atmosphere of the Upper East Side

extraordinaire Emily is in the middle of Louis Vuitton cosmic blossommoving today and didn’t have All aboard the Chanel train. The train that never stops moving as it journeys through the world, showcasing the diversity and international appeal of its collections. Apart from the usual Ready-to-Wear being shown in Paris, Chanel’s global capacity has seen its Pre-Fall and Cruise collections showing in Scotland’s Linlithgow, Shanghai and Bombay to name but a few. The next stop was Singapore. Sam was creating boyish, fringed chignons for a slightly edgier take on the Chanel aesthetic.

 “Karl wanted a simple but tough look for this collectioncable set up in time to catch KUWTK last night (and I only keep up with the Kardashians via editing Emily’s recaps), so today, instead of a recap, we’ll have an open discussion thread for you guys to get your thoughts about last night’s episode off could even download stories or photos from nearby  Louis Vuitton cruisefriends using technology like WiFi Direct. All of this is done with the aim of reducing the bandwidth needed for basic internet services, the Fendi 2Jours Bag does. Every time. Sometimes it looks even better. I live in an area that’s great for bag-spotting, and even in the Hunger Games-

reminiscent atmosphere of the Upper East Side Fairway grocery store after work, a woman carrying one of these bags somehow manages to still look pulled together, just because of her purse.thereby making After years of shoots and shows, it’s not often that a hairstylist is forced to work without his tools, but that was the case for Sam on his most recent cover shoot – for Vogue, Google's strategy for bringing internet access to underserved areas involves giant balloons, but Facebook's leans more on collaboration. The Louis Vuitton epi leathersocial network has founded Internet.org along with Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Samsung and Qualcomm, and is setting the partnership's sights on making sure the two-thirds of the world that doesn't have internet access gets the proper hookup. Zuckerberg and friends aren't ready for a complete show-and-tell of their plans just yet, but they've outlined some of their goals: making access affordableno less. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier in St. Barts, with Vogue’s Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers and model Kate Moss, the whole crew arrived at the airport with no luggage – it hadn’t made the transit in Paris. Sam and make-up artist Val Garland had to use what they had: Val, the make-up in her handbag and Sam, the water from the sea. Speaking of the shoot Sam explains: “The airline had lost everything and it wasn’t going to arrive untilaccess "affordable and available" to more people. Hit the source link for more details on the hows and whys, we'll be expecting our more efficient social network any day now.your chest.


Sony'sGivenchy Spring Summer

If you are planning to go on holiday  anytime soon and have a deep pocket to We have reached the midpoint of August, and many PurseForum members are gearing up for school or starting to think about their fall wardrobes. But not us. We were in the mood to peek inside some handbags, onIf you are living in big cities like New York, you will understand that the world is a harsh place. And to survive, having an attitude is not an option, but a necessity. Unfortunately, we are humans and most people..

Microsoft and Sony'sGivenchy Spring Summer 2013 Pre-Collection Inspiration Fall 2013 has not even started and Givenchy is revealing their spring summer 2014 pre-collection. The energy of inspiration came from the contrasting elements that Riccardo Tisci used to design an A-line next-gen game boxes, not to mention a more specific date for PlayStation 4's launch. Our friends at Oculus Rift are also mulling about, and we're always hoping to hear more about their upcoming consumer-grade Oculus headset. First up this week we've got the Euro version of the Game Developers Conference -- should you wish to follow along with our intrepid team as the week progresses, we've put  together a convenient Twitter list right here. Willkommen! so come on along and see what we found!spend, be juggling her pink-loving three-year-old daughter Bryn, a pink teddy, a doggy bag and a bright, bubblegum pink Celine Luggage Tote.

 You can shop quite a selection of prepsters of all types, but that may not be exactly accurate anymore. Sure, the brand is  beloved by college students nationwide for their simple, lightweight, tan-handled nylon totes, but the French brand seems as though it would very much like to expand its reach beyond pear-studs set. Not only has Longchamp done several high-profile collaborations with bad boy designer Jeremy Scott, but its regular line of bags just got a big dose of modernity.pre-owned Celine bags at Portero. If you’re in the mood to check out the rest of Bethenny’s Birkin-tastic bag stash, feel free to peruse through “The Many Bags of Bethenny Frankel”one of the few elites to carry the Givenchy Nightingale Trolley bag. What could be more satisfying than dragging the transformation


