The rising star of fashion purchases Roberts talks style

p> Emma Roberts is not only made a name for himself as a rising star in Hollywood - she has four movies in the works - it also leaves its mark in the fashion world. Louis Vuitton Leather Handbags The 21-year-old is regularly published in magazines for his style on the red carpet before name-checked and is sought at the forefront of fashion, Guest. It seems appropriate, then it would be a sign of official fashion consultant Snapette, a social media-app purchases, where they blog and share pictures of it as it is. Roberts talks about her love of sunglasses, style inspirations and only rule of fashion: AP: How did you interested in fashion? Roberts: Fashion has always been something that I was in. Since I have small, was interested, my mother told me that I would try to go to the school in my heels and dress-up ... a feather boa, and I see nothing wrong with that. For me, fashion is always something that I love and that I would have it more risks to take design stuff and become more involved in in any way more than I am getting older. AP: Are you careful not to casually as sweatpants outside because you might be photographed wearing? Roberts: I never wear sweatpants out of the house. This is probably my only rule. I know I'll regret it if someone. A picture of me I'll be like "Ugh. I'm the girl was wearing sweatpants and flip-flops all day outside, and I do not want that person I am. And I even have friends who are like you have, 'you see the picture of me? 'm like, 'Why are wearing pajamas outside? So, that's my only rule, really. No pajamas outside (laughs). By the way, I want to wear sweatpants on a plane all the days of my life, but I'm like, "I do not want a picture of me." AP: Is there an accessory that you like to buy? Roberts: I've always been a fan of sunglasses ever. I'm the kind of person who wears a new pair every day. I had a go-to pair that these Dior, were those black cat eye. I literally lost three times, I have to buy again, and I just found out that I lost the other day, and I'm devastated as. It is a collaboration with a pair Nanette Lepore I developed as his muse for Sunglass Hut and they ended up as the white cat eye sunglasses, and I'm like, 'Oh my God. What luck! But they are limited edition, so that I be careful not to lose it, because I like, "I will not be able to get them back, even if they are sunglasses Emma'm available. I ended up using two pairs and my sister already a stolen .... The other pair I'm afraid to leave, because I know that they are in a taxi somewhere in New York and know they were mine. AP: What are your sources of inspiration for fashion? Roberts: I'm a big fan of people who are looking for good on carpets. I love Kate Bosworth, she always looks together. I love Sienna Miller. ... Audrey Hepburn, I think she looked immaculate. I want everything always what they wore still there today. AP: What about nail polish? What color do you wear? Roberts: I'm a red nail or anything. I always see people with these great designs, but sit for 10 minutes, I'm like, "dry, this is the worst sitting there waiting. When people nice things on their nails, I'm like," How long did it take? How long have you been sitting there? And you can not do anything because your nails are wet! AP: Why did you partner with Snapette? Roberts: Snapette is a new application for the iPhone and it was something I wanted to be included in, because I'm a big fan of fashion and of course I'm a shopper, and this is something like Instagram-meets-Yelp where images take, you can "like" the photos you can see what other download and where everything, so for me to buy, I'm always happy, "Where did you find it? Where'd you get that?" So for me, this app great to see because you can what you want and see where the next place is going to buy, then it's great.

The five habits of famous fashion bloggers pellets study secret achievement Social Media

Joe Average response to the sex tape celebrity blogs have long been known as a quick and dirty way to fame has been mythologized. Unlike reality TV, where networks control the lights, the Internet allows anyone to accomplish fame on their own. Prada Tote Bags So, why is not any idiot with a book blog and start cashing offers great? This question is asked (albeit in a milder terms) by Canadian researchers in a new study that the "megaphone effect" reverses. The ability to build an audience of strangers without share capital to examine the phenomenon through the prism of fashion blogs, isolate best practices of young women online reputation online opportunity translated -. The Brass Ring for wannabe tastemakers from all sides "In the past, it was Paris Hilton had to be - someone with family ties - or work for the government or the media," says Barbara Phillips, professor of marketing at the University of Saskatchewan. "Now anyone can be without the support of famous - but not everyone is So what makes the difference between people who are successful at this megaphone and people who blog to their friends and family have used." Together with U.S. colleague Jessica Miller and Edward McQuarrie Santa Clara University, Phillips has analyzed the growth of 10 fashion blogs success (ie, Fashion Toast Karla Booth). After making the transition from virtual anonymity to fame industry These five key characteristics for success were identified. A. Displays taste, no diaries: women in danger, daring decisions and definitive statements about what is fashionable and what is not. They quickly established itself as a cultural specialist. Second They were pretending to be part of a community: While blogs niche communities of people who tend to think like women in this study apply to become involved through their public ignorant comments refusal of content suggestions, and not directly with their students. Phillips described as a means for defining the state. Third Less photos personal: All but one of the bloggers for final modeling clothes themselves, which in turn presents retailers, thus increasing more opportunities to see new outfits. Phillips noted that the only blogger who borrowed the use of images seen on fewer economic and social opportunities. 4th High quality, professional content: Over time, blogs more as editorials from fashion magazines. The image has become everything. 5th Practices of ignorance: pretending resemblance to readers after achieving fame in the industry. For example, after participating in Fashion Week, blogs have to pass a test at school or feeding their dogs. "It's like," Do not forget, I'm like you - only better luck, "said Phillips, underlines the importance of the appearance can be identified. The study, which was published in June 2013 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, stressed that megaphone effect is not to undermine existing cultural hierarchies, but rather to act as a new route home. "These women do not pull institutions or against it. Indeed, her greatest desire insiders has become self," says Phillips, noting that the top fashion come bloggers author their own books, the same events visit how traditional media accept paid advertising, and even their own lines. "This is just another way to be famous."


