Cbeyond Wins Six 2013 Hermes Creative Awards

   Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY), an ally of the technology for small and medium enterprises, six Hermes Creative Awards 2013 has collected this month in another international competition recognizes excellence in creating the concept, writing and design of traditional and new media, while promoting the philanthropic nature Marketing professionals and communications specialists.

The Hermes Creative Awards are administered and by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international organization that judges of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and freelancers.

Cbeyond earned the following awards:

    Platinum Award for "Advertisements in captivity" in the category Digital place-based media
    Platinum Award for the investigation, "Winter 2012 Cbeyond business leader snapshot" in the category of strategic programs
    Gold Award for "company re-brand" in the category Integrated Marketing Branding / company
    Gold Award for "banner and giveaways Event Marketing" in the category Integrated Marketing Marketing / Event
    Honorable mention for the "More bandwidth Campaign" in the category Integrated Marketing Campaign
    Honorable Mention for "Fortune Magazine ad, Frost & Sullivan Award announcement" in ads / Magazine Category

More than 5,600 projects were submitted to the license Hermes Creative Awards competition 2013. The winners were selected from 188 categories, with only 15 percent of the entries with the Platinum Award (the highest honor the organization for the most outstanding entries) detected and only 19 percent of the entries with a gold medal (for entries that meet the high demands of the industry have been exceeded).

"This recognition by Hermes confirms our commitment to creative integrated marketing," said Paul Carmody, director of marketing for Cbeyond. "Our team of marketing communications continued creativity, consistency of message and the results to articulate our brands across multiple traditional and new platforms to ensure. Cbeyond is very proud of these awards because they are the talent, collaboration and dedication of our talented team members reflect. "

About Cbeyond

Cbeyond, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBEY), a provider of cloud communication services, is an ally of technology for small and medium businesses. Our private IP network, actively managed connects its customers with voice, data and business hosted in our data centers, cloud applications to win. Since 1999, Cbeyond has served the unmet needs of businesses through technology and service innovation. We were the first company to offer to build an all-IP network for small business and one of the few who consultative sales and service professionals on site. Today, our expanded portfolio helps customers reduce the burden of outlaying capital and labor to manage the infrastructure. Creating an exceptional customer experience is in our DNA. Therefore, more than one third of our 60,000 customers come from referrals.


Louis Vuitton logo will open in China

  Day logo projections are far from over, but the luxury brand Louis Vuitton has become the economic slowdown in China's response to its large logo presentation of its latest advertising campaign. China's new campaign to see French fashion house function Chinese actress Fan Bingbing in a tea cup sitting with a bag of pastel colors without logos. The display itself has no information, and is without logo.

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton will open in China logo without logo in China
The news, of course, is the exclusivity of the brand. Louis Vuitton is quite ambitious in China, so much so that he does not need to scream the logo. With the recent downturn in consumer spending and a period exposed too much, the new advertising bringing a message of life, rather than screaming product.

"At the risk of shocking the whole world, [rate] revenue growth of Louis Vuitton is not a problem," Bernard Arnault, LVMH CEO said at the annual general meeting of shareholders, stating that the slow growth was part of the "deliberate strategy" of the company to more exclusive.


Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame He says, "Always Work It Out"

  Gucci Mane said that Waka Flocka Flame Brick Squad will be included in the album Summer 2013.

Gucci Mane is not a lot of interviews in 2013. Entrenched in legal battles and more than a few disagreements with peers rap, Atlanta, Georgia rapper gave a rare interview with XXLMag.com. In the published Trap House III last week, the brick brigade 1017 Founder and CEO produced the current plans. "I'm just on my album Brick Squad group, this summer."

With the offer of Brick Squad developed, Gucci added: "I will, PeeWee Longway, Young Thug, Dolph, and of course Chief Keef I had are even songs with Waka Flocka Flame [] I'll just have a collection of the best songs.. that we have made. I had a mixtape for every artist on my label, so I feel now it's just time, our album together and show all the chemistry we had together. "

Relies more on the relationship of Gucci with its sheltered spot and stand-out Brick Squad explains Gucci: "It was more a lack of communication and things have misinterpreted, but we have too much of a good thing Everything we.. have to work, we always work it out. "

In March this year, Gucci Mane Waka Flocka Flame publicly of his label and organization via Twitter "abandoned". The rapper Waka called "unfair lil nigga." Waka responded to his long-time mentor. In the days that followed for two detentions Gucci, Waka told the press that he, as if Gucci has done little to help his career ever felt, and he vowed never to do business with new man.