seamstress for Fashion Pioneer

Rosalia Mera seamstress teenager went to one of the richest women in the world as co-founder of Inditex ITX.MC -1.11% Spanish clothing retail giant pioneer behind Zara Fast Fashion. Michael Kors Outlet Mera woman, died on Wednesday at the age of 69, had known in recent years as a philanthropist and investor in renewable energy, aquaculture and biotechnology. She suffered a brain hemorrhage during the holidays, according to Spanish media reports. In 1975, with her then husband Amancio Ortega, Mera woman opened the first Zara sell cheap clothes on the basis of the pattern. There are now more than 1,700 Zara stores. The parent company Inditex SA is now the largest fashion retail companies in the world, with more than 6,000 stores in 86 countries. Company shares wife Mera makes his value of over $ 6 billion according to Forbes magazine. Rosalia Mera Goyenechea grew up in a working class neighborhood on the edge of the hills of La Coruña, in the extreme north-west Spain, in Galicia. She left school at the age of 11 to work as a seamstress. Michael Kors Bags Outlet At age 13, she went to Mera La Maja, a clothing store in La Coruna, which also uses the brothers Amancio Ortega and Antonio work. Amancio she married in 1966, and the couple started home with the production of lingerie and other clothing. One of their distinctive products: a long pink dress with blue ribbons. The couple had two children, but divorced in 1986 after Mr. Ortega had a child with another woman. Mr. Ortega has maintained a majority stake in the Inditex. Wife Mera then studied for a degree in education and began Paideia Galicia Foundation, whose original goal was the development and support of children with disabilities child, a concern because his son Marco was born with cerebral palsy. The Foundation then helped local authorities and government subsidies for commercial lottery winners even as they advise invest their profits. Mera woman made headlines in Spain because of his opposition to the stated goal of the current conservative government of Spain to strengthen restrictions on abortion. "When you are born into situations where I was born, it can not be otherwise," she said, once told a reporter, explaining his political views to the left of center. Michael Kors On Sale She continued to live in La Coruna, where they could be seen at the end of her life, dancing and singing with friends at the salsa bar.


Michael Kors launched a line of beauty sexy, athletic, Glam Girls

Hermes lindy Not that we ever throw shadows on the Olsen twins, but we have problem with some news of her earlier films take. No, not "steal a jet ski on your family trip to Atlantis is not as long as you get the guy at the end of care," but the idea that you can be sporty or trendy - but not both. In her previous films, Mary-Kate has always been a sport while Ashley was the one hitting the mall. never crossed interest because, yes, this is what people are like. Well, hold on to your butterfly clips, Mary-Kate proves new interactive "sporty, sexy, charming" campaign Michael Kors, a sporty girl that you are interested in beauty. The campaign includes three collections: sporty, sexy and glamorous. Each line is adjusted to match the personality and lifestyle of these women, and you can choose the style you see on the Facebook page Kors. Louis Vuitton utah Kors told WWD, "I think these three things sexy, athletic and glamor have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the woman Michael Kors is really all three of these things you feel strongly about any of them. certain times. " Of course you can play, learn, the way you are, and buy all of them online, but not this sound a bit boring? After all, there is certainly no reason why you can not be sexy and sporty. Maybe sports with your eye shadow, blush with your lipstick but sexy and glamor with your? It looks perfect. Louis Vuitton taiga


hook this up with one of Samsung's touchscreen

the Quattro Sport E-Tron. According to Gucci belt for men Autoblog, Birkins. The Hermes Birkin is not only the ultimate timeless classic, but it’s also the bag that celebrities have to wait to get just like the rest of us. The Birkin is the equalizer; celebrities and regular folk alike yearn for this bag, but most of them (and us) can’t get it the minute they want it. Yep, that’s right: Hermes doesn’t “gift” bags to celebrities. It doesn’t have to.the car It’ A team at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a new smart window that lets people choose what they want to let into their home, filtering out visible light, near-infra-red light, or both. Using a thin layer of nanocrystals that change state when electricity is passed through, will enable people to save on home energy bills by keeping the bulk of the Sun's heat out of the home without sacrificing the natural light.

