Miu Miu leather cracked

Distraught after-trendsetters WITH HIS glitter pumps, Miuccia Prada adaptation recently Evidence Of A Relevance almost Machiavellian point for implementation of the UN offers a cracked leather patina INEDITE an SES Creations. Addicts and who might as well be the successor son inexorably fall into the "Fash Pack" UN leather Who will not look forward to the happiness of Miu Miu ... Miu Miu outlet If A Peek-a-Boo Fendi Very pleasant acquisition UN Mulberry Bayswater, A, or Chloe Paraty may be, it is not much less need to wait several months before Said Losing bag pulls perfect for a shiny look weathered much more attractive. In addition, choose a model for vintage force ou leave their fate PS1 on the balcony full force Subir weather, just be patient and allow fashionistas wear a bag worn high-end quickdraw NICELY, probably appease the consumer dimension of this "it" bag. However, it was without citing Miuccia Prada, that is not hesitate has a box accelerate even the aging process leather SES cracked (in Making snowflake artificial coloring ITS Dadam bags and shoes with curved heels More) Your offer and ONLY A phenomenon that the many years could use to make them. And if the model of the young Chloë Moretz appears Taken Too damaged casting desirable (see prices Son Gone In Search of UN Kelly Senior second), it will not do the same cast of The Last born of the brand. Mastering a little better your "cracks," said police CES last effect, more subtilis and made more desirable. Without talking biker boots Miu Miu Fall / Winter 2013-2014: After benefited from the same treatment, they are already in a good position sub the must-have of the season. Miu Miu handbag Remains whether East Adequate investment in more than 700 € in a bag, a pair of boots What ordinary people, at one end of life to take ou ...


girl next door to smoldering style Louis Vuitton: Behind the scenes of the first fashion campaign Michelle Williams

 Michelle Williams smoulders in the 2014 autumn / winter campaign of Louis Vuitton, but it took an army of hair stylists, makeup artists and assistants photography to capture the perfect image. With wine-red lips and black eyebrows, the actress models the last two handbags the French fashion house under W and Capucines, the direction of the famous Vogue photographer Peter Lindbergh. In a behind the scenes video of Louis Vuitton, which saw 32-year-old getting into character for his time model release: a face, smiling, serious and laugh as great creative team now looks. "It's like I fell in love with characters like falling in love in life," Ms. Williams said during the filming. "I'm not trying to brain, I hope to try to stay very present and open to what is around me at the moment., And generally tends to something that is difficult. If this is not difficult, so why do it?, she added. The campaign is the first approval of major fashion woman Williams, apart from a brief stint as ambassador for Band of Outsiders spring / summer 2012. Louis Vuitton certainly far from her days as Jen Lindley on Dawson campaign, had a little help from haute couture stylist Sam McKnight and makeup by Stephane Marais. It is best known for his roles in Brokeback Mountain and My Week With Marilyn, Ms. Williams is currently filming French Suite, after the novel by Irene Nemirovsky, which follows a blossoming romance between a village and French, a German soldier during the first years of Basic German occupation of France. The actress talked about her role as Marilyn Monroe, showing how seriously it takes every character in mind for a film.


New Zealand beat Luna Rossa in the Louis Vuitton Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand beat Luna Rossa Challenge three minutes and 21 seconds at a Round 5 Sunday race for the Louis Vuitton Cup, the challenger selection series to decide for the America's Cup, is used. cheap miu miu bags Reviews (together: team race, won, lost, plan, points) R F W L Pts 1. Emirates Team New Zealand 9 9 0 0 9 2 Luna Rossa Challenge 9 4 4 1 4 3 Artemis Racing 8 0 3 5 0 Previous results Round 1 7 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Luna Rossa Challenge (not started) 9 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Artemis Racing (not started) 11 July - Luna Rossa def. Artemis Racing (not started) Round 2 13 - To beat Emirates Team New Zealand. Luna Rossa Challenge (not finished) 14 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Artemis Racing (not started) 16 July - Luna Rossa def. Artemis Racing (not started) Round 3 18 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Artemis Racing (not started) 20 July - Luna Rossa def. Artemis Racing (disqualified) 21 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Luna Rossa Challenge by two minutes 19 seconds Round 4 13 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Luna Rossa Challenge (not finished) 25 July - Luna Rossa def. Artemis Racing (disqualified) 27 July - Emirates Team New Zealand beat. Artemis Racing (not started) Remaining races cheap miu miu bags Round 30 May August - Artemis Racing, Emirates Team New Zealand v Aug 1 - Luna Rossa Challenge v Artemis Racing