Gucci Mane also has his last XXL 1017 Glo gear developed partnership with the Chief Keef and confirmed speculation that he and Young Scooter were housed together in Fulton County Jail ..


new face of Chanel: clean, refined elegance of a film star

  However, Chanel has become and is now primarily a society based on the international luxury brand Chanel, and has been carefully monitored in the Wertheimer family since Chanel Perfume created in 1924 to commercialize perfume Chanel No. 5. Then she gave control of the development of the brand Pierre Wertheimer was for perfumes, where the money was also haute couture collections have become the engine of his public image.

Oscar winner Tilda Swinton is now the new face of Chanel advertising campaign pre-fall collection for her brand "Métiers d'Art Paris-Edinburgh" by Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of the fashion house, which was the first time in a Scottish castle in December last year and commercials that will be hitting the fashion magazines for good in June of this year

A premium collection favoring rich tweeds and tartans of Scotland, Tilda lives in Scotland with her partner and two children and has Scottish parents, even though she was born in England.

While the show was given in a Scottish castle, the photo was from the collection of Karl Lagerfeld at the castle near Chantilly couen made in France. This is not the first time a French castle doubled as a Scottish castle, as the history of the Scottish nobility French and intimately mixed to Mary Queen of Scots.

The connection with Chanel could not be better symbolized either as the tweed is the fabric of choice when Coco Chanel introduced Chanel jacket in the fifties - an innovation that has liberated women after the Second World War world, as it was again done with jerseys at the time of the First World War.

It seems that every woman in the world such as Chanel, the Chanel suit and jacket, the little black dress, the Chanel perfumes, makeup, watches and jewelry. And the reason is simple end account: millions of women for decades Chanel was also the embodiment of luxury and freedom to impose through the voice of Coco Chanel on the social mores of the twentieth century, expressed through fashion and design.

The famous French fashion house Chanel has been around for over 100 years since its founder Coco Chanel opened her first millinery at 160 Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris, was in the same building as the day her lover Etienne Balsan. His genius, and it's the brand has accumulated over a lifetime, the opportunity to change over time more than one occasion has to remain relevant to future generations of customers, often in very different conditions of economic and social conditions.

Today, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, grandson of Peter, the multi-billionaire owner of an international fashion conglomerate that relevant the almost impossible task to stay for a luxury brand at all times to manage new generations. In 1982, when Chanel suffered badly from a very cumbersome picture in this time they took a big risk and brought this killer icon Karl Lagerfeld to modernize the area and they did just that. This brought the younger generation in a long time and fueled international expansion, which is in Asia in Japan, Korea and China, where it seems that luxury has served for the rich, that the water for all the world ...

A very private family Wertheimer show a number of contradictions in the fashion industry - where their brilliant organizational skills and financial acumen are certainly not the norm - not too big fashion empires have survived and thrived for as long as Chanel. How billionaires they also have a high social status in France, especially if they exercise their passion for horse racing - one of their few semi-public activities, all in a French cultural context, which of course is usually always - at least culturally - as completely anti-Semitic in its upper part, and certain lots of the lower class. And that's good with the fact that Coco Chanel herself a well-known Nazi sympathizer who tried to time during the Second World War Nazi power to provide the participation of Wertheimer in his company had shown her. The plan failed when Pierre Wertheimer was too smart for them, but it was only through the intervention of Winston Churchill himself was not there after the war in a country where people continue to rage on those who worked.
In fashion, according to Karl Lagerfeld "The future is six months." For Wertheimer fashion industry for a time included much more .....


miners Try Flying Man Gucci Belt: Police Blotter

  The possession of a needle

Clark G. Farago, 30, of Clarendon Hills, was charged with possession of a hypodermic needle after a traffic stop. Police said Farago was driving with a suspended license and no insurance. He is on 25 Receive June hearing date.

Police were called to the 7600 block of Adams Street from a caller who called complaining about loud music from across the street. The police began with a man who said he would speak "take care of it," but he did not answer whether he lived in the building.

The man's brother, went out and came chest to chest with an agent and began yelling at him. He could think of to attack the officer, he was taken to the ground. According to police, the two men appeared to be very drunk.

Walter Cole, 33, Forest Park, was charged with aggravated assault and received 16 1 July court date.

Friday 17 May
Reported consuming

Police were called to the 700 block of Circle Avenue on a flight minors at 21:40 clock on 17 Called May involved

An officer saw a small, who stopped in the order, but another jumped a fence in a dog park and fled. The victim identified a number of smaller, but said they had not been involved in the theft.