Philippine Fashion Week: Middle East fantasies

Dubai marked an? Ssige Albert Andrada and Ezra Santos return the start of the range of one week shows. Joey Espino, Jr., owner of the track welcomed Productions (producer PFW) te? Commitment of the two designers go home for the show. Louis Vuitton Leather Handbags Mr. Andrada is the first step? Ffnete his show with Ford Supermodel of the World (2011) Danica Magpantay in a pastel aqua blue dress was halter. The collection was like a summer with bright pastel colors? NEN substances, some of which imagine traveling in the summer breeze could be, and folds, lace, pearls and crystal details filled a touch of luxury. Chantilly lace and silk hugging female curves and gave a warm effeminate menswear. Nicknamed "The Beach at Etretat," collection of the designer is inspired by Franz? Sisch Impressionist Claude Monet Painting Gem? With the same name in 1883. The fact that the two designers are currently working in the Middle East could be seen in their work - East drawings by Mr. Andrada was plentiful and glamor s, but showed less skin, w while Mr. Santos has been influenced by elements of the Middle? Artistry and Spanish. Mr. Santos has brought a bit of drama on the stage with his collection "Definiendo El Amor" - Fashion Designer combined art and architecture in a collection that seeks to provide a unique aesthetic has Barcelona Sagrada Familia "definition of love."?. The architectural inspiration came from the first parts, the golden scales played into winged parts. Details shoulder gave women a feeling that "I can rule the world" and discovered a piece of skin, just enough to be mysterious and s fat?. Pieces attractive, had a look at the curves of a woman and a human frame.


Brad Pitt. Chanel ads. Greatest Christmas. Inevitable: Retail

Industry consultants are all over the map. Most agree on one point, however: to raise women's perfume - especially in men with an appreciation of the bride of Mr. Pitt, Angelina Jolie - probably boost holiday sales of Chanel SAS most famous product. Louis Vuitton Damier Wallets Advertising Black and White, which began this month, has gone viral, with more than 4.64 million views on YouTube and spawned a series of parodies. U.S. TV show Saturday Night Live last weekend aired a parody, in which an actor Pitt recognized sporting long hair and a goatee announcing the Dorito-shell taco sold praised Yum! The fragrance is "something that men and women do not know," she said, adding that most women are not alienated from the ad, because Pitt is beautiful even if it is to use the celebrities' a little gadget. " In the fourth quarter marketing is crucial try for luxury goods makers, buyers win in the best-selling time of the year. Perfumes are an important element for the gift of Macy Inc. (M), Le Bon Marché in Paris, a retail segment. Heavily on sales in November and December Seduce men The choice of Pitt, 48 "can be used to get people feel more comfortable going to the perfumery," said Andrew Sacks, founder of an advertising agency in New York City the same luxury. Kate Shone, a New York-based spokesman for Chanel with few shareholders wanted to comment on the campaign. Pitt was paid $ 7,000,000, plus Chanel planned to spend $ 10 million for advertising, Women's Clothing Daily reported on 5 October, citing unidentified sources in the industry. Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld once again does not disclose financial information. It is ranked as the most valuable luxury brand in fourth place with a value of $ 6.68 billion, according to Millward Brown Optimor 2012 BrandZ study published in May. Visually appealing Daniel Spinosa, a 25 year old medical student at Columbia University in New York, was intrigued by the script. The world turns and turns with her. Disappear plans, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My happiness, my destiny, my happiness. Chanel No. 5 Inevitable. " Value for money Monologue Pitt has no connection with the product, Tom Julian, expert and consultant said retail brand with a company of the same name in New York. The campaign would have worked better if Pitt had brought more shows a montage of the universe of the brand and fragrance to express, he said. Get Lucky Chanel No. 5 perfume is the most famous worldwide and made her debut in 1921, said the release of Chanel.


Hermes sets foot in China with a new watch shop

Fran ais designer brand Hermes has expanded his horizons in Asia, opened a branch in Beijing, China. The hotel is located in Fu Xin Meng Parkson, this business is an important market for the company to make a global presence now more than before. In fact, this shop is a measuring about 83 square meters, one of the 17 branches in niche markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
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China has become an important market for startegic luxury brands, after many of them has created a special edition for the country that celebrated? Year of the Dragon? this year. Brands such as Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and now try to paying in the high mobile customers in the country to open up to spend lifestyle products such as watches. Hermes will try to polish its Asian customers of luxury watches, apart from the major Chinese base exists.