Follow the Louis Vuitton famous America's Cup with special watches

  Well known for its distinctive bags, Louis Vuitton celebrates its 30th Anniversary of its partnership with the Cup sailing regatta in America with some amazing watches. As official timekeeper for the race, which will take place in San Francisco for the next two months, the luxury retailer implements several timepieces in the world of sailing inspired by technological refinements.

Everyone has to look at what is known as a function of look regatta, which marks the countdown to the last five minutes before the kickoff of the race of the America's Cup.

The crown jewel is the America's Cup Regatta Automatic Drum offers a limited edition of only 720 numbered pieces used to refer to the 72-foot catamarans A72 in the cup. He wears a red and black dial with the logo of the America's Cup, waterproof rubber band and LV 171 Swiss automatic chronograph movement. There is also a version with a limited edition of 1851 quartz watches to the year of the first America's Cup.

The clock sold for $ 11.600.

Other versions are the Louis Vuitton Cup logo on the dial. Currently, the boats for the Louis Vuitton Cup Challenger Series in the right against the U.S. defender, Oracle Team USA during the 34th America's Cup competitors navigate, dated 7 September to 21


The fashion sense of the rod Alfredo

  The wave of nights fashion continues to sweep across the city.

Hotels in night clubs and bars now, it spreads like wildfire. Last Thursday was the bar and the restaurant Alfredo Bukoto who joined the movement to organize its first night of fashion.

"Fashion Sense" as he was called, was a success, a total display of creativity and originality. But arrived for some of the 19 hours after the scheduled departure time, they thought it would not happen.

A handful of people arrived, what do you think that maybe people had Maurice Kirya Concert in Kampala Serena Hotel preferred. But a quarter of 21 hours stormed the fashion lovers bar - find very difficult to access.

Forget the fashion shows, where they have one or two collections and call it a night. They were cool drawings several fashion designers, home Kori contour Uzuri fashion house, XP African clothing, crafts SM, Muwumuza collection and macho.

The show opened at 9 clock with a performance of a high aspiring artist named Soldier. But no sooner had he started to sing the only soldier chess high microphones their ugly heads. The show stopped for about ten minutes.

And during the show, the microphone has become a problem - the master of ceremony for the evening: tirelessly to sort the desire to Magic FM and NTV Melisa Deception call on the DJ. Every time she came on stage, made Melisa, who acts as secretary to the disappointment, a point to remind revelers of the room.

Well, why not, after all, was the whole team of Deception in the house - with Sarah Kisawuzi as "Nalweyiso" the attention of all. Brenda models of MS began with jewelry designs - with girls in high heels shows casual clothes that you need for a weekend. It was a big screen in different colors.

And for the next two hours, and the other half at 11:30 clock, VIP Rooftop Alfredo with African designers XP clothing, Uzuri Fashion House, E-Muwumuza nine collections, crafts was reduced SM, Macho collections and Kori house Contour.

But it was the macho men are the guests welcomed by most. The manhood left ladies screaming at the top of their voices male models. For the ladies it was African fabrics for you and African craft bags.

On the other hand, however, if it is a perfect model Catwalking in high heels? Because girls have fought hard to keep the balance and the guests could not hold their laughter. There was a short break with shows coming artist Brian Alvin, shot the guests.

And when the audience thought they had seen everything, there was Julian Okori of Kori Chamber Contour on stage with a mixture of colors on the African dress that matched perfectly with elegant body. With a degree in fashion design advanced Makerere University, it is easy to understand why the choice of design Okori come easily.

The color was everywhere, as it incorporated into its collections rainbow brave prints and colors, but kept to a neutral black mixed with small braids african fabric with western accents.