 Now all we have to do is hook this up with one of Samsung's touchscreen windows and we'll never have to leave home again.s been two months My brain tickles itself when something brand new gets invented, like a smartphone, and how different habits and customs form in each culture around that new smartphone and a brand new form of etiquette specific to each country is created all over the world. Maybe in some countries they call more Gucci belt for womenthan they text.since President Barack Obama first said that he welcomes a debate about NSA surveillance, which he once again reiterated last week at his press conference. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to have a real debate about a subject when the administration constantly and intentionally misleads Americanswill debut at the show sporting a twin-turbo V8 is similar to what's found in the company's RS6, but it has an electric motor bolted on to help it hit 700HP and a 200MPH-plus top speed. Being that it's a hybrid,While the people of Europe bravely set sail during the Age of Discovery—a period stretching from the early 15th century and continuing to the 17th century—it's easy to forget that very few of the shores onto which they stepped were entirely uninhabited.

 This map shows the lands that were, until Gucci cluthesadventurers landed you can operate solely on battery power, but for only 21.7 miles at a time Prior to the 2015 model's unveiling, Audi is teasing a few features ahead of time. The A8's exterior lighting got a massive upgrade with the Matrix LED headlamp system, which can (and non-celebrities, but we don’t have pictures of them) have so many Birkins it is absurd (hey, I’m talking to you, Ecclestone sisters). Let’s all be honest: we’re a bit jealous. The Birkin will never go out of style, and since they’re hard to come by, what better way to take a look at this bag’s many versions than by taking a look at celebrities and the Birkins that they love?auto-dim or shut the highbeams down entirely thanks to a camera that senses other vehicles. Audi didn't neglect the tail lights, either. The turn signals on the luxury sedan now sports 24 LEDs that illuminate sequentially in the direction of the turn, from the inside out. For more info, you'll have to dive into the press release below or check out the model's coming out party on August 21st, right here.-- so, if you're looking for something with a little more range, we have a few practical suggestions.


few artist creates a black and white house inspired by the novel by Coco Chanel

  Family portrait with baby Roman and Tanya Kato and rock in life room.On the wall are pictures in black and white to make a visual statement. Thin black frame make images. PHOTOS Romain RIVIERRE In the film "Coco and Igor", which carried out the love story between rumor French designer Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, Russian composer, the couple their passion in the middle of black and white interior of Chanel shows in the suburbs of Paris. The design of the production of the film has the house French photographer Romain Rivière and his Filipino wife, artist Tanya Escaler have inspired. With their two son-Rock, 2 and Kato, three months old, they make their home a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. When Roman first came to the Philippines in 2009, he was drawn into the friendly people and all locations. He returned in December to document for the magazine Paris Match, a report on the Philippine lesbian community, the gay area, bisexual and transgender (LGBT), and the Commission on Elections refused to let them take part in the presidential elections. "I wanted to show that they have no civil rights, but they are accepted by society. It is a strange contrast," says Roman recalls.  He attended a party at the home of a militant culture and performance artist Carlos Celdran, where Tanya was a guest. Novel was fascinated by its eastern appearance. They went out and sealed their friendship with a kiss on Christmas Day. When Tanya took a short course of Arts in Sydney, novel would send his message as Pinoy. After six months, he took her to Paris to present his family. On one of her walks, Tanya, was surprised by the size of the Eiffel Tower, a 81-storey marvel. Roman was surprised by him to the top and propose marriage to her there. It does not matter that in this historic courtyard of French was considered a cliché. They were in their first rented house in Palm Village, Makati, 25 Married in December 2010, the anniversary of their first kiss. This house was also black and white on the inside, much like the film "Coco and Igor", who married the first in France saw. Swings when her son was born, the Rivierres moved to a house with four bedrooms in Makati, where she held the black and white theme.


Chanel Karl Lagerfeld: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has "special circumstances"

Chanel Karl Lagerfeld has criticized the manner of dress of Chancellor Angela Merkel. cheap miu miu handbag German style guru offered counseling Chancellor mode, after the choice of wardrobe politicians during a meeting with President Barack Obama in June Lagerfeld, 78, who regularly caused controversy with his inflammatory views, insisted that Merkel should dress for their "special proportions.'' "[Should dress] Miss Merkel, according to its specific proportions," he complained to the German focus. "Magazines [When she was photographed with Obama], the proportions were wrong, and the cut. 'S pants were too long." She is the last woman standing on a large scale by the designer to be frank targeted. miu miu outlet

no surprise that many of Italy

h sees such apps as a logical fit. To get the Louis Vuitton cluthball rolling, the social network has already granted access to 13 partners that include WordPress, Strava Cycling and a bevy of smaller image services. Only some of these developers can send app content to Path as of this writing, but the rest should support the API in the weeks ahead.We now know slightly more about what happens after death, thanks to new research that measures the electrical activity in the brains of rats before and after cardiac arrest. Spoiler: it does not flat-line. Not immediately, anyway. from Italy are some of the world’s best. Not to mention the most famous: From Gorgonzola to Asiago, mozzarella to Fontina, parmesan to to provolone, Italy’s cheeses are world-renowned, too!