The victim reported that six miners took to the streets and demanded two of them, that his hand on his Gucci belt, and all that was in his pockets. They all fled when a woman on the street, she called the police.

The youths were taken to the police in Forest Park and returned to their guardians.

Tara L. Tillmon, 30, of Chicago, was charged with retail theft after police were called to Walmart in Forest Park. Store security said she took $ 78.73 in goods and tried to leave without paying.

Police Blotter information is provided by local authorities for prosecution available. Charges are not evidence of guilt. They are made a record of police actions on a given day, and persons charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. If you or a family member are charged or cited and the case is then approved, we encourage you to notify the editor. We will verify and report the outcome.v


China holds tax on luxury

  The Chinese government could do more expensive Ferraris and Prada shoes, but that's probably not stop to spend to buy.

Luxury goods are booming to an important place in the history of consumerism in China. And as part of the tax reform, the country plans this year, with the first luxury tax they could be taken, said Kong Jingyuan, a General in the Commission of Development and Reform. The guidelines for tax reform were published by the Central Government on Friday.

China Daily reported that the luxury goods such as expensive cars and boats are taxed higher.

China National Radio reported that a 20% surcharge on the sale of cars for 1.7 million yuan ($ 277,440) will be added and citing an unnamed source at the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

The market for luxury goods in China is surpassing the United States. As it is, it represents about 12% of global sales of luxury, according to a recent report from German bank. Everyone loves China luxury. The demand for premium products is growing, especially in the automotive market, where sales of luxury vehicles are overtaken more developed markets by McKinsey & Company. They expect China Luxury represent 20% of global sales of luxury in two short years.

Chinese consumers are buying frenzy.

According to a Nielsen survey released earlier this month, scored China's consumer confidence index of 108 points, the same as the value for the previous quarter, but 15 points ahead of the global average. A score above 100 points indicates optimism among consumers. The index of the will of consumption in China has recovered to a high level of the new quarter over the same period, the Nielsen survey said.

And then there's the conspicuous consumption. Whether you are on a yacht Ferretti or expensive handbags sales in China Luxury higher percentage than the general retail sales, which rose in April, an increase of about 12% compared to last year.


Luxury goods companies are making great efforts for VIP buyers from China

  What rich Chinese want now? Luxury goods companies are trying everything from auctions for practical advice on how to., The big spenders who have had their fill of shopping in glittering glitzy shopping malls to attract

The need to find an answer has more urgent as the competition heats a breather and sales in China.

This explains why China-based Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd. 1929.HK -0.52% goes to great lengths to engage their best customers. The jeweler has over 1,800 outlets, mostly in the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong.

Last weekend, as the jeweler first 200 customers at the Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong for a rally that featured an auction of jewelry auction and dinner. Chow Tai Fook flew over 100 employees with personalities, mostly from the People's Republic of China which are deal.

It was not just high-profile clients. Everyone bought a piece of jewelry worth one million yuan ($ 163,000) or more. They were treated to a wine tasting, an investment speeches and what personal cosmetics. The goal was 15 pieces of jewelry that sell already gone on a six-city tour to generate interest.

At a dinner until almost midnight, the auctioneer Beijing Poly International Auction higher bids took persuaded by the mass of the models went from table to table to offer a close-up view. Chow Tai Fook has partly accepted $ 4,000,000 for his efforts, nearly a quarter higher than it was in 2012, because there are more pieces this year.

"VIP as auction," said Adrian Cheng, Executive Director of Chow Tai Fook. "Previously, customers liked to go to parties around the world. Now they want exclusive preview dinner. Previously, she wanted to visit museums. Now they want to make an artist.'s Experience that they want change."

The challenge for the company of luxury goods is to meet the changing needs of Chinese consumers. More sophisticated tastes, judging by the way people dressed in the event. (There are exceptions: A man wearing a simple t-shirt bought at the event a few pieces of several million yuan.)

This challenge is particularly acute for Chow Tai Fook. The shares have one-third of its value since its IPO in December 2011 lost amid a decline in same-store sales, in part because of the government crackdown on official gifts.

Part of the problem is that the fancy brands are everywhere in China. Gucci, a unit of PPR SA, PP.FR -2.19% has eight stores in Shanghai alone. This is in contrast a number of years, have to fight as a luxury retailer to find good sites.