It is the perfect color coordinated.

"I love color and I make sure I use it to create something perfect. It's a bit of African fabric and the fabric of the West," she said.

For only 10,000 CFA registration fees, some fashion lovers was heard at the end of the show, that the tax is too small to with what they got was a rhyme. It was worth our time.


Chanel No. 5 hours of Microsoft

   Every trip ends, but it goes on. The world turns and we turn to him.
- Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5

The most interesting thing about the world of technology is that often the most successful products that we do not see.

Could often for reasons that we can not predict succeed - Wii in 2006 or the first (AAPL) Apple iPhone in 2007 - even the flagship products that we know are on the way as the Nintendo (NTDOY OTCMKTS) .

Who knew that a system of movement control to get grandmother playing video games?

And who would, before the first Apple iPhone was the start of a touch screen and thought the mobile Internet revolution that still resonates in the world?

How about Google (GOOG)? Forget its search technology. It was before Google web search, but it certainly could have been better. But I can not remember a lot of people yelling for functional minimalism, Google revolutionized bare bones interface.

In summary, many companies observe how the world turns around to see it with him - but the special, as the three companies I mentioned above actually see.

I detail the trend of declining PC sales courtesy of the trend Toasterization after publication (MSFT) Windows 8 covered, highlighting the fact that there is no increase post-release in the sale, as is the custom, after the publication Windows came 7th

I also noted that in April, if you do not know PC sales were terrible, then you just have not been paying attention.

Since then, there were not only poor data and continued yesterday with the release of the second quarter, Gartner, sales figures in the industry.

Gartner said that worldwide PC shipments declined 10.9%, which is a record for five consecutive quarters of losses.

The song remains the same as tablets cannibalize PC with Gartner further note the following points:

"We see a reduction in the PC market directly to the installed base of PC shrinkage tablets cheap displace low-end machines mainly for consumption in the mature and developing markets used in the context," said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner . "In emerging markets, cheap tablets have become the primary computing device for many people, in the best case, the shift of the purchase of a PC. This is also the collapse of the mini-notebook market."

Shrinking installed base?

Holy Schnikes!

What things will look like in 10 years because the babies of iPads to be raised?

Just as the line on a quasi-metaphysical concept of the famous Chanel No. 5 commercial tie in the collapse of the PC and Microsoft Brad Pitt operates in particular?

Well, the world turns and Microsoft is trying to run with it, especially trying to hitchhike driven to the boom in mobile computing Apple.

But after plowing forward with his Windows Phone and initiatives of the tablet surface, it was not exactly killed.

In the first quarter of 2013, Microsoft had 2.9% market share of smartphone operating systems - a big improvement from 1.9% in the previous year, but not close enough to move the needle.

He had the same success with his tablet surface, with 3% of the market (to zero in the previous year), according to Strategy Analytics.

And PC sales collapse during the boom of mobile market, we see Windows falling behind Google Android device in the market share of the global operating system.


Rita Ora falls with best friend Cara Delevingne on the design part of DKNY Fashion

       There is only one month, they called each other "bourgeois", but it seems that the former best friends Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne are divorced.

I can show that close friends have fallen at a party for DKNY fashion a month ago, the Cara grabbed the microphone and tears looked awkward dancing with him after her accident driving performance, flying cap Rita and grind the stars behind. Cringe.

The couple, who used to be inseparable, were not seen together since that night.

More worryingly, they held each other messages on Twitter and Instagram - where they are used to declare their love for each other every day.

Cara was not presented to the grand concert Rita weekend, when she sang in East London, with support from Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z at Wireless Festival at Olympic Park.

Instead, the supermodel, 20, a yacht with enemy Rihanna Rita, 25, in Monte Carlo, where they hung in skimpy bikinis has set. Button.

At Glastonbury in front of Rita and Cara fifteen lived a few yards apart in Winnebago VIP separated, but celebrated the whole weekend.

Rita, 22, called this designer Stella McCartney friend "my new wife" on Twitter. Ouch.