 So it’s no surprise that many of Italy’s best cheeses are so beloved, they’ve been recognized as DOP products fand the OS -- along with new hardware carrying it -- will be publicly available come mid-October. Those hoping to get their hands on the near-final software ahead of time via MSDN or the sunsetting Technet are out of luck, however, as the outlet's tipster claims the final portions of 8.1 won't be obtainable through those means until general availability. If you need something to help pass the time until then, you can always dive into our in-depth hands-on with the update formerly known as Blue.In just a few minutes, Elon Musk will finally reveal his plans for the Hyperloop, a revolutionary transit system that's capable of getting you from Louis Vuitton cosmic blossomdowntown Los Angeles to downtown San Francisco in 30 minutes flat.

At 5 pm, he'll hold a conference call to explain Hyperloop in detail. And we're going to liveblog the couldn’t be a better destination for your trip to Italy. Located right in the heart of Tuscany and surrounded by the renowned Chianti wine region, the medieval city of Siena makes the Louis Vuitton cruise 2011perfect day trip from Florence… or a great place to make your home base while exploring Tuscany. And it’s The Cold War was a very good war for tanks, despite the lack of wars requiring tank battles. Now some of these old Soviet-era tanks have been spruced up and taken out for a day of tearing up the Earth. If you're going to do this, at least do it in a tank.

th July best dressed stars at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Hollywood stars have made the hottest looks of the season for red (or in this case, blue carpet) at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.Louis Vuitton utah Actress Lucy Hale co-host the festivities in the evening alongside Glee star Darren Criss. The Pretty Little Liars Lead shaken several outfits during the gala, but the cream on top was crispy adorable, loving and cool. Pretty Little Liars popular ABC has won many awards, including one for Hale, who won a surfboard for "Choice Summer TV Star." Hollywood stars have made the hottest looks of the season for red (or in this case, blue carpet) at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night. Actress Lucy Hale co-host the festivities in the evening alongside Glee star Darren Criss. The Pretty Little Liars Lead shaken several outfits during the gala, but the cream on top was crispy adorable, loving and cool. Pretty Little Liars popular ABC has won many awards, including one for Hale, who won a surfboard for "Choice Summer TV Star." Selena Gomez, the stars dance album topped the Billboard 200 last week, looked all grown up in a green forest full of Cushnie et Ochs dress with double columns and shoulder cuts wisely. The "Come & Get It" pop star hung "Female Hottie Choice" surfboard, while One Direction cutie Harry Styles won the "Choice Male Hottie" award. Award shows are not always on display the most daring dresses - pantsuits and rompers still heat rolled up carpet in the subtly sexy style. Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries was with colorful brush strokes artsy brighten his J. Mendel two parts. Dobrev, who attended the ceremony with his co-star and ex-beau Ian Solmerhalder, was named "Choice TV Actress in a second science fiction." Hermes lindy Oscar nominated and growing style icon Hailee Steinfeld continues his run as the most chic of 16 in Hollywood. The starlet took a red starburst print House of Holland and in blue dress and killer smokey eye makeup. Steinfeld has previously been featured in ad campaign for the fashion house Miu Miu, she is certainly no stranger to the incredible haute couture. While romantic feminine ruffles and dresses wonderfully, are seen on the red carpet, a small punk rock edge is always appreciated, especially from hot performers of rock music. All eyes may be on new Miley Cyrus look like these days, but Hayley Williams of Paramore looked strange rock-and-roll with a black strapless dress with a white top cage. His red light bob haircut also perfectly complements keep rockin '. Probably the most memorable moment of the evening, Lea Michele took the TCA stage to accept his surfboard for "choice TV Actress in a Comedy" for her role in Glee and moving acceptance speech, sincere has honor of his late co-star and her boyfriend Cory Monteith many left the audience in tears. Michele, in a bright fuchsia dress A-line with a light pink bodice and skirt, thanked the fans for their support during the "very difficult past few weeks." The Glee star wore a necklace made following plate "Cory", as a symbol of remembrance. Hermes new sonctance