The reproduction designer bag

Brands of replica designer  Louis Vuitton Taiga Leatherbag are many and make sure they have the full range of LV bags over their purchases. Among the styles tote bags and also the judgment of the glenohumeral joint, handbags are the most popular Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis monogram. There are different types to choose outsourcing as Monogram canvas, the Monogram Multicoloure and so on. Again, many choose Damier Canvas design or vLouis Vuitton Taiga Leather bagEbene table that can be as unique mid LV replica handbags.

When one moves just to buy replica handbags LV is definitely mainly because these bags are the most popular on earth and therefore are considered simply in the world. The famous Damier Monogram bags or hand materials containing the company logo printed on them lasting artistic brand is the most famous and favorite LV replica handbags. Thus, most reproduction handbags manufacturers are busy providing perfect replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis. with legendary bags. Lv is part of the massive conglomerate LVMH design. Although most of his bags are legendary, delivered to their new customers  Louis Vuitton Utah Leatherevery season design. The categories of handbags in this model are numerous. There are bags and bags of glenohumeral better deal with Speedy models are legendary and tend to be the night of pliers and evening bags that may be exposed, while the selection of a track very few.


Hermes Avalon blanket: lazy luxury

Once the leaves start to fall, many people turn into couch potatoes. We do not blame them - who would not want to stay away from the wind Slush Ice or strong? With a roof over their head and a cup of hot tea in hand, there's nothing like the company of a soft blanket, the complete whole. (Just ask Linus.) Prada Cosmetic Bags Intellectual comfort seekers can look no further than the cover of Avalon, by Hermes, the French luxury goods maker known for its silk scarves and ties. With 85 per cent wool, you are sure to stay warm when the temperature drops. And provides a smooth cashmere you will not find in a position to release the coated polyester plastic free to expect on your next international flight.

Chanel keeps faith in Australian market

"We have always aligned local customers," said Blakeley. "If we do not believe in them, we would not grow." The Castlereagh Street store was launched in 1988 to life, but has renovated with 24-carat gold leaf walls, LED technology screens and seats coated tweed Chanel made by Europe's most prestigious embroiderer Lesage. After Christmas, the second phase of renovations to the exterior of the entire building will have to start with the signature Chanel white are approved. "We have seen tourism come and go with the Japanese and the Chinese," said Blakeley. "We Australians. We opened a ready-to-wear and a beauty shop in Brisbane last year and an open shop in King Street in Perth in December." Prada Tote Bags Interim storage of Chanel in Westfield Sydney, which originally did not want to exchange for the renovation of the show, now is a permanent shop, following the successful negotiation. "The business is now built to complement the standards of Chanel, but Castlereagh Street Sydney is our flagship product," Blakeley said. Last year drew Louis Vuitton flagship Sydney Castlereagh Street George Street, but Blakeley always refers to the business address as the end of the City of Paris. "I think it shows the maturity of Sydney city shopping, as it is no longer included in the range," he said. "But the situation is somewhat Chanel very seriously and we are very pleased with us." Saturday Chanel celebrates renovation with an exhibition of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld and former editor in chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld at Pier 3.2 Walsh Bay Sydney until 11 November. Soft Sell Keep yourself. The legacy of Coco Chanel, the French luxury goods acquired under Scottish cashmere producer Barrie Knitwear threat, secure the jobs of the 176 employees of the company Scottish Borders 140 years of the company, the iconic Chanel two-tone cashmere cardigans based manufactures, is a trading company of the textile firm Dawson International Trade, which was placed under administration in August. "We worked with them for over 25 years and there was a risk that the company could disappear," said the Head of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky said Chanel. "It was logical to be able to continue working with extremely competent people." The acquisition "will save the jobs of all 176 employees, guaranteeing a historic brand" Chanel said in a statement. Based in Hawick, where it produces 20,000 to 25,000 pieces for about 100 customers worldwide, the company will continue to be led by the current management team and follow all existing contracts without exclusivity. Barrie Knitwear "was not in danger of disappearing because they can not work, but it was caught in the Dawson problems" related to the financing of pensions within the group, said Pavlovksy. "The company is one of the last in Scotland, capable of sophisticated goods for display on the podium, they do." Barrie knitting the second foreign company is acquired by Chanel, after the Italian shoemaker Roveda. Since 1985, Chanel has bought nine companies craft upscale Paraffection through its subsidiary, including the embroiderer Lesage, shoemaker Massaro, milliner Michel and in September last year, the Causse Glover.