An insider said. "There is a lot of anger on both sides, but Rita has worked in her singing career and craft his image carefully for four years and it was in danger of becoming a joke after shoddy performance Rita was advised from the model to distance. "

The singer, who is dating DJ Calvin Harris admits his faithful companions are those who went to school.

Speaking this month, she said: "For me, I friends I've known all my life, and I can count on one hand are the people I went to school Everyone I meet from this point, though.. they happen to be a friend, it's amazing - come and join the family - but otherwise ... "

3:00 contacted but both Rita and Cara about these people got no answer.

Meanwhile, Cara's for a massive birthday in Ibiza 21 Party prepares next month, but it remains to be seen? Caz and Rita have adopted? And then assembled.


Rick Edwards Style: search in the sun smart

       Here is a sentence I hoped I would never write again: I will be working this week in Magaluf. No, to be clear, tanned as one of the young men acquired mahogany sweeping the streets leaflets with 4 shots of vodka for a cherry are. I do not see enough good in a vest for her. I'm actually going to film a television to live political debate. In Magaluf? Yes, Magaluf. The Ins and Outs not go out of it, believe it - believe me, I reflection, and it is useless.

Normally I Dress smart enough for this show. A blazer, shirt without a tie (I was assured that the Yoof not like links), a "reasonable" pants and so on. But then, as a rule, I'm not going to a beach in the 30C heat. So, what I fight, this is what I wear both stylish and summer? I know it's easy to make mistakes, because I see every day examples. People emerge from short shorts, shirts unbuttoned to the navel, and flip-flops. Not acceptable. That does not mean I do not understand. I want my pigeon breast and chicken thighs, but I do have the wave of enthusiasm that inevitably accompanies weather to resist at least until the weekend.

A linen suit or linen mix seems like a good place to start - light and fluffy, probably in a neutral color to avoid whistles Miami Vice. But I'm always afraid that I break into a sweat in a blazer inappropriate. So maybe I'll drop the suit and just stick with pants was to wrap a little casual. And instead of a white shirt, I could for a dark shirt or t-shirt, perfect for enjoying hide and decide not bat sweating.

As for shoes, I spread not only flip-flops, but a sandal. A brief aside on the term "Mandal" If you are one of those people who have used the term .. Just pause it is useless It is not to work as a pun Everything .. does is make me angry.

I do not think it's good to have a hint of ankle (do not get me started on mankle!) Show regularly so socks are a no-go, the coaches and trainers comes out of the race because they always stink. While moccasins leaves, driving shoes or platform shoes. I had a long-standing obsession with shoes platform (documented in my first Observer column style as you no doubt recall with nostalgic affection) and I tried to go further, loafers or driving shoes, it is. Add to that a little color with these - Death is a series rainbow on the very rich.

Magaluf, I hope you're ready. Because I am not sure I am.


Rihanna, Chris Brown: Singer love Chanel implement $ 5,000 for students Before DWT tour ends, "Do not they know, singer Nixes graffiti

       The singer of "Stay", 25 years, has a reported $ 5,000 smackaroos Barrington High School in Illnois by its special performance at the beginning of this year online. The direction of the pop star had contacted school officials in March Giving what is going on supplies for students.

"The money will go to purchase new equipment for students to use," said a spokesman of Barrington 200 School District, Jeff Arnett, adding that the team RiRi was very beautiful in their communication.

The pupils have a video of Rihanna with the participation of charities, and won a big award show of the singer on his "service as a diamond" contest with the winning clip. Although the performance was a year of high school, Rihanna showed four hours late. But officials have decided on the positive things that surround focus RiRi.

And apparently her ex-beau's all good. After some controversy, butting heads with their neighbors and county of Los Angeles, Brown macabre magnificent frescoes painted on his home. But according to TMZ, which has "Do not you think they know," singer because he wanted option.

While his fellow block mates Hollywood Hills were marked by monsters Brown the First Amendment, his "art" cited for holding was scared, "the love of art." But he had a change of heart, unfazed by threats of the city, he said. Whatever the reason, Brown dodged another bullet with officials and is accused relieved pay a heavy fine.

Tell us what you think about the latest with Riri and Breezy below!