Miu Miu Bowling Borsa di inverno per il prossimo

Uno dei classici in Assoluto, Bowling Borsa because viene reinterpretata Miu Miu per il prossimo autunno inverno 2013/14. Discount Gucci The avevamo vista sulle gateway delle Sfilate fw 2013/14, the e oggi Possiamo ammirare len Store del Marques. La nuova Miu Miu Bowling Bag when caratterizza per i dettagli in closing a particolare per tutta lunghezza che ne percorre Interop profilo. Oro Color Accessories, went unita elements lunghezza ridotta dei Manici, contribuiscono a solo sottolineare the volontà di rivisitare i capisaldi dell'eleganza in chiave moderna, my reeds notice apportare al nuovo modello di una borsa the estetica sofisticata a mano. Svilippata because diversification have formative when Adatta a tutti gli perfettamente oufit in particolare è perfetta itself abbinata agli orecchini a Fiore Miu Miu oppure Cerchietti con Pietre che preziose regalano Luce ed energia. Cheap Chanel


Louis Vuitton Cup, Luna Rossa is on match point in the semifinals

 Today, the Italian team sailed to the fullest race Artemis Racing and now leads 3-0 in the semifinals of the Challenger Series America's Cup. Luna Rossa just need a win to qualify for the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup and a match with Emirates Team New Zealand. Luna Rossa skipper Chris Draper took the measure of his Artemis Racing counterpart Nathan Outteridge in the pre-start. Draper used his starboard tack advantage to take a position in the vicinity of Lee Outteridge and speed turn him down with violence in a maneuver to separation. Draper clearly won the start, past the race track 9 seconds ahead of Artemis Racing. Luna Rossa led by 11 seconds at the first mark the area and then steadily increased his lead at the 15:53-nautical-mile course in 1 minute, 18 seconds ahead. "Today Chris was a good start. Really showed what he is capable of this," Sirena said. "After the start, we drove probably our best race on the water as a team, which is good because it will be difficult tomorrow. Aretmis racing faster and faster every day and it is not finished yet. We need to stay focused and tomorrow run. So impressive was Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing has also raised his game. Within a day, the Italians, the team found a way to reduce its deficit in 1 minute. But the Swedish team is simply not much time to understand the intricacies of the race with the AC72. "We raised our game a lot today, but bad news for Artemis Racing was like Luna Rossa. They sailed very well from start to finish," said Artemis Racing skipper Iain Percy. "Now is the sudden death of tomorrow, and we love it, we look forward to that pressure." Artemis Racing went today with a new drift in the port hull. Percy said the board with new winglets on the rudder coupled helped to defeat the team. "The winglets to give it a little more lift when the rudder seem to be developed in the harsh taunts and jeers seem a little more tear sheets simply said Percy. Luna Rossa took some fantastic jokes today and in constant search through maneuvers without shell into the water. Over water the Italian team will be with one wing. He hoped that the two wings of the stage tonight for potential racing series crimp tomorrow. "I'm really proud of how we sailed today. Way we want to do," Draper said Luna Rossa. "I think Artemis Racing much improved. We know Artemis Racing will continue to improve, there is too much talent in this camp, but we drove a good race and I'm proud of it."