"We asked for space." Said Francis Gouten of Gouten Consulting, former CEO of Richemont in Asia. The tables were turned on, and the real estate companies are pushing retailers to add more stores as the market is saturated. "Now pray developer brands to be there."

Such as shopping centers to become more mature, they must be new ideas, such as food, social media, and a system of customer relationship management, to allow customers to get involved.

La Maison du Chocolat said sales grow strongly in Hong Kong. Chinese tourists handmade by the texture of the chocolate and French luxury boxes are attracted, Florent Billioud said operations director for Greater China and Southeast Asia.

"You want a differentiated environment, a space that create all the time changes of," said Andrew Keith, president of Lane Crawford, the luxury department store in Hong Kong. "I do not think you can just open a shop and hope that people walk in."

To Harbour City shopping mall in Hong Kong, means putting in the now famous rubber duck of 54 feet, which inflated a sensation caused among Chinese tourists.

There are still some markets, such as the western Chinese cities, where people go to the store. But Beijing, which represents a quarter of the number of dignitaries and more than a quarter of the VIP sales Chow Tai Fook, wholesale exclusivity, including shows jewelery at home want, Mr. Cheng said.

Price and comfort are important. Even billionaires who can afford all sometimes ask, "Can I wear to work and then to a cocktail party Mr Cheng said Chinese are very practical people, and they want to justify their purchases?..

Brand exclusivity is another option. Givenchy offers exclusive products and chose his best discounts, said Sebastian Suhl, CEO.

Creating a unique experience is important for Chinese customers, but more importantly, it's always about the products. "It's back to basics, what they really want and deliver it to them," Cheng said. "It is easier said than done."


New York Fashion Week may be expelled from the Lincoln Center?

  It seems that we were not the only ones frustrated a little bit of the circus Fashion Week at Lincoln


Local residents and environmental groups filed a lawsuit against New York's Lincoln Center, they demand to

give fashion week and other commercial events, the beginning, the New York Times reports.

The lawsuit alleges that public access to Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center parking limited to a maximum of 10

months each year due to market events, starting with the fashion week in mid-August, when the Big Apple

Circus, the on-site place in mid-October and remained until January, and other fashion week in February. The

park is also rented out for private events and fundraisers. Residents were actually for every action they

take over and now they excited.

The prosecution alleged that $ 32 million from July 2010 license agreement the city of Lincoln Center is not

where it should be back in town, but Lincoln Center diverted.

"These actions are illegal alienation Damrosch Park, in violation of New York State Doctrine New Public

approval and other laws," said NYC Park Advocates, a watchdog group, non-profit, in a statement.

It will be the Fashion Week, which rose from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center in 2010, has to move again? Do

not be so sure.

"The city is waiting for the official notification of the action and look closely," said Kate O'Brien

Ahlers, a spokeswoman York Law Department. "The Fashion Week is an important part of cultural and economic

structure of the city, generating $ 865 million annually, while creating jobs related to fashion."


Signature Gucci loafers celebrates 60 years

  Since Y 1953 Gucci Moccasins Mors was first published, the shoe has been worn by generations of elegant

and famous men of Clark Gable Matt Damon, and has been in the Metropolitan Museum of Art permanent

collection was taken.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary shoes, Gucci has reissued his famous design for Y in 2013 to its wide range

of styles.

More than 45 different cover versions of patent leather crocodile and python and Sweden, and even decorated

with metal studs.

One thing that has not changed is the tubular structure of the shoe, which lacks an insole to the shoe its

foldable, lightweight feel.

Each pair of moccasins horsebit is still in Italy, where he learns 2.5 days handmade construction and is

printed with the year of the original 1953 design inside out.


Subhash Ghai ventures into Fashion with Neeta Lulla

  Subhash Ghai, filmmaker and designer Neeta Lulla teamed India a Fashion Institute. The Whistling Woods -

Neeta Lulla School of Fashion (WWNL) was launched last week.

Through the joint venture, Ghai said: "The fashion industry has become a multi-billion dollar in India with

the fashion business is rapidly gaining visibility and credibility of a profession that was once a niche is

now open to candidates from all. walks of life. Moreover, through the efforts of the Indian designers,

models, makeup artists and photographers, India began to take measures in the field of global fashion. "

Neeta said: "Thanks to our fashion school, we are to give students want an overview and understanding of the

industry in addition to the design, there are many other career options that students can explore -

Modeling, quality control, visual merchandising, marketing, illustration,. fashion design, fashion

photography and fashion journalism, as some of them. "