Join Smythson's London Fashion Week schedule

       The provider of luxury handbags, accessories and leather-bound diaries present their goods to the press and buyers a lecture Sunday, 15 September.

The British brand, in the Samantha Cameron was previously creative director, is silent on the details of the event, we have only said that to its flagship bag of the season, Panama bag are connected. Since 2010 Cameron has received an advisory role part-time, after he was his old job as her husband Prime Minister.

It is likely that the Royal Warrant brand retention follow in the footsteps of compatriot luxury accessories brand Anya Hindmarch, which provides a spectacular presentations each season - the last cascade with 60,000 dominoes.

Last year, Smythson, which was founded by Frank Smythson celebrated its 125th Birthday, and in June of that year he opened his first shop in Hong Kong.

multimedia Legacy Houston receives 2,013 Hermes Creative Award for the personal history

        HOUSTON - The Legacy Multimedia has been recognized as a recipient of a Gold Award in the documentary category in 2013 Hermes Creative Awards.

Hermes Creative Award recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals in designing, writing and design of traditional materials and new technologies involved. The competition selects winners from 188 categories and is organized by the Association of Marketing and Communication, an international organization of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production, web and free-administered freelancers.

Winning Video Biography legacy multimedia Betty Caldwell, A Beautiful Life, about 5,600 entries from the United States, Canada and other countries has been selected.

"Although our customers praise our work of narrative, it is particularly gratifying to get positive confirmation of our industry peers. We are proud to capture the essence of a person, the unifying power of a group and the atmosphere of an event. My team and I are doing a historical depth research and study our sources. Directions to our themes on a deeper level and implementation know interesting interviews, the key is to give the heart and soul are one story, "said Stefani Twyford, founder and president of Legacy Multimedia .

Ron W. Henriksen, the son of Mrs. Caldwell, said the birth of his nephew brought him to legacy media to this video biography rent on his 98-year-old mother combine old photographs, newspaper clippings and documents with the family live interviews. He said: "I realized that it would be generations of our family will never know this remarkable woman Stefani and her team have a great job in getting the details of my mother's life and weaving stories into a coherent narrative took your interview process.. made the best of my mother and the experience a pleasure for them. "

Multimedia heritage was prominent biographies. The author, J. Peder Zane, contacted Ms. Twyford as he put together ideas for this product not only because of the samples he saw video biography on the legacy media, but the quality of the website itself website. He looked at the two whole hours Betty Caldwell, A Beautiful Life with her family and said it was "riveting"

Founded in 2002, tells the unique legacy multimedia stories of people, organizations and businesses with high-quality video productions is the highest level. With the latest high-end graphics tools, audio video professional and talented team sent, experienced professionals, they always produce great work for a growing number of exclusive clients. Legacy Multimedia has numerous industry awards, including 3 Videographer Awards of Excellence icon won two ISES crystal awards, other Hermes Creative Award and a gold price of MarCom.


Kate Hudson creates Athletic Apparel, Gucci designs Tour wardrobe John Legend

       Kate Hudson has teamed up with online retailer JustFab on a line of apparel and accessories called Fabletics, will start in October this year.

John Legend Frida Giannini designed a wardrobe for her tour black Gucci "Summer Love," which debuted last week.

The bells of the change campaign launched an online platform for the work of journalists, which has five short films with the personal stories of women and girls affected.

Watch the video by Kanye West for his single "Black Skinhead" (from Yeezus), with a CGI version of the rapper.

While the world was waiting for Prince or Princess Kate Middleton, another royal baby on the way to Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen and Olympic equestrian events.

After two years of George Clooney and Stacy Keibler novel level is officially over. They have split due to conflicting plans for a family.

See a first look at 10 pieces beauty line Brit hit show Downton Abbey soaps, lip gloss and nail polish for fall.

John Legend makes a fashion statement with Gucci

       Soul singer John Legend is the scene in style beat with designs by Gucci for his "Summer Love" world tour on 5 July at the Rock Werchter Festival Wercheter, Belgium began.

Designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, the cabinet Tour Legend suede and leather jackets and signature features sharp suits the label and button-downs. The "Who Do You think we" group singers crooning and also produce high-end Italian brand.