Presented famous French designer at Mint Museum Randolph

Paris and modern haute couture became the 20th Century also,Miu Miu Totes thanks in part to the creations of three visionary designers who are the subject of a new exhibition at the Mint Museum Randolph. "Dior, Balmain, Saint-Laurent - Elegance and Simplicity" provides 30 kinds of Christian Dior, Balmain and Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized women's fashion with these masters of the French-based design houses, the clothes always create the most coveted in the. World. Play until 12 January, the exhibition organized by the Director of Fine Arts Charles M Collection Fashion Museum Mint Museum. As the most beautiful Southeast famous collection of his 40th Birthday this year. The designers presented shortly: • Dior is legendary for its post-World "New Look" silhouette of a jacket war with a pinched waist of a skirt that emphasizes the bust and hips. • Balmain is known for its simple, modern silhouettes, but still luxurious. • Saint Laurent say many fashion insiders is one of the greatest innovators in the history of fashion, not only acceptable but also stylish male trouser suits for women wear fashion inspiration. The exhibition presents one of his famous suits Non smoking area, a feminine touch to dress pants and jacket of a man who has become an enduring classic. "What do these three have in common is their true talent - they have introduced new methods, but their designs are timeless," says Lu, "you could see some of them since 1970 or 1980 and 1940 and you wear an evening cocktail . " Local donations Several Charlotteans to the donor, the collection of fashion goods, are part of the exhibition, including Deidre Grubb, who donated a suit by Yves Saint Laurent and Balmain cocktail dress. "I wore the dress for a cocktail party long Mint Museum," Grubb said. "The St. Lawrence belonged to my mother-in-law (late Rochelle Grubb)." These are just two of the many fashion items she has given over the years at the museum. "I like to give things up for them because I know they will be seen for generations to come, stay," she said. Preferred Mo in the exhibition is a Balmain cocktail dress, circa 1960, Silk velvet, silk faille and brocade. It was purchased by the Fund additional costume Mint. "It is special because it is one of the first dresses that I bought at an auction in New York, was," he said. "He renewed for the museum, because we had never participated in an auction (fashion)." The text that goes with each unit provides interesting design details. Saint Laurent was an assistant to Dior, then you will see his name on some of the house of Dior clothing credited before Saint Laurent his own fashion house. And the name of Oscar de la Renta, Balmain appears because of his work as a designer from 1993 to 2002. The Metropolitan Those who follow the New York company be interested to see Haute Couture clothing Jayne Wrightsman, a living legend in social circles, belonging to her husband Charles, an oil tycoon, the most generous donors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art . Wrightsman is one of the few women in the world who do not designed to receive a payment of $ 80,000 for an individual piece of clothing that they can not shrink a few times not wear. Visitors to the exhibition can see Mint Museum, the level of craftsmanship in exquisite haute couture evening dress and skirt by Balmain Wrightsman at la Renta, the designer was involved. "The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a collection of high fashion in the world," Mo, who had a long friendship with Harold Koda, curator of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum said. "It is amazing what they have. But when the museum clothes they are interested in is not offered, he let me know. I feel incredibly blessed me when a box comes from Ms. Wrightsman or any of its other major donors."Miu Miu Tote


world around us is tangible

In it, they say the watchdog is Cheap Chanel Bag"attempting to impose a specific business model on the publishing industry," despite assertions it wouldn't play that role. If you'll recall, Apple was recently found guilty of price-fixing following charges filed last year. Now, the Justice Department is trying to force Apple to end its current agreements with the publishers and let rival e-book retailers like Amazon link to their own online stores.Head on over to eBay to get the most popular, most versatile L series lens in the Canon line for its lowest price ever. I personally paid much more for it, and can't recommend it enough. $660.own prices for e-books and other media.

 A similar affair was settled rather more Chanel 2.55amicably in Europe, meanwhile, when the same band of publishers agreed to allow other retailers to sell e-books cheaper than Apple does, if they so choose. Evidently, they feel the DOJ overstepped its bounds in the US and seem intent to back Apple to the bitter end. Vanessa Hudgens, visiting her local optician with her Givenchy Nightingale Bag. This bag’s a tried-and-true favorite of Vanessa’s – it’s several years old and she still carries it on the regular. This Givenchy bag can still be had for $1,965 at Barneys. If you hadn’t considered its nuanced boho qualities before, you certainly are now.Our modern understanding of reality is based on some fundamental concepts:

that the world around us is tangible, that the theory of relativity holds, that cause and effect works as we'd expect, and that humans have free will. But take quantum theory at face value, and it turns out the four can't co-exist together.We dished our fair share of smack talk towards Ashton Kutcher when he was tabbed to play Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs not because he couldn't make himself look like Steve Jobs but because we were afraid he would put too much Dude Where's My Car into Steve. We still don't know if he'll be able to pull Steve off but itbeautiful model (isn’t she stunning? We need to feature her more!), to showcase some of our favorite Gucci belt bagSalvatore Ferragamo shoes and bags. The brand has a long heritage in the luxury world and continues to impress with quality products and timeless appeal.Hours before the world opens its weary eyes and the population starts its day, I thumb the starter and the motor fires to life – my two-wheeled escape plan hath commenced. The parallel twin cylinder engine of the CBR500R quickly falls into a rhythm as it warms. I take the time to throw on my gear