SNL beloved Brad Pitt Chanel Ad How much she parodies four times

When we saw Brad Pitt Chanel No.5 commercial, he was so overly strict, and, well, weird thing was that we somehow feel that it is an SNL skit was quite special because it reminds us that already ( ahem, Kristen Wiig for Red Flag). Fortunately, the authors of the SNL come with us. The show made Taran Killam skit hilarious impression Mr. Pitt in the Chanel to see grumpy hair penetrated and rambly course, absurd speeches. Speaking of SNL gave an explanation of why possibile Pitt was so absurd: "I spoke for like two hours, and I'm starting to sound crazy," said Brad wrong. But ... We suspect that that is what happened Chanel?

Verification mode: Varsity Blues, nails and dangerous Marios Schwab

We want: Varsity Blues A welcome return to Kingly Court Carnaby, London College of Fashion Boutique College a chance to grab you. A piece of what could eventually the history of fashion are unique pieces of graduates on the sale of £ 20 Kingly Court, London W1, until 31 October We're not sure: dangerous nails The Audit Committee has taken an edgy spin on something trivial, but this nail gun from the artist Shelley Getzendanner School of the Art Institute of Chicago influenced seems a bit wasteful shock tactics. File under, thanks but no thanks. We buy: Marios Marvellous Designer Marios Schwab knows how a piece of cloth seriously cut sexy, during her first collection for Debenhams Online Edition "comes in time for the holiday shopping season. Black, dark purple and dark blue pieces are adorned with signature stitch detailing Schwab in this femme fatale inspired line. € 100, debenhams.com We can not wait: New in town Line Alexander McQueen menswear-inspired military settlement in the Holy Land on Savile Row. The launch of the autonomous male shop first Thursday promises a lot to. With neighbors, with a twisted take on traditional sewing as modern dandy Savile Row, London W1 We read: Shortcut to Revolution So much more than standard snipper, is celebrated the work of the late, great Vidal Sassoon in this volume, in which they examined as part of the social changes of the sixties and its revolutionary strategy in detail. "As a man changed the world with scissors", £ 30 amazon.com


clouds gather for LVMH Luxury increases revenues be less

A warning about the results of the Burberry a few weeks ago began a shadow on the luxury industry, which to be resistant to the effects of the economic take on most consumer sectors. In this context I would like to come, many observers try to predict the dynamics of the luxury industry for the rest of the year as well as an overview of the 2013th LVMH is the world leader in luxury goods, and of course, a prism, see through the important industry. They reported strong earnings growth in the first nine months of 2012 and the third quarter (the Company recorded an organic growth rate of 10% for 9 months, and 6% for the third quarter of 2012.) - This points to a further slight increase in the Revenues in the first half of the year. (Organic sales growth of turnover without fluctuations.) Hermes Kelly 35CM Handbags The current yield was produced by the legendary resilience of the Group brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Celine, etc. and reflects the creativity of fashion and craft behind them and geographical diversification. It was the talk of the conference, the market has clearly found a slowdown in sales in Asia, even in his fashion business and leather available - though, that the sale of its flagship brand Louis Vuitton n had reported not diminished - Tourists and reduced in Asia, the specific activities DFS. (It should be noted that DFS is half the activity of LVMH Selective Retailing. His other half is Sephora, the remarkable success and strong comparable sales has enjoyed throughout the world. Ago now nearly 1,400 locations in Sephora Worldwide up to about 110 a year ago.) Overall, I think the prospects of LVMH is strong for the rest of the year. With a sales increase of about 6% chance in the fourth quarter However, it is difficult to predict beyond. Recently I was told that the United States, Russia and Brazil, some of the customers pick up slack caused by the absence of Japanese and Chinese customers. I think show a realistic assessment of the current client mix that even customers who's in the luxury shops such as Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale even a slowdown in spending. Moreover, while the stock market is still the force due to good income, I've heard that the pay Wall Street firms can not premiums in recent years - the impact on the purchasing power of a luxury consumer key. Overall, I think there will be a slowdown in sales in the first half of 2013 for luxury goods, but LVMH's strategy, its innovation to drive its brands and maintaining a strong geographical diversification is the way to difficult economic conditions to resist.


Kim Yu-na gets Exclusive Carry Case Louis Vuitton

Olympic figure skating Kim Yu-na has received a hand-made box to his skates and accessories as a special gift from Louis Vuitton Monday implementation. Chanel Outlet Store Kim, who has implemented his skates in the trunk of regular travel so far accepted the offer of a free gift from the luxury designer brand in January and asked at 45cm high. A craftsman then spent nine months perfecting the products according to the wishes of Kim at a studio in Asnieres, near Paris. Louis Vuitton said it will be a similar event at the beginning of next year. Kim plans to auction off this collaboration with a dedicated pair of skates and give all the proceeds to UNICEF. She was hired to help young people in need as a goodwill ambassador for the charity since 2010.