Around the World Legend - which is largely composed of jazz festivals around the world - hit 19 cities before the end in the Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo 11 August

This is not the first time Gucci makes a fashion statement in the music scene. Last year, Giannini dressed Florence Welch of Florence and "Ceremonials" The Tour of the machine and Beyonce, "Live Sound of Change" Jessie J, Welch and legend for his own label on the concert in London last month.


Everyone's a Chanel Scene

       Models walk on the stage and in the audience sits on chairs wooden theater unveils a sparkling collection that played with the proportions. Coined through short skirts and wide belt doubled low, Lagerfeld also added robes colonnades gray, silver and black, and a high dose of blue, bronze.

Champagne tweeds and luxurious embroidered fabrics for fall / winter 2013-2014 have used a dramatic contrast to the set the panting public fashion sparked provided.

The deserted, abandoned theater by Lagerfeld created - known rising for its extravagant games in iron and glass atrium of the magnificent Grand Palace built - was complete with peeling paint, to benches and concrete blocks overturned collapsed, there is a decaying beauty in fashion show.

"It is the contrast between the old and the new world," Lagerfeld told reporters after the show. "Fashion is the one thing that can travel between the two."

Chanel is perhaps the most common label in the pool of France traded fashion brands with a loyal customer base worldwide. Haute Couture, where the clothes are carefully selected by highly skilled craftsmen hand-sewn, is the crème de la crème of the $ 275 billion global luxury industry.

Lagerfeld presents a series of short skirts slightly A-line skirt worn over another below.

"We are going in that direction, and we will in this direction. Did a dress for the price of three," quipped Lagerfeld.

Built bold shoulders found their way into mod-influenced boleros and jackets with short sleeves and collar fixed notch above the wrist.

Most dresses and costumes contain a wide black belt anchor the multiple layers and lengths.

"The belt is not a small, hippie band 60 This is a very fine band," said the German designer, a diamond and emerald brooch in the shape of a jungle cat wore on his tie.

Famous French fashion house Christian Dior for a tour of the luxury jet-set around the world at the Paris Fashion Week came last week, presents a transcontinental aspect of haute couture with a collection inspired by the four corners of the world.

Women in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa were the inspiration for the artistic director of Dior, Raf Simons, in his Autumn / Winter 2013-2014 Haute Couture show, a collection of over 50 looks as breakfast Deluxe occurred.

Draped silk dresses in shades of periwinkle and coral skirts with beads, sequins and bright columns bold tribal graphics glitter - all designed to appeal to a wealthy clientele worldwide workshop.

Haute Couture is the crème de la crème of 212 billion euros ($ 275 billion) of the € luxury industry worldwide. In this universe, Dior - is a coveted as the pinnacle of elegance role - owned by LVMH, top luxury group in the world by revenue and market value.

"The collection is not only about Dior in Paris, France, but the rest of the fashion world and how cultures influence on the house and me," Simons said in the liner notes of the issue.

Simons in the ultra-feminine look of classic Dior Jackets with structured in-depth herringbone waist-cinching In a modern gloss transparent sequins, but opted for the fluid, relaxed air, draping Japanese kimonos recalls.

An outstanding, no doubt inspired by Africa, was a floor-length dress in a brown and white recalls broke black print of a Cheetah.

Bold stripes in different colors - orange and navy blue, turquoise or orange -. "Bold, sporty, dynamic and graphic" ornate coats and jackets that have a reference to an American casual style, described by Simon as

Under Simons, Dior has chosen the same every effort to Hollywood as LVMH grows in the United States, part of a movement for the recovery of the economy, growth in China slowed woo made.

The brand portfolio includes the name of LVMH Louis Vuitton and Givenchy fashion, as well as manufacturers of Moet Hennessy and jeweler Bulgari spirits.

"Haute Couture has acquired a younger clientele," Christian Dior Chief Executive Sidney Toledano told Reuters after the show, where the American film star Jennifer Lawrence in the first row sa "The Americans are in place."