holiday, Italian style: retro dolce vita is having yet another time in the sun

It's August and Italy, the tutti means dispelling on the banks of the country - on the beaches of Bari, hilly Positano or the spectacular coast of Sorrento. Inspired by the stories, perfumes, movies and content of our company, we are an Italian our weekend. Gucci belt for men Grown fashion revive his love affair with retro style holiday in Italy this season with corset tops and matching skirts Lucian Matis swaddled duchess satin coats try Miu Miu. And this state collections fall when Prada goes full circle with large plaid skirts, the same as tanned glamor of American tourists for decades supported the Amalfi Coast. Carven, the French fashion house founded by Carmen de Tommaso, after the war together something feminine postwar New Look of Christian Dior. Madame Carven, as it is also called (still alive and still very much sun, she turns 104 this month) girl dressed stars of the 1950s such as Leslie Caron. The label is now designed by William Henry and launched Carven perfume, a floral osmanthus, apricot and sweet peas and nostalgic fragrance that is packaged in a box that is a nod to the green fabric and white classic stripe carving favored her Paris salon. Leslie Caron American in Paris and moped ride princess in disguise Audrey Hepburn have popularized Rome as a tourist stop but Capri, Island of Sirens Homer, was the favorite playground of the elite Americans. During the years 1950 and 1960 New Roman Fin & Lady Cathleen Schine is set in the summer of 1960, when the island is Graham Greene and Jackie O. was The elegant aesthetics of the Amalfi coast to the middle of the century is particularly enjoyable thanks to films psychological thriller Patricia Highsmith The Talented Mr. Ripley. En Plein Soleil in 1960, he played a young, often shirtless Alain Delon 1999 adaptation Anthony Minghella, Matt Damon, Tom Ripley and Gwyneth Paltrow is the daughter sunny margin in 1950, American Chic holiday casual wardrobe to costume designer Ann Roth and Gary Jones: Ellen skirt and sneakers corner that could be confused with actual Prada. Cheap Chanel Bag Like them, Dickie and Ripley area in the summer on another island near Naples, circle skirts margin (a staple of the time) both flattering and functional are cool, she wears her as Hepburn in Roman Holiday - knotted white shirt waist. Dolce & Gabbana collection expands further south, with an edge length of romance Sicilian sea all kinds of handbags raffia cabin and made no concessions to the modest American debutante: the corset is trimmed as earthy and Italian siren Sophia Loren.


Superstition: new makeup collection from Chanel

This fall, warmly expected makeup collection from Chanel, superstition. Inspired by a love of nature and Chanel Gabrille rich tones, superstition is a collection of bold colors and earth tones produced.Gucci belt for men This compact offers a combination of puzzle and a shimmering cream dark tones. Create a velvety surface that makes comfortable and durable, smudge-proof formula that can be used to the two strong smoky eyes in metallic silver and lighter gray can achieve. Lipstick Collection include in soft pink and natural beige. Coupled with a dark eye and teaching these girls Rouge lipsticks are the perfect finishing touch to a powerful range. For a touch of color, the color palette of pink nail polish line Superstition rich shades of deep green and khaki in both matte and metallic finishes. Look to reach effortlessly chic for an effective, dynamic team of nail polish with a simple outfit. Monika Jagaciak is the face of the new campaign and Superstition screams iconic Chanel glamor. Mixture smooth silk texture with dark and mysterious colors, this collection is an exciting new version of the fall and winter of 2013.Gucci belt for women


Gilded Lily: Collins bags a new leading role ... Hollywood photoshoot

Miu Miu handbag British actress Lily Collins cemented his place among Hollywood Add as she joins Scarlett Johansson and Dakota Fanning in a new photo shoot. She asked. Within a Miu Miu creation for the last number of Harper's Bazaar The picture in Britain published the first edition of the standard is one of many photos of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as part of a function, made to celebrate the diversity of women. Collins, daughter of singer Phil see his latest film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones hit cinema screens this month. This is the third meeting of the Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld, the magazine will be published in the British edition. Inspired by a wide range of models, there is the master of women of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities. Roitfeld, the former editor of French Vogue designed, cast and style function - with Stephen Gan, creative director at Harper's Bazaar U.S. - which will take place in the 29 issues of the magazine. Johansson is described in a leather apron gold Prada, while former child star Dakota Fanning is wearing a Louis Vuitton dress. The A-list line-up also includes British model Liberty Ross, Lily Donaldson, Karen Elson and musician Grimes and Angel Haze. Together they raise key looks for Autumn / Winter 2013 collection. miu miu classic bags UK editor Justine Picardie magazine said: "Harper's Bazaar is a thoughtful and intelligent approach to fashion while celebrating the diversity and strength of women, the verve and Carine take spirited in fashion reflects the great tradition of Harper's Bazaar.".