Shanghai Fashion Week, 10 years and counting, attracts

Shanghai Fashion Week, which begins Thursday, is celebrating its 10th Birthday first, after a turbulent decade. In 2003, the event began with a bang with the first lady of punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood, adorn his trail. But has international participation is varied over the years, changed its brand image and organizational priorities. Hermes Kelly 35CM Handbags In autumn last year, things began to turn, as Chinese designers have begun to attract more attention, and Westwood returned to a collection point. This year, a Vera Wang Bridal Show is scheduled when the designer will not be present. The organizers are confident that this upward trend is expected to continue and Shanghai Fashion Week brings to closer to its goal to connect four of the world: New York, Milan, London and Paris. "The mission of the Shanghai Fashion Week is Shanghai an international capital of fashion," Shao Feng, deputy secretary general of the organizing committee of the Shanghai Fashion Week, said. "We have to go a long way but we believe that the next decade will be even better." Designer look for Rachelle include Jim, Civil Engineering and Architecture graduate who changed his allegiance to fashion and has recently shown at Paris Fashion Week. For "China in Paris" event Another local designer Helen Lee is a leader in the industry of Shanghai in recent years. If go to its previous parades through anything, Ms. Lee will be a lesson in the presentation smooth and modern Chinese aesthetics. Closure of the week will be a show of SFW veteran Jenny Ji life label. Recently appeared in the Fashion Week in London, should it female, East-meets-West provide luxury in the gateway.


handbags is Personal Works of Art

There is no denying that the Prado handbags their noble position and elegant to show around the world. Of exclusive and stylish handbags Prado was at once in the form of words, after the manner of the world. After many years away, always. Way to the Prado and the selection of high-quality designs While many people's minds, they are regarded as practical portable. Prado Prado company Prada Cosmetic Bags?are made ??from begging to end. Discreet design and fully placed in the house porch. For this reason, it is as large as the rest of the world's most beautiful handbags handbags Prado. On the other side is the letter Prado style and elegance. Prado handbags brands in the beauty of other things can be overcome, what. Gradually symbols of fashion and luxury Handbags of the record. In a highly competitive market can Prado ?Prada Laptop Bags?because a large part of the world are busy. Their classic bags are also in the middle of the original designs, simple and versatile and classically elegant. Fashion changes faster and faster all the time, so Prado handbags are always on the way to seek more advanced technology and high quality materials, so that the value of their goods. Many both in the market can be selected what. The great needs of the people in power On several occasions, can Prado handbags will be available to many people. As far as I am concerned, I love carrying handbags Prado. And I remembered my birthday my mother sent me?Prada Messenger Bags? this brand handbag as a gift.


Sotheby's: A Luxury Stock To Buy On An Economic Recovery

Sotheby share price (BID) is volatile, as it might appear on its performance in recent years. To trade around $ 57 in 2007, it increased to 6 million in 2008 to $ 52,000,000 in 2011 again. Is currently at $ 31 and is up 11.6% compared to last month. The company missed analyst estimates for EPS and revenue in Q2 2012 results recently. This is the fourth consecutive quarter, the result is accurate. In the short term, the stock is not looking because of the economy attractive, but in the long term, we are optimistic about the IDB. Financial Performance: Hermes Kelly 32CM Handbags The company reported EPS of $ 1.24, missing estimates of $ 1.49. Last year, EPS was $ 1.81 Q2, which means a decrease of 31%. Sales of $ 304 million increased by 18% (year on year) and missed estimates of $ 336 million. The company is mainly the fault of the poor economic performance in the quarter. The company has a high beta of 2.36. The economic slowdown in Asia (especially China) and low demand in Europe is a matter of concern for the company, like many other luxury retailers also cautious. Comments on companies in these regions The company said that the top end of the market is still strong, despite the economy, the Asian market is still very profitable. The company's turnover is derived from auctions, trade and credit to Art. Approximately 95% of sales came from auctions in Q2 2012th Revenues from commissions auction down to a decrease of $ 250 million in sales individual entrepreneurs, compared with a record quarter last year. Auction commissions were also competing for about 1 percentage point due to more lucrative offers, and due to the sales mix. Income from loans for the best results with a jump of 44% of sales, which show that homeowners are increasingly relying on pictures of the liquidity reserve. Private sales of 40 million euros in the first half of 2012 are stable and healthy. Operating expenses increased by 8% in the second quarter and declined 3% for 1H 2012th Due to the low interest rates, management should refinance the convertible senior notes and more expensive with lower interest debt. One of the measures of the price of its $ 300,000,000 senior unsecured notes due 2022 and the rate of 5.25% senior notes to be replaced due to 7.75% in 2015. With cash of $ 8 per share, the company check, dividend increases and share buybacks if liquidity remains strong. Currently, the company pays a quarterly dividend of $ 0.08/share. This represents a dividend yield of 1.1% with a wage of 16%. The dividend is sustainable for now as cash on hand. However, the yield of free cash flow (12 months) is only 0.4%. Overall, the company flight on annual gross margin, operating margin and net profit margin are better than their average of 5 years, which means that the company shows to manage short-term scenarios difficult cases well and it is good for long term investment. Rating: The average target price is $ 34. In a previous P / E of 14x EPS and $ 2.22 expected in 2013, is the price to $ 31, $ 41 or up to 52 weeks. Pairs of the company and Christie Phillips, de Pury & Company are private companies, their manifold and therefore can not be used for comparison. Analysts expect a 18% increase in income per year over the next 5 years. The company is one of the auction houses and is a good buy on the economic recovery, when the company in Asia and Europe to be recovered.