Mencyclopaedia: Gucci

  Gucci is a company hundreds-of-millions-one who likes to present itself as proven temple sexiness, danger - even sin. Next envy, jealousy, and rush in the sun, the scent of its recently launched Women and Cologne are appointed guilty for men and announced with a film of two actors dressed in leather, man, woman, astride motorcycles stabbing on a street with the Fire in an unlawful finding lined horizontally. On headily fragrant, velvety padded Gucci fashion show in Milan, the designer Frida Giannini is nine collections for both sexes, who are suspicious reliable, luxurious and lascivious: Men are as bohemian adventurer sew fur lined and fitted trousers demanding presents. Women warrior-queen makeup and accessories for their pure gold dresses and jackets-the-neck to navel with whips and heel engraved cocktail.

This Gucci thrill of 21 Century is a very effective selling point and perhaps a kind of replica unconscious - because a few decades ago, Gucci has been the epicenter of one of the wildest modern sagas fashion.

Gucci history began in 1921, when Guccio Gucci, son of a Tuscan hatter in his youth worked his way to London was as a driver and has worked in the kitchen at the Savoy before moving to Italy, opened a leather goods shop in Florence. Aldo (one of his four son) invented the famous double G logo and the family quickly gained a reputation for producing innovative chic luggage. Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, Gucci opened a second store in Rome, and after the war, as in the eternal city flooded barely scathed visitors, they took the Gucci bags as souvenirs home. The company has followed in 1952, opening the first of a network of U.S. stores that have found favor with Hollywood men (Clark Gable and John Wayne) and women (Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn). While women buy handbags and scarves, favored men's bags and key invention in 1953, a version of the penny loafer with gold buckle jaw. Despite the death of Guccio this year, and the seething simmering tensions between his heirs, Gucci has grown into a global totem for La Dolce Vita. Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart, Sidney Poitier, and Dustin Hoffman were all holders of idle and Samuel Beckett was wearing a unisex Gucci hobo handbag.

This family tensions, fueled by a growing wealth, eventually degenerated. Aldo was imprisoned after Paolo, his ambitious son, condemned the U.S. tax authorities and in 1995, a nephew of Aldo, Maurizio, was killed at the request of his ex-wife.

This year, Gucci became a public limited company under its family shareholders sold their latest editions. Under his ambitious young designer Tom Ford, Gucci's image has been reset by Grace Kelly modern bourgeois his sexed-up model. Processing and drawings by Ford were so successful, in order to acquire that they rejected the "battle of the handbags," in which one of the alpha male millionaires in the luxury industry in France, Francois Pinault has triggered another, Bernard Arnault, the company .

These days, the Gucci brand is sinful run a business diligently. Ford's successor, Giannini, a designer sent remorse led the company's expansion in emerging markets than 60 horse-bit buckle moccasin is so big now in Beijing, the hot in Hollywood as a further. Although these shoes are classic, masculine side of Gucci is very well expressed in his pockets. Where other manufacturers of luxury luggage often justify their prices by polishing their products a little too strong Giannini is not afraid to equip men is pleasantly rough around the edges.


Ascend Integrated Media Victory 3 International Hermes Creative Awards Contest

  Personalized content agency Ascend Integrated Media announces three prestigious awards from the Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition for the media, advertising agencies and marketing.

(PRWEB) 16 , 2013

Agency Ascend Integrated Media LLC personalized content is pleased to announce that it has won two gold medals and a Gold Award in the Hermes Creative Awards competition 2013. The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for the media and advertising agencies and marketing. It is sponsored by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.

Hermes Creative Awards this year was one of the toughest competitions on record with nearly 5,000 entries from throughout the United States and many other countries. Ascend completed work on three of its customers and received recognition for all three.

According to the CEO of Ascend, Cam Bishop: "We were delighted to win also for the input of our customers, let alone three We are honored that our work in this prestigious competition recognized This is especially true since the four of us.. competition received trophies in the past year, giving us 7-7 in the last two years. "

Rhonda Wickham, vice president of content also noticed Ascend, "three Hermes Creative Awards this year, a total of Ascend Integrated Media Awards earned more than a dozen national and international creative competitions to 52 in just three years. Equally important, Ascend has for client Working in a wide range of industries and creative work represents the efforts of the team in all creative disciplines, including writing, graphic design, digital media won, multimedia, and mobile media. "

In Hermes creative competition this year, Ascend Integrated Media won awards for the work he has created and produced for the following customers:

        Platinum Award: IMEX America tradeshow newspaper. IMEX is the largest conference and trade show serving the international tourism market. Commercial and Conference IMEX America in Las Vegas in October of each year.

