad stuff, I keep only the best. So a limited selection of what's best and what's available to them."

In just a month the shop has already seen a 1000 shoppers and a shift 400 orders. Shoppers are also coming in from fashion lovers around the world. Selling garments and accessories for women, the website also offers style videos with fashion and makeup advice.

Target Audience

"My target audience is not just one type of girl or women, its real quite a vast spectrum of women. We have things for anybody from who is 16 years old, like a mini dress, a cute bag, a nice accessory to somebody who is even 60 years old. Any woman who wants to dress well, any woman who wants to be very updated with her fashion choices. A woman who is taking advantage of the fact that there was a stylish putting everything together for her. It's actually like being a stylist for everybody," she said.

"Tier 2 cities are very aspirational. They are really updated with the current trends because they are on the internet, they watch TV, they travel. So they are really updated actually with everything. But the only thing is that on a daily basis they don't have access to designer wear. So even if they want something they will have to make a trip for it. So for them it's perfect," she added.

Optimist about the headroom for growth Pernia hopes to close the year at a projected Rs 8 crore.

Way ahead

"I think there is a really big potential for growth because I have actually seen how girls and women have changed. I have been in India for the last 3 years and I have seen how women are getting more and more interested in the way they look and taking care of themselves, more aware of designers, more aware of fashion, labels, aspiring to look like actresses, aspiring to emulate bollywood fashion."

"I have really seen that there was a really huge market for women who need and want clothes and jewellery and accessories and by next year it is going to be a norm shopping online. I think it's just going to be like going to buy groceries. You just go by a belt online. There is nothing more convenient. Nobody can beat a convenient business. So if something is making someone's life easier, it's going to catch on for sure."

As the trend catches on Pernia is all set to launch a celebrity closet section where clothes and accessories worn by celebrities will go on sale. Pernia's Pop-Up Shop will soon up rewards for avid customers, live streaming of shows around the Lakme Fashion Week and cater to fashionable men as well. So great Indian fashion is now just a click away.


Small can be beautiful for makers of luxury goods

  Children's products may be the next growth point for international luxury brands in China, and the little ones could be a more lucrative market than their parents, who are ready to splash out on prestigious products for their offspring.

A report by Albatross Global Solutions, a Hong Kong-based consulting firm specializing in the luxury industry, said that 60 percent of 900 survey respondents reported spending more than 3,000 yuan ($474) a month on luxury goods for their children last year. The percentage spending that amount was just 40 percent in previous years.

According to Frost & Sullivan, a US-based market consultancy, annual per household spending on children's products in urban China is expected to reach $1,256 by the end of 2013.

China is already the world's second-largest luxury consumption country after Japan. Industry analysts have said that Chinese luxury consumers are younger than their overseas counterparts, who are also likely to have younger children.

Luxury goods for children (up to age 14) mainly mean clothing and toys.

Profits on children's products are higher than those on goods for adults, because less material is used but the prices aren't much lower, said Yang Qingshan, guest researcher on luxury goods and services at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

"It's imperative that luxury manufacturers extend their business into children's products. It's a huge market, but the costs are lower," said Yang.

Nice niche

Because of the high profits, children's products will be a lucrative niche market for luxury manufacturers, experts said.

Some international luxury labels are playing catch-up in the kids' market in China.

"Kids' (product) lines will be a growth point in China," Patrizio di Marco, president and CEO of Gucci, told China Daily in April.

He said Gucci will open more children's product stores on the Chinese mainland. The company already has one in Hong Kong.

Gucci entered the worldwide market of children's clothing in 2010, and has sold products in seven flagship stores on the mainland since then.

As the first luxury label to offer children's products back in the 1960s, Baby Dior opened a specialty store in Shanghai in 2010, its only such store outside Paris.

The big names in luxury have an edge in the children's market, because Chinese consumers prefer to choose brands they know for their children.

The Albatross report said that Gucci Kids, Burberry Children, Baby Dior and Armani Junior are all popular in China.

It's natural for Chinese parents "to transfer their preferences in luxury goods to their children", according to the China Research Center for Children's Industry.

Safety is also a big issue.

"I trust the luxury brands with better quality, and they are safe for kids," said Zhang Fan, a 30-year-old mother with an 8-month-old son.

Zhang, an office worker in Beijing, said she spent thousands of yuan on some luxury garments and shoes for her son.

Room to grow

However, children's products still account for a very small share of the luxury market. The segment is only just taking off, compared with centuries of history for the mainstream luxury industry.

Burberry's financial results show that children's products only contributed 4 percent to the brand's revenue in the 12 months ended in March, the smallest of any of its product lines.

But revenue from children's products increased 287 percent from 2006 to this year, according to the Burberry's results.

"Manufacturers did not care about the kids' business in the past and most of them just displayed kids' products on some shelves in their regular stores," said Yang.

The situation will change, because luxury manufactures have to find a new growth point amid the slowing expansion of China's luxury market, Yang said.

"Kids' products will be their choice, and I expect to see more specialty stores for kids' luxury goods in China," Yang said.