Court allowed a thief stealing clothes creators keep

A 34-year-old shoplifter was allowed to keep the clothes they had stolen after returning to the store owner. The lawyers said that it was an unusual movement, and that means Teo Hwee Bee gets a pair of black Miu Miu Prada pants and two dresses worth more than S $ 5000 hold (RM12, 789) that they raised in different occasions last year. According to lawyers, the stolen items will be returned or disposed of by the police in general to their owners. Last Wednesday, Teo, who is three months to four counts of theft declaration Day Order was sentenced, without marking, which means it is required to regularly report to a managed by the Singapore Prison Service Center for monitoring and counseling. It was also to serve 200 hours of community service within a year. Criminal Rajan Subramaniam said it was rare that the perpetrator may hold stolen property, as it might send the wrong message to the public. But attorney Gloria James. Said: "The court has already been punished for the offense and made amends for goods Moreover, the goods had been close to the shops for a while and the owner would probably step back." - The Straits Times / Asia News Network


Best Dressed list of Kerry Washington Tops Vanity Fair

  Kerry Washington leads list of the best dressed of the magazine Vanity Fair.

The 36-year-old actress on the list of prestigious annual fashion, beat Justin Timberlake and Duchess of Cambridge in the style inserts, to grace the cover of the latest August issue of the magazine.

The brunette beauty has made a comeback in Django Unchained "this year, Quentin Tarantino has made a number of spectacular outfits on the red carpet before the film's release.

They stunned to pieces by Peter Pilotto, Miu Miu, Giles and Louis Vuitton, and makes a huge impact on the fashion critics in a pastel pink and green Miu Miu dress at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

"Suit & Tie" singer Justin followed in second place. The singer has always sexy, but smart and enthusiastic in a Tom Ford tux 55 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Duchess of Cambridge won the third place on the list, the magazine praised him for election as British label Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Issa and Alice Temperley.

Duchess Catherine - formerly known as Kate Middleton - was beautiful in the color gather in June in a pink coat and Alexander McQueen Jane Corbett hat.

New additions to the list this year are the Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards, singer Beyonce Knowles 'Halo' and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.


beats luxury label Louis Vuitton and Hermes Gucci, the brand is the highest

Louis Vuitton is the best brand to other labels such as Fendi, Coach, Prada and according to a study.  In 2013 BrandZ Top 100, compiled a ranking of the most valuable global brands by market research company MillwardBrown, found luxury companies are struggling with the need to balance the uniqueness to attract new customers through the use of social media. The survey also said luxury brands become "at hand, collaborative and experimental." Ensure some brands post modest purchase, the customer would be a "thank you note received on twitter while a client sewing mode can be an invitation to an exclusive show. Coach handbag label owed his position at number 10 on the list of his life in China, where it at 30 branches by the end of 2012 its total there to 69. Over the past year, the value of the luxury sector has increased six percent, compared to a 15 percent increase in the previous year. The top ten brands were: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, Burberry, Fendi and Gucci.


Gucci independently develop in Russia

One of the best - selling luxury brands in Russia, Gucci is through direct management of its operations in the country.  Gucci is for a site in Moscow for a private brand of searching how Vedomosti relating to real estate broker. Experts said that the brand already hired about 200 square feet of office space in the business center Moscow Pitero house. "The decision is in line with the overall brand strategy - continuously increase the direct control," said a representative of Gucci Vedomosti, without giving a precise timetable. In Russia, where the love of luxury in the crisis, it seems to be unwavering, Gucci is one of the most popular, according to Darya Yadernaya, CEO Consulting Group Esper 10 brands. In 2012, sales of luxury goods in Russia, including clothing and accessories, up to 7%, according to data from Fashion Consulting Group (FCG). This is despite the prices of items in the fashion of the western producers is about 30% higher in the Russian shops, said Anush Gasparyan, commercial director of FCG. This makes many companies try to maximize the potential of the Russian market and to avoid distributors. They are trying to develop and manage their brands to benefit regardless Adding, Gasparian said. Gucci is not the first luxury brand want direct operations in Russia, Prada and Hermes have already left their distributors Yadernaya said. Mercury dealer for a split with Gucci would not refer to his inconsistency, but his professionalism, according Yadernay. Mercury has not only recognized the brand, but also determined to complete a solid basis for future development, as well as some customers Yadernaya. Today, Gucci has six branches in Moscow, with another set to open shortly. The distributor of the brand in Russia, Mercury Group, holds a large TSUM most luxurious stores in Moscow.