        Gold Medal: American Association Special iPad tablet version of its highly acclaimed book Heart Emergency Cardiovascular Care. At a price of the Apple Store at $ 24.99, can the distribution in the world to extend the shelf of the club in a very efficient manner this book.

        Gold Medal: 2012 International Exhibition MinExpo yearbook of the National Mining Association. The National Mining Association has international MinExpo every four years in Las Vegas and is one of the largest fairs in the world. The 300-page directory contains thousands of listings, maps, exhibition and conference details.

About Ascend Integrated Media - Ascend Integrated Media LLC is a media-inch-agency and marketing services, specializing in custom publishing lounge and event publishing, custom content creation and content integration. Ascend is uniquely positioned to work with associations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and companies that develop and produce the improvement of communications products brand. The company is committed to create, produce and distribute print, digital and mobile content marketing, branding and social media initiatives connected on behalf of the customer.

Suite of products and services fully integrated Ascend includes print and digital edition of the magazine, newspaper publishing, newsletters and e-newsletters, membership directories, product buyers guides, exhibit guides, guidebooks, maps, annual reports, door drop, advertising / sponsorship / exhibition sales agency, information about patient education, website design and management, the development of mobile phone applications, the iPad edition / tablet and account management, social media services text / SMS and targeted programs QR code.


school absolutely fabulous Vogue Fashion

   CAN Ergen, Turkey, leaned forward, as if you a secret. "Vogue is a storyteller," he said.

Ergen, 21, is one of 45 students who recently took the first Vogue 10 weeks certificate course in fashion Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design magazine in Soho, London based, just minutes from Vogue House.

I'm sloppy as soon as I walk through the doors of the university. Keep to the I advise myself for hours the day before and seemed better suited in my dimly lit room feels uncomfortable in shabby lights Vogue.

The lobby is of mirrors that dominates create the illusion of a large, well-lit room. As I'm in the middle of the room, surrounded by reflections of my shaggy itself, I realize mirrors are also a gentle reminder to students not in school in jeans with holes or stained blouse visit.

Officially, the area of ​​East OCN Level 4 Certificate in Fashion (Vogue) (QCF), the short course, which costs £ 6,600, was announced by Nicholas Coleridge, chairman of Condé Nast International designed.

A one-year course costs £ 24,000 is provided in October 2013.

The certificate is valid for the operation of the international fashion calendar, the retail of luxury and high-street fashion design and art direction, brand marketing, and thus practical exercises, workshops, visits and conferences designer personalities in the industry.

Ergen is one of three boys who attend the course and the Vogue described as the "fashion bible".

He said he wants to learn the "way of Vogue" for the study of communication and fine arts at the Academy of Bordeaux in France and teaching art and fashion Parsons, School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

"In our daily lives, we wear on our body art. Fashion is an art form and a way to communicate," he said. "I think we are really happy to see the inside of Vogue," he added.

When I was in the building that looks more like an art gallery in the school led me, I feel like I have to see the inside of Vogue. The library is littered with glossy magazines, coffee table books and "look books" and is by far the most crisp archives of the University, with its stacks of books.

The main conference room where the great and the good of the industry gathered for the opening of school is subdued, with interactive screens that adorn its gleaming white walls.

Mirror paneled doors remind me again my appearance below normal.

As I presented to the students, I am for a number of beauties malnourished Burberry macs before and sweaters Chanel.

"I thought it was going to be like The Devil Wears Prada. Absolutely terrifying," says 24-year-old Camille Lappierre, Nimes.

"I was surprised at how friendly everyone was surprised. I know it sounds like a cliché but it's true."

I must humble when I discover are just as serious and confident that the students who I was when I began my studies was in philosophy. Aged between 18 and 32, there is a real sense of camaraderie between them.

Although more than half of the students from the UK and Europe, some traveled from as far away as the United States, Mexico, South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Turkey, Eastern Europe and Australia for the course. International mode is 23 different countries, of which presented no higher fees.

One of the latest is here Alice Carver, 19, from London. Alice is fresh out of sixth form. They decided to follow the course of 10 weeks during his time off, while they want to decide what career path they follow.

"University is UK £ 9,000 a year. I did not want to go to college for three years and study a topic I have not entered," she said.

"It's good to be surrounded by people who love the same thing. Everyone wants to be here, nobody is going to study. There is no rivalry. Everyone is looking for what everyone else is doing and what the experience that everyone has . "

Of course, the students look like they just got off the podium, rather than in front of the No. 38 bus.