New jewelry line created by Chanel symbolic lion

       Chanel's new line of fine jewelry at Haute Couture Week, which officially ends in Paris on Friday, 5 July.

All parts of the new collection of French luxury house has been designed around the theme of the lion, symbol of Venice, the lagoon city, a very expensive place to Gabrielle Chanel. Leo was also the sign of Chanel founder.

The collection "Under the Sign of the Lion" contains 58 pieces of jewelry inspired by Gabrielle Chanel in the minds of animals ", competence and creativity in the luxury of Chanel jewelry laptop translated Department.

The whole "Royal Lion", the most iconic piece in the collection is available in platinum, white gold and diamonds. Comprising a necklace of diamonds convertible, the piece either as a string or a short necklace can be worn. The central element is a lion's head, which can be turned into a pen.

Leo Symbol

Each piece in the collection contains a version of Lion Gabrielle Chanel on it. The "Celestial Lion" brooch in white gold and diamonds, pattern is based on the lion of Venice, while the "Constellation of Lion" brooch and pendant earrings, the king of the beasts of the comet to connect.

Chanel has also chosen to pay tribute to the lion of the Basilica San Marco in Venice pay the "San Marco lion" Gold and platinum ring, a lion carved lapis lazuli and a set of white and yellow diamonds star overcome. Only five copies of the ring will be available.


Kristen Stewart reveals new tattoos from Chanel fashion show

  The Twilight actress, who was recently split from her co-star Robert Pattinson his colleagues recently acquired tattoos Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, has seen his hand to the fans.

Small and minimalist, are unique designs on the side of the wrists of the brunette beauty. One, the 23-year-old got more than a week to pride and honor Tattoo Parlor in Tennessee seems a very small infinity symbol in black ink are on the inside of his right wrist.

The other fresh ink on the left wrist Kristen, consists of four small parallel lines in black ink.

"They have asked us to keep it hush hush," said a spokesman for the honor Tattoo Parlor in Nashville.

The brunette beauty stopped by the show on the road to the airport with five friends, according to E! Messages, and all five had done tattoos.

Kristen posed with fans after it was signed, and the photo was then posted on the pride and glory of the Facebook page, shows the actress striking a pose, pointing to the wrist.

It was "super sweet, real shy" as described by passers-by. "You do not want anyone to know who she was," said a source.

Kristen not only show off their new tattoos - thought to be his first - the presentation of Chanel at Paris Fashion Week. They also flaunts her long legs in a pair of tiny shorts, it. Having a white double-breasted

It was embellished by her look with black gloves, several bracelets and a black Chanel bag.


Exclusive First Look: Gucci wardrobe by Lapo Elkann This may be yourv

       When we got word that was Lapo Elkann teamed up with the creative director of Gucci Frida Giannini for a capsule collection of Made to Measure Men's fashion, we assumed that we DB-esque look at a bright blue Elkann, maybe tie or two, and if we were lucky, some accessories for the international jet set. Well, at the Milan Fashion Week, we finally have the goods in brand new Brera times and that only Gucci Frida and Lapo called a capsule, most would call a full blown collection to see. Persecuted for shirting, ties and handkerchiefs slippers crocodile and even a range of exotic accessories, walk-in closet dedicated Lapo could be that it is a clean business. And as for the product itself, each sample "luxury" Touch was on the screen with the quality you expect from reading the Italian fashion house and before you close conceived. The impressive thing is that all the jobs from the area receives each piece of clothing that looks only for themselves, so that, even if the eye of Lapo Giannini and know-how brought the collection to life of the final product as from your own. You an overview of some of the looks after the jump and for more information visit gucci.com.


Fashion Trend: Head-to-toe in cobalt blue

   Hollywood has the blues!

This is perhaps the neon season, but the stars have found another way to indulge in the bright colors of summer: the electric blue coating.

Granted, it is quite difficult to remove head hot pink feet together. Cobalt, on the other hand, is always chic bold shade of navy, but a little more fun.

Fashion trend: neon yellow bags

The first try, the monochrome trend was zosia Mamet. Actress girl hiding with a long-sleeved blouse in the game, the company you keep New York premiere blue trousers covered.