Fashion Veterans Build DIY Gamification Platform for Brands

In simpler times, brands could broadcast a single message to many through a TV spot, a smattering of print ads or a billboard. These days, the advertising landscape is much more fragmented. Brands aren’t developing just for TV, print and out-of-home; they’re also creating custom campaigns and content for a variety of online and mobile platforms, including their websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Foursquare and more. Each of these platforms requires custom work — a practice, Julie Fredrickson and Philip Leif Bjerknes believe, is neither efficient nor sustainable. Fredrickson is the co-founder of fashion blog network Coutorture (sold to Sugar Inc. in 2007) and former head of digital marketing at Ann Taylor. Bjerknes, the other co-founder of Coutorture, worked in the e-commerce divisions of Gucci and Prada before becoming the digital director of NYC boutique agency Alldayeveryday. Within the agency, the two have incubated a startup called PlayAPI, which is designed to become a self-service platform for brands to manage feeds of content, product and social data; build apps (with an emphasis on games and gaming mechanics, like badges and leaderboards); and analyze data collected through those apps. At its core, PlayAPI is designed to help brands engage with the audiences they’ve built on social media. What Buddy Media does for brands and marketing on Facebook, PlayAPI is hoping to do for brands and storytelling across multiple platforms. PlayAPI is building a library of template games — think classic games like Bingo and Memory, as well as quizzes — marketers can make their own and deploy simultaneously across their websites, Facebook, iOS, Android and more.

'Fashion Star' Strike: Crew Pickets Show, Stops Taping

LOS ANGELES — Union picketing has brought a temporary halt to second-season production of the NBC reality show "Fashion Star." About 70 members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees picketed the show Saturday at Hollywood Center Studios, prompting producers to cancel a taping and dismiss a studio audience. IATSE official Vanessa Holtgrew told the Hollywood Reporter the union was striking against the show until a contract is reached. The union allows members to work on the non-union "Fashion Star," but they get no pension and health benefits without a union contract. IATSE is fighting to keep a foothold as union-heavy productions like feature films in Los Angeles increasingly give way to productions that tend to be non-union like reality shows. NBC and the show's three production companies had no immediate comment.


Milan revisited : Milan Fashion Week : Spring/Summer 2013

While leaving behind the past season’s baroque splendour and its aristocratic hauteur, for next spring, Dolce & Gabbana humorously reinterpreted the Sicilian ‘minuto popolo’s’ traditions. Domenico and Stefano praised Sicily's rich nature: wicker, raffia, hemp, jute, silk and flax for linen, all 'environmentally friendly' plants, incidentally, which have favoured the birth of numerous Italian textile crafts. These coarse, durable and affordable fabrics speak for the Italian countryside’s simple, hardworking way of life. A jute dress, shaped like a wheat sack, boasted Taormina products, all ‘fatto a mano’, handmade. In other words, what would dressmaking be, if not a handicraft? However, preciousness as we know it took the form of silk printed dresses which proudly featured the thousand-year-old tradition of Caltagirone themed and coloured ceramics. Mediterranean blue, sage green, yellow and terracotta, typical Sicilian colours, witnessed the island’s overwhelming beauty. Meanwhile, prints depicted Sicilian Puppet Theatre and painting scenes, usually Norman Knights fighting off Saracens. Impressive earrings, among other accessories, reproduced the ceramic heads of Presepi, these traditional nativity scenes. A fabulous feast for the eyes, this multifaceted collection certainly elevates fashion to the challenging and meaningful art that we look up to. Donatella Versace’s sumptuous collection was equally a feat of skill, as she proved to be the spearhead of luxury ‘à l’italienne’. Amazing long ‘armoured action girl’ lambskin jackets were paired with delicate lingerie cut-out edges in an interplay of see-through v.s. opaque or tough v.s. soft. Tie and dye silk dresses, buttoned shirts and low-waist belts added a slight 70’s air, while the amazon-style ankle wrap-arounds added to the overall warrior charm. Aquilano Rimondi’s joyful and young-spirited collection seemed to pay tribute to the Commedia dell’arte and its characters: Arlecchino, Pedrolino and Columbina. Colours were bright, deck of card tones, while a juxtaposition of contrasting joker checked and striped motifs were printed on circus-inspired acrobats’ and dancers ’ short dresses. In a very different style, Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier showed a very beautiful 40’s retro-influenced collection: elegant knee length light fitted dresses with vintage flower prints and tight waists. Particularly flattering on romantic physiques. Veronica Etro remained faithful to the ‘World Fashion’ influences that her brand is best known for. This season, it was mostly Japan and China’s stylized flowery motifs, but in new tones, apricot, deep orange, while some outfits were evidently more ‘Technicolor’ style. Etro revived the house’s typical flower print with a much more lively, pixelated palette for a modern updated version of the house’s legendary codes. Antonio Marras’s collection was Asia-influenced, as usual, but in a much more ‘minute’ style: tiny pastel stylized flowers, quilts or Chinese wallpaper cuts emphasized by black bordering. ‘Manga’ graphic prints brought a new touch of fantasy and grace to Marras’s work. Feel like summer is a time for lovely romantic flower-printed ruffled dresses? Anna Molinari thought so too. For Blugirl, she designed the eternally young ‘princess ’ wardrobe: picnic hats, white lace, ribbons, pink roses, violet orchids and a general taste for pastel hues. In one word: freshness! Moschino’s Rossella Jardini designed a cartoonesque collection for apprentice power girls. Little white and black falsely strict coats and suits, subverted by huge stripes, squares and dots created a mini Miss Peel look with bowling hats and gloves. Half way through, multi-coloured vibrant flowers, vivid stripes, and monochrome outfits in primary colours, gave this young character a newly felt confidence.