"The night before I throw all my clothes on my bed and find you had to wear the right outfit," says 18-year-old Julia Wood, from Cape Town.

"Everyone has a style and a different way, but I always feel like I can not wear my sweater with holes in."

The Condé Nast College team of the client Susie Forbes, a former deputy editor of Vogue, deputy director Dr. Gary Pritchard, who served as dean, art, media and design, along the University of Wales, and Course Director Angela Jones, a academic adviser at the London College of Fashion and the Domus Academy in Milan.

Fashion design, publishing, fashion and fashion business: The program is broadly divided into three areas.

According to Forbes, the school is small enough that even if they can not adjust the course for each student, they can afford to be light on your feet.

Alexandra Shulman grass complete three projects over the next 10 weeks as they cover learning initiatives, they can choose how the work is presented.

"We find our strengths and develop them. This encourages us to be more confident in ourselves," Carver said.

The college - whose loans an iPad for each student for the duration of the course - also initiated discussions Twitter for students every Monday morning (week 1: When celebrities are fashion designers) as a means of integrating social media into student learning.

The prospectus of the university promises "unrivaled industry leader connections and partnerships, and a unique approach to fashion insiders."

"Condé Nast only would you be able to get all these connections and all of these possibilities to see what happens in the industry," says 22-year-old Deanne Benares, the Philippines, sees rates as a way to the fashion journalism.

"I love how you can put together something intellectual and creative thing," she said.

Forbes has assured me that his students are not treated differently when they apply for jobs or internships at Condé Nast Publications.

"You can not be applied in the same way as any other, but they are not an exemption," she said.

"It's really important, not a promise to make someone an internship or a job because people start buying during the training and use us as a stepping stone."

Instead, she believes that the certificate for students the variety of jobs that exist in the fashion industry highlights. "As a first step in this world, it's a real revelation for the students," she said.

At the end of the tour, I spit a dazzling entrance Condé Nast and bright, the dusty streets of Soho, disheveled my outfit right at home again.

I'm with the students the passion and commitment of Forbes, a feeling in my gut tells me impressed that the candidates who will be tried by the legendary brand, and £ 6,600 a pop, this brand is incredibly expensive. However, the rubbing of the aristocracy of fashion has never go too cheap, is not it?

Cynicism aside, the course offers an exciting approach to the assessment and teachers who are well placed to help students with their feet in the door of an industry that is notoriously exclusive.

As Forbes right, they whistled through the revolving door of Vogue House as we speak.


The authors of the fashion police claim E! Employees try to sabotage the strike screw come to benefit show!

  Writers more E! 'S Fashion Police are currently on strike, so they fair wages, can now get protected under the WGA, and they can (supposedly) keep all the money from their unpaid overtime ...

And because they are not currently working (ie not an income), the authors propose expected profits at the famous comedy club The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles on Tuesday to help pay their billz.

Well, this is where shit gets weird.

Our source says the writer FP benefit show sold out very quickly, which is good, is not it? But it seems that all the tickets have been purchased by one person ...

E! Vice President John Najarian!


Our source is just as confused as we are, mostly because writers are paid for the concert, even if no one shows up.

Can not let comedy writers, a public as part of a plan to have their strike silence?

Or maybe the E! execs want to fill the theater with hecklers?

Anyway, something is wrong down tomorrow night!


Fashion Brand Lisa Ho collapses

  Delta Goodrem may find other designers for his suit pants controversial after designer Lisa Ho plunged into administration last week.

The Company agrees to go under, as they struggle in difficult trading conditions on a growing list of Australian fashion retailers. Since the global financial crisis, Colorado, Brown Sugar, Bettina Liano, Ojay and hypermarket shoes have all closed.

Local retailers are not only competing with online stores, but a number of international fashion chains have recently hired a business in Australia, including Topshop and Zara.

There is less than a month, Lisa Ho designs examining an IPO on the National Stock Exchange, which later in favor of the prosecution of a case of private equity was abandoned. The company serves 10 flagship stores, shop online and outlets with David Jones (DJS.AX) department stores.

"However, the premium fashion is under pressure from online sales, such as the retail of fashion changes to the market's expectations and requirements, to reduce costs," the company has warning. Accounts show Lisa Ho designs a loss last year of $ 2.4 million, which was attributable strategic errors, so there is too much clothing in spring / summer and not enough for making winter / autumn next season.