Would you wear denim overalls?

Then a little later, were two big stars almost identical species on the back-to-back days.

While studying at the Georges Hobeika show at Paris Fashion Week, Julianne Hough wore a diving suit with white sandals.

Halfway around the world, 24 hours later, Sandra Bullock wore a similar blue pants combo. The actress promoted the heat in a sentence Alberta Ferretti and Lamb strappy sandals.

Stars at Paris Fashion Week

Of couse, cobalt trousers are without the matching top, also under the stars at the moment very popular.

Last week, Minka Kelly and Olivia Munn nearly identical bright blue background. Vote on their fashion face-off here, but you choose the first option that you thought was the best from top to bottom of cobalt blue, below.


Kate Moss to design phone covers

       Supermodel Kate Moss brings her own line of accessories for smartphones in an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse.

The supermodel is launching a series of "technical mode" for smartphones and tablets, including the phone company High Street.

Moss, which provided for the exclusive designers such as Chanel and Burberry, said: "This is my cell phone so much a part of my appearance, than my bag or shoes."

Carphone Warehouse, the 39-year-old is planning at least two collections per year with the first line due to release this summer, after months of development has been established.

More than 14 million cell phone accessories were sold in the UK last year, while the ownership of smartphones among women has risen from 52 percent last year.

Julian Diment, Director of Marketing at Carphone Warehouse, said: "We have the accessories available today, and found that consumers are crying out for something different, you see their technology as another way to express yourself and a natural extension of their own. personal style.

Small Business: When the routine is simply out of fashion

        They say routine kills creativity. If Laurinda Sutcliffe history Loobie established with her husband, Brent, there are more than three years, they promised that they make sure that his team has never rut they were in a period of nine five.

"Both Brent and I wanted to have a high level of job satisfaction to the people and not go to the same place every day on the same number of hours," she said.

Sutcliffe was dismissed from his post as artistic director and brand of high society of New Zealand women's clothing in 2009.

These days, it's all personnel working on contract, the. Their own time and seasonal fluctuations in the fashion industry

"You can work after the kids are in bed, they can do on Sunday if they want," Sutcliffe said. "Everyone has a permanent role, which can vary from 10 to more than 40 hours per week."

Contractors meet their other commitments in addition to their history Loobie work requires planning and a high degree of trust and transparency on both sides, she said.

Sutcliffe is happy to pay a premium for its skilled workers. As an entrepreneur, there is flexibility and access to expertise at the highest level.

The designer has two people in every department of the company, which is almost a part of the work. She has two assistants design, two technicians and two in production. The advantage is that when doubling a member of staff on maternity leave was recently stepped up another "hand" person for a while.

"I'm very anti-people sit in their silos," Sutcliffe said. It also provides an experienced graphic designer and brand strategist at once.

The couple, to lay the help of the two most important people at the beginning of the company's foundations of society.

It was Julius Carroll, an expert in the production Sutcliffe introduced its leading manufacturers in China and India.

The proper role of Carroll, who had worked in Hong Kong for 15 years and Marks & Spencer in the UK and wanted to learn more about the New Zealand market. "It was a case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch you," Sutcliffe said.

Another important figure was his agent / distributor in Australia, Kim King.

King of Fashion Kolourways market, the brand in the country with great success Sutcliffe was.

"What am I to do very well suited to the Australian market," Sutcliffe, who is his brand very different from other fashion brands in New Zealand says said.

"We are anti dressed in black, we are on the color, personality and dynamism."

Sutcliffe describes the history of Loobie so luxurious with a beautiful female bohemian look. It is designed for women 35 and older who. 45-55 to the age group in particular

The brand's 70 stores in New Zealand and 150 in Australia, most of which are independent shops, including Hartley and Vincent are in New Zealand. Sales are less than $ 5 million.

The next year, the couple would like to open a flagship store concept in Auckland. Meanwhile, they expect that the sustainable growth rate of 30 to 40 per cent in Australia to achieve.

In New Zealand, where the market is saturated, the idea is to strengthen. "We want to be sustainable for the long term here. Way we want to focus the brand a household name," Sutcliffe said.