Paris holds first ‘Black Fashion Week’

A Senegalese-born French fashion designer realised a long-held ambition when she staged the first ‘Black Fashion Week’ in Paris aimed at bringing African talent to a global audience. Adama Ndiaye launched the event to showcase the best the continent has to offer but dismissed criticism that it excluded others who were not black. “‘Why not a White Fashion Week?’ some have asked. But Paris Fashion Week is already white!” said Ndiaye, who is behind the show’s Adama Paris label and has organised Senegal’s Dakar Fashion Week for the past decade. “We wanted to simply promote beyond African borders designers who are well-known in Africa or in their country but who don’t have access to the global market,” she said, explaining that in Africa fashion was not yet seen as an industry in its own right. Even when designers put together collections, they were often unable to sell them, she said, adding that fashion week was not just an opportunity for designers. “For the models, the majority of them black, it’s also an occasion to get on the catwalk since most of the shows look for more expensive white models — some of whom dropped out of ‘Black Fashion Week’ to do better-paying gigs,” she said. Ndiaye, who held a Black Fashion Week in Prague last year and will take the show to Montreal in November and Brazil’s Salvador de Bahia next March, said the fashion was not only intended for black people. “These designs are not made by blacks for blacks,” she said. Ultra-feminine styles showcased came in a variety of cuts with elements such as puff sleeves and backless dresses. Fabrics ranged from silk and satin to embroidered cotton. Around 15 black designers from Africa or living in France, Haiti or the United States, presented their collections at the chic Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris. Visitors to the event, which began on Friday and ended on Saturday, included Senegalese singer and tourism minister Youssou N’Dour.


Gucci host Art Production Fund Benefit

After landing at JFK airport a few hours earlier, the most fashion people in New York City in his bed curled up early Thursday evening to ward off jet lag and fatigue post-collections. Some energetic means had on a pair of heels for the evening came in the shop Gucci Madison Avenue, where the fashion house held a cocktail to his "Icons Heritage" a trio of Gucci handbags have to throw toast in recent years been revised - the New Bamboo, Jackie and Stirrup bags. Black and white archival photographs by Irving Penn Vogue and Arthur Elgort, among others, with pockets on the walls of the newly renovated store. One, a 1971 Henry Clarke, Veruschka print fedora on his head, logo-laden bag on your arm and two puppies on a leash in tow, was auctioned with the proceeds to benefit the Art Production Fund. Ten percent of sales fall merch snapped by consumers at the event will be given to non-profit also. Yvonne Villareal force founders Doreen Remen and Casey Fremont cohosts would be the case. Prada Outlet Online "We have to celebrate the production and manufacture of the highest quality and this, Gucci," said Villareal society. "I mean, look at these artisans." She waved a phalanx of craftsmen flown workshop in Florence Gucci leather, which were posted around the room, showing the technical capacity of the bag. Guests, Zani Gugelmann, Erin Fetherston, Amy Sacco and Adam Lippes, look hovering over tables of employees to stretch mesh, spray and slice area and exotic skins - shiny ostrich, crocodile, painted python leather calf filled. "This is really a job," said Helen Schifter by the blow-by-blow. "We certainly have patience." She was not kidding. Each Jackie, bamboo bag bracket and needed to complete between seven and 13 hours is up. New Bamboo, which painted a technician in a form of hand had python, which is hand assembled from 140 components. "When you go shopping, and you see these bags, they are beautiful, but you do not know everything that goes into it," said Remen. "That's what luxury."