The management does not necessarily mean the end of the fashion house of 30 years. Administrator HLB Mann Judd says he will go through the assets of the company and are looking for a buyer, but in the meantime, all the shops will continue to trade.

The most likely buyer would be David Jones, Myer Holdings (MYR.AX) or even prime investment Solomon Lew (PMV.AX). All three are, to develop their own brands, and reduce their dependence on offshore designer.

Foolish take

For the reincarnation of a number of Australian fashion brands, including Charlie Brown, sitting and waiting, Bettina Liano and Lisa Ho designs Tsubi has a good chance born again. But it is rather part of a large stable of brands, instead of being an independent retailer.

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patriarch Ottavio Missoni fashion brand dies in Italy

  OTTAVIO Missoni, the patriarch of the legendary fashion brand knit zigzag pattern has a chic touch of color and style to many well-dressed women, died on Thursday in northern Italy. He was 92

A statement issued by Missoni SpA said he "died peacefully" at his home in the city Sumirago Thursday. The city, near the city of Varese, also houses the headquarters of the company.

It was sad for a second family in a matter of months. Earlier this year, disappeared the eldest child of Mr. Ottavio, the company's CEO Vittorio Missoni, 58, with his wife and four other while flying in a small plane over the holidays on a Venezuelan island. They have never been found and the cause of death remains a mystery.

Ottavio Missoni started the company in 1953 with his wife Rosita Jelmini who survives him. She went on to create a dynasty mode, hold three children of the couple and their children in the development of the brand.

Creative Director of the company is the couple's daughter, Angela, and a third child, Luca, work in a technical role in society. Family businesses are a feature of Italian companies, often starting with a small business and slowly expanded with the help of loyal employees often.

Born 11 February 1921 in Dubrovnik today, a picturesque coastal town in Croatia Adriatic Sea, Missoni used to say he came into the world of fashion almost by accident. His wife's family owned a textile factory and shawls made. The couple started his own company to produce knitwear shop of a craftsman in Gallarate, near Milan.

Initially produced sportswear, probably by Missoni himself, who inspired a star and athletics, which specializes in the 400-meter hurdles race and was. He has won several national medals, and participated in the Olympic Games in 1948.

The company expanded, eventually build headquarters in Sumirago. But the philosophy of applying the eye of a craftsman detail and accuracy has continued to make the issue of fashion on the catwalks of Milan and in stores around the world, as their brand became world.

Missoni, who often wore their own designs in everyday life, showed her collection in Milan in 1966 for the first time. The following year, tops a show in Florence transparent sparked outrage, but they were germinated on a fashion trend that would later in Europe.

Their ways of signing have a good reputation for resistance to wear and to many seasons changing whims of fashion survive. Among the exhibits in their honor was one of the Whitney Museum in New York. The Metropolitan Museum in New York also presented their creations.

The fashion house Missoni has also created costumes for La Scala in Milan.

Extension of the Dynasty mode, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni granddaughter, Margherita Missoni fragrance promoted and played in an advertisement.


How long can you keep with a bad mode of your partner?

  In the first wave of romanticism, it is easy to forgive a partner unfortunate choice of clothing.

But this tolerance has its limits - six and a half, to be exact.

This is the point where the women decide that enough is enough and start demanding changes in the fashion sense of the man, according to a survey by Marks and Spencer and Oxfam.

The survey found that the top five fashion for women were branches meggings (male tight leggings), rompers, pants, leather three-quarter pants and flip-flops.

Five animals were men hate onesies, jeggings (leggings designed as jeans look), velor track suits, and animal print boob tube dress.

And in case of resistance, to the measures taken to maintain the style of their partner change his ruthless. Slightly less than half of the women were throwing to know the offending articles from their partner without it, and seven took another step by the wrong wash it on purpose.

Approved even though only one in five women admit changing their taste in fashion, a style partners, more than two-thirds fit raids her wardrobe for the occasion.

Men are less likely, with only one in five admits to a garment worn by her partner.

Jo Hemmings, behavioral psychologist and relationship coach, said she "was not surprised to see that it has to take a little more than six months for women in control.

"During the period of 'honeymoon', we tend to be aware of the negative points in our new partner, or let the little things go over our heads.

"Can scream items that lost youth or slave to fashion perfectly acceptable to start a relationship, but as we grow better with our partners, we are less able to bite our tongue."

The survey for Marks and Spencer and Oxfam Shwopping initiative, the public, unwanted clothes to donate to charity instead, she was encouraged by the garbage out -. Since its launch in April, Oxfam received more than 3.8 million garments