Karmen Pedaru steals the show in 2013 Campaign Gucci Resort

From what we see from the announced Gucci Resort 2013 campaign to date when you are Karmen Pedaru, you can not even bother to show up for the photo shoot for the Gucci team would confuse anyway. Although the effect is pretty cool, and raises his right Karmen (which I'm sure the intention) that looks beachy and beautiful, can not help you, but I feel bad for me and Joan Smalls are Radufe Baptiste, whose faces so vague that it is virtually impossible to be seen in the ads. I'm sure they are getting a salary paid heavy so I do not feel so bad for them. Chanel Outlet Online Melancholybaby ads as "refreshing and adapted to the cruising season. They can not wait to see more (preferably visible with Joan)," he added. Chanelcouture09 not really matter further to see Karmen in Gucci campaigns Council, admits, however: "I think it's pretty nice, and unlike the usual work of Mert & Marcus is a welcome surprise, I'm curious what the rest will look like. " We could see the face of Joan unblurry sometime, right? I have to believe that even if you're Gucci, you can not rent models.com No. 1 ranked model to delete only his lines in each image.


Louis Vuitton is the best brand in fashion world

The French fashion house - its artistic director Marc Jacobs - beat competition from Gucci, Prada and Burberry in a recent study, classified the companies in the world on their estimated annual total amount due. Swedish high street chain H & M in second place, while Zara - who is popular with Duchess Catherine and her sister Pippa Middleton - the third place. Chanel Cross Body bags British brand Burberry was sixth and CEO Angela Ahrendts, was thrilled with the location. She said:'' Burberry is proud to be one of the best Interbrand Global Brands this year. Be a great brand is the heart of what we do. It is such an honor, among other global brands in today's report.'' 17th during the peak of the fashion industry rank Louis Vuitton with a value of $ 23.5 million (€ 14.5 million), behind the likes of Apple, Google and Mercedes-Benz. Coco-Cola announced that the best brand in the world, estimated at $ 77.8 million (€ 48 million). The annual report, which examined produced by Interbrand, how brands business and the expectations of the customers in addition to their financial capacity to secure its role in influencing consumer choice and force it to a higher price or yield. The nine best brands in the world fashion industry: A. Louis Vuitton (# 17, valued at $ 23.577) Second H & M (# 23, valued at $ 16.571) Third Zara (# 37, a value of $ 9482) 4th Gucci (# 38, a value of $ 9,446) 5th Hermes (# 63, a value of $ 6182) 6th Burberry (# 82, a value of $ 4342) 7th Prada (# 84, a value of $ 42.71) 8th Ralph Lauren (# 91, a value of $ 4038) 9th Gap (# 100, a value of $ 3731)


The Louis Vuitton-Branded Handgun Grip

Two days after the Aurora shootings, we Louis Vuitton Cosmic Blossom?received a press release from an indoor gun range in Las Vegas heralding its newest handgun available for use. Plastered with Murakami-era Louis Vuitton logos, the handgun grip "cater[s] to gun enthusiasts who also have a desire to look stylish." Says Machine Gun Las Vegas, "Like Marc Jacobs putting Sponge Bob Square Pants [sic] onto LV monogrammed bags, Machine Guns Vegas has created their own Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011?accessory — a monogrammed Louis Vuitton grip for a handgun — which is legal to carry in the state of Nevada." Yes, because a designer integrating a cartoon character into his own brand's monogram is exactly the same as using an established luxury brand's designs and decorating a device intended to maim and kill and that also represents a controversial national discourse about a layperson's right to conceal and carry. Right. Just to make sure that the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas??logo was indeed being misused, we reached out to Louis Vuitton reps who confirmed: "Louis Vuitton is in no way associated with this company. We do not manufacture gun grips and do not condone the alteration of our creations in any way."


8th Annual Fashion Week begins in Detroit

Detroit Fashion Week celebrations began during the closing ceremony of the Detroit Design Festival, 23 September. With a short fashion show at the airport in the city of Detroit The show consisted of local designers, including two Lyudviga Shneyder, 45, from Birmingham, and Diane Berry, 54, of Detroit, featured some of their creations as a teaser. Festival on 26 September Belle Isle Yacht Club was Detroit. The participants were able to see and buy goods designer accessories like Posh'Mina, Designs and Temiki Brianne Faye. Chanel Caviar Bag "I think it's very important, it can change the look of an outfit and the occasion" Debbie Burgam, 56, West Bloomfield, of that the right accessory can make or break an outfit believes said. DFW is also a platform for the students of the International Academy of Design and Technology Troy and Eastern Michigan University to show their couture. Set designers have presented a series of models to come. The "little black dress" has been revised, and the show consisted of clothing Victorian drawings "on the go" look, new jeans Add style and adding lace dress, elegance and class. Safari Collection by Maria Amador season Ablaze Jeanay and Camille, was the highlight of the evening. Not by the designers on 26 September to be surpassed, gave the final events of the Detroit Princess Boat 29 September, a fashion filled evening. Opening of the exhibition designer students of EMU, and the most experienced designers were followed. DFW with a platform for designers to showcase their talent, but also an opportunity for models like Sarah Valek, 19, Ypsilanti and Micah Turner, 20, Detroit expand their portfolios and network. "I really enjoyed meeting new people and meet the designer and the ability to network with people who have the same interest," said Valek. Detroiters much hope for Spring / Summer 2013 in